Hamari Sister Didi 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amrita thinks that Karan shouldn’t know about the kidney transplant case. Karan asks Amrita about the file, she says she will get it. He says he has a strong feeling, she is doing something else and telling something else. He calls her into her cabin.
In the office, Amrita tells Karan that Neha and Vivek love each other. Karan says that Dimple has already complaint against her. Amrita says Neha must have courage to fight her illness. Karan says she has no right to interfere in their matter. Their staff must have some ethics. Amrita argues, that there are some ethics of humanity. Amrita says she will do it. Karan says he won’t let her do this. Amrita says she will reunite them, and won’t back up. She leaves.
To Vivek’s mother, Amrita comes and cheers that they have got her donor. She says there is a problem. The lady asks if he needs money. Amrita says you have to do one things, you must go to the donor yourself, and makes her understand everything.
Neha receives Vivek’s call, he asks how she is. Neha is silent. Vivek was crying, and says he doesn’t has a right to ask. She says he has the right. He asks if she can forgive him, as his mother’s both kidneys have failed. Amrita calls Neha, Neha says she will call him back. Amrita comes and asks what happened. Neha asks that she talked to her or not. Amrita says yes, she can donate but is she sure, won’t she back up. Neha says one doesn’t backup from ones owns. Babay tells Neha’s mother in law, that here her donor is. The lady comes inside, keeps hands on Neha’s shoulder from her back, blesses her. She then gets into Neha’s feet, Neha turns around. Vivek is shocked to see Neha, and asks she? The mother in law looks up. Neha makes her stand, she says she is like her mother, please save me. Neha promises that she will give her, her kidney. Vivek says that this is her daughter in law, who still wants to help her. The lady says, she couldn’t understand her and asks Neha to come home. Vivek says please, come home. Karan comes there, and asks Amrita and Babay what is happening here. Neha says to Vivek, that in the worse days he won’t be able to suffer. Vivek says he loves her, and will always do. He asks her to look into his eyes. The lady tells Neha that Vivek loves her a lot, she tried her best but couldn’t make her go out of his heart. Neha says she wants to ask Vivek, if he is ready to opt her in all the conditions. Vivek promises. Neha stands up, and removes the vig off her head. She was bald.

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Vivek and his mother stand up in shock. Neha looks at Vivek, and asks can’t he see this condition of hers. Vivek leaves the room, Neha cries. Amrita goes to Neha and hugs her. Neha hugs Amrita back, and cries hard saying he couldn’t see her this way. He doesn’t have the courage. His mother also cries. Amrita looks at the door.
Outside, Amrita finds Vivek crying with a wall. She comes to him and says what happened, couldn’t he see this. He left her again, she thought he will now see her inner beauty. She thought he loves Neha as must as she does, but today she has seen he left her. He doesn’t deserve a partner like Neha. Vivek says she is right, he isn’t worth Neha. He can’t see her in this condition, he can’t tell her his still loves her same. Amrita keeps hand on his shoulder, and says going through cancer, its side effects and chemotherapy isn’t easy. Neha is going through it all again. She has always seen herself from his eyes; he must make her realize how beautiful she is. She must be loved so much, that she stands still. He must remove her fear, this is called love.

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Vivek’s mother says to Neha, that she doesn’t know what she is doing. She filled Vivek’s heart, but she will side her today. She can’t leave her alone, today. Neha looks at the door, and is shocked. They are all shocked to see Vivek comes bald. He says that he promised her to go throught whatever she will go through. Neha hugs him, and asks why he did this. Vivek asks her to forgive her. They both cry. Amrita is happy, and says to Karan that love has a lot of strength. Amrita gives Vivek’s mother the news, that her kidney has no problem. She says to Amrita that she did it all, to make her realize. The saas asks Neha to go home. Amrita says they won’t let her go home, like this. Neha is going to start her new life, they will make a proper bidai. The nurses make Vivek a groom, and Neha a bride. The put garlands into each other’s necks. Vivek promises that all her pains and all her happiness is his. Amrita hug them both. Karan thinks there is something in Amrita, he will say about his heart to her.

PRECAP: Karan asks Amrita to go with her. Amrita asks why he brought her away from the hospital.

Update Credit to: Sona

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