Sinhasan Battisi 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj is seen in prison and shankhsaur arrives and is seen in anger shankhasur then challenges raja bhoj tat his yog and concenteration wont stop him he is shere to kill the dakshin mukhi shell andhakasur then tells shankhasur that kill this human being shankhasur then calls out loudly tat he is going to prove god brahma wrong and will kill dakshin mukhi shell and he will be amar and then suddenly comes out matsygandha from the shell and she agrees to getting married to him andhakasur warns shankhsur tat this is a trap to savr dakshin mukhi shell while shankhasur asks him to keep quiet and asks matsygandha to praise and matsygandha starts praising him while andhakasur warns shankhasur again but then shankhasur asks to give a test to prove her love and asks her to see the death of dakshi mukhi shells death and she agrees to it shankhasur then hits the shell and it is burnt and then he shouts out o god brahma tat now he is amar and no one can kill him
Andhakasur then shows concern tat how did dakshin mukhi shell died so easily and raja bhoj is seen doin concenteration while shankhasur takes matsygandha away to show his love towards her
In the village the villagers who all turned into gold are getting cracks all over them and then they sya tat this is the sign of their death coming closer as they cant eat n drink while rushi gyaneshwar sits and does concenteration and fills those cracks and in his mind says tat raja bhoj should come soon as he cant keep this for long time
Raja bhoj then with his concenteration power gives life to dakdhin mukhi shell while seeing this andhakasur says tat this is unbelievable and then raja bhoj with his powers kill andhakasur and then both of them come into light and dakshin mukhi shell says tanhx to raj abhoj for saving him while raja bhoj says tat now the main task is to stop the marriage between shankhasur and matsygandha he then takes the shell to the place where marriage is taking place and they were about to exchange the garlands shankhasur then says tat he will go so far tat he wont be able to listen the sound of shell and disappears raja bhoj then plays the sound and shankhasur dies
Matsygandha then thanx raja bhoj tat he saved his dharma then the shankh dev shell says tat where there is a raja like u there will be no sadness raja bhoj says tat he just did his dharma then shankhdev asks raja bhoj to keep this shell with himn this will help him and then raja bhojasks matsygandha to leave
Into oldfort chandrakal and yogmala are praising raja bhojs talent and the way he found out way maha maya then says tat raja bhoj is a talented human being and the test is not complete he just showed tat he is not selfish and yet he has to go through tests and then only he will go further
Rushi gyaneshwar is seen waiting for raja bhoj and then when he sees raja bhoj and matsygandha he gets happy raja bhoj then asks tat how will these people get back to normal rushi gyaneshwar then tells tat tat they have to do a anushthan because the use of shell and matsygandha’s anger had all wrong and negative vibes and this needs to be cleared and so we need to do this anushthan and this can be done only early morning and then rushi also says ta there is also one important thing and tat is raja bhoj has to give away all his punya (good deeds) as charity to give life to these villagers and raja bhoj agrees to it and then when he is about to ask something to rushi muni he gets to know tat they are still even matsygandha is still and there arrives maha maya and tells raja bhoj tat he cant give away all his punya .

Mahamaya tells raja bhoj tat if he sacrifices all his punya then the thought and determination to achieve singhasan will also vanish and then matsygandha raja bho j and rushi gyaneshwar are seen doing pooja

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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