Bigg Boss 8 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 33
Diwali Special
Song dance pe chance starts playing, all starts dancing.

Gautam talks to Pritham, Gautam says she is nice girl, she has softness in her voice, Pritham says you know everything.

All are waiting for break fast, Ali assigns them task for cleaning the house, he ask Sonali to come and work.
Ali comes to diandra, she ask what happened, ali says I asked sonali thousand times to clean the house but she is not doing the it, inside sonali cleans the kitchen with broom.

in confession room, bigg boss says to diandra that in luxury budget task your team won, so all inmates should give two names of contenders from your team to be captain of house. Ali cant give his vote for any captain as he is captain and also you will not take puneet’s input as he is punished.

diandra talks to Karishma, they both agree to Upen and Sushant, Karishma says all have decided to give name of Sushant. diandra says I can become captain too.
in lounge, Upen and Soni are having fun together. in lounge, all gives votes for two people to become captain,
PRitham gives vote for Sushant and Soni
Diandra gives vote for Sushant and Upen
PRaneet votes for Sushant and Upen
Puneet, KArishma vote for Sushant and Upen
Upen votes for Soni and Upen
soni votes for Upen and Sushant.

Ali says sushant is winning this title.

Upen talks to Arya, Arya says sushant is balanced, diandra is aggressive, Soni says sushant will not shout even if he gets angry, otherside Diandra gets angry and get physical in tasks too.

diandra sys to minissha that Karishma was saying to me that she will go with majority, she was fighting for me in that task and now she is going with majority, Minissha says I wanna give advise to you, she says don’t react to anything, they will say that you are aggressive.
Karishma says to upen that diandra comes first to me as friend but when its about captain then I think Upen and sushant are right for the ost.

Upen says to Karishma that diandra is miffed, Diandra says I am miffed with Karishma, she didn’t support me for becoming captain, she said that she will go with majority, Karishma says I feel that you have leadership qualities but I feel we need balanced person to be our captain and that is Sushant and Upen. Upen says you get personal you said to minissha that soni will give vote to me only, you said things but I don’t take on heart, you don’t do back stab, just say what you want on my face, Diandra says when you talk to someone else, soni feels bad, soni makes face when you talk to someone else and this is weird.

Ali says to sonali that now your parents must know that you smoke, she ask did they show on Tv? he says yes, before I came in house, they show it on Tv, you, sushant, Karishma all were shown talking about smoking, he says you people are highlighted, Sonali says I will be beaten by my parents. Ali says please take care when you are with Gautam, parents will not like it, I know you take him as friend, but friends doesnt sleep in one bed, sonali says all sleep together, he says upen has come from London, his culture is like that but our culture is not like that, people are seeing you on Tv, don’t sleep on one bed, Karishma comes there, Sonali says ali is saying that our talk about smoke is shown on Tv, Ali says yes you sushant and Sonali were talking to go in washroom and smoke.

All are sitting in bed room, they have fun, Ali ask Pritham to not sleep as he is lying on floor.

All are sitting in lounge, Bigg boss ask diandra to give two names from her team who are contenders for captain, Diandra says Upen and Sushant. Bigg boss says next captain will be chosen through task, from sushant or upen, one will compete against Ali in task, who will against Ali in task, Ali will decide it, Ali says I want Sushant to compete against me.

Ali and sushant have to walk between two ropes, they have to collect 5 flags and there will be high pressure of water on them, Ali’s flag is blue, while sushant flag color is Red, then there is green captain flag, after collecting five flags, the one who gets the green flag will be winner of task. Task starts, Ali and sushant walks on rope and starts collecting flags. sushant falls but again does the task. Ali wins the Task. bigg boss says ali has won, he will remain captain.

Ali says to Upen that sushant was not mentally prepared for task.

Pritham says today is second judgment day, Ali will take decisions today which will be good and bad for some inmates, he has to chose 7 inmates from which one inmates will get good thing, second judgment is that he has to chose one person who he thinks should be punished, he or she will go in punish room, Ali says there are some inmates who have followed all rules, bigg boss ask Ali to gve seven names. He names Karishma, diandra, Upen, Pritham, Gautam, Puneet, Arya. Bigg boss says now tell us name of person whom you want to be punished, Ali chose Praneet to be punished, Punishment room is opened and there are dirty plates, Praneet have to wash and clean the plates as punishment, Karishma says there are many plates, Praneet washes the plates and says don’t take tension praneet. Ali says to Puneet that this was genuine punishment for praneet as praneet is very lazy in house. Praneet says I will see you captain.

Sonali is sitting with Gautam, she talks to him in code language, she tries to tell him about what Ali said to her, Gautam ask are you serious. Gautam ask what you think about us, he says you can tell me, Sonali says we are in wrong house.

Pritham says to Gautam that praneet is best buddy. he says your best friend is sonali, Gautam looks on, Puneet says why your confidence level oes down when we talk about sonali, she is your girlfriend? puneet says cant boy and girl be friends, you both are young, Pritham says say that she is your girlfriend, Gautam says yes she is my girlfriend, Puneet says she is attractive, Puneet ask her are you ready to go with guatam? Sonali Laughs, Puneet and Pritham teases gautam and sonali. sonali leaves from there. Gautam ask Pritham to stop it, you will put me in situation that I wont be able to come out of it, Pritham says you will stuck, Gautam says I am shy of talking to her, you make my setting with her, Gautam says she is a nice girl but for anyone else, pritham says who is asking you to marry her, Gautam says why to hurt her, what if she becomes attached to me? pritham says no she wont be as your nature is not like that she will be attached. gautam laughs.

there will be task between 7 contestants that were chosen by captain Ali, the winning person will get a chance to talk with his/her family, in pool, there are cutouts of mobile phone, on one cutout there is key on back side of it which will allow contestant to talk to family, on all cut outs, Phone call is written is written behind it but on one cut out the spelling is correct of “phone call”, the contestant who finds that cut out will in the task. The seven inmates jumps in pool, all are finding correct cut out, finally Pritham finds It, he is beyond happy.

Pritham calls his mother, he talks to her on loud speaker, he says I love you, she wishes him happy Diwali and says we are missing you, Pritham says all inmates want to say hi to you, all says hi to her, she says hi to them, mother says you wear so much blue color, he says I will not wear it, the call ends. Pritham thanks bigg boss.

Karishma reads that diandra’s team won the luxury budget task so they will do shopping of luxury items, 1200 points are given to them but for extra ordinary performance, bigg boss gives then 300 more points, Ali also gets 300 points, now they have 1800 points for luxury budget shopping. inmates open tv and starts buying things, diandra makes calculations for points. they shop bread ad other things.

some inmates are talking, Sushant says if Ali was not in task then I would have won the captain task, Karishma says if upen was against Ali then he could have won, Praneet says sushant have leadership qualities and he has manners, puneet says ali goes in arguments. Arya talks to ALi and ask him to not get into any trap.

PRECAP- Salman is coming to take class of inmates.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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