Hamari Sister Didi 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dimple smiles as Amrita leaves the hospital. Karan watches from the stair case, as Amrita keeps hand in Babay’s shoulder. Babay asks her to do her work, she doesn’t leave her shoulder and asks if she won’t hug her. Babay stands to hug her, Amrita asks Babay to take care of her Muskaan. Karan goes inside.
Amrita hugs Malika and says she is sad as if she is going to US, she must call her daily and come to meet her as well. She comes to Mehr and asks her not to forget her, Mehr hugs Amrita. Amrita takes her bag and take a glance of the hospital before leaving.
Outside, Amrita meets Mrs. Kapoor. She says she talked to trustees, but they said no saying they can’t do in this matter. Amrita says it is alright, tensions can’t be stopped from coming but they will face them. Amrita tells her not to worry, she is here. She asks Mrs. Kapoor to hold the photo, there is a lot to do in the world, she can’t stay home. She isn’t needed in Muskaan anymore, but she will get a job in other hospitals. She thinks to herself, not to cry and must find a work today.
Amrita comes to a hospital and says there was an opening for head-nurse. The receptionist says that position has been filled. She goes to another hospital, the man asks was there any problem with her older job. She is silent. He refers her to another hospital, everyone denies giving her work. She is worried, as she drives the scooty, she thinks about everyone in Muskaan. She comes to a temple, and prays there. She gets a call, it was Mrs. Kapoor and asks where is she. She says she is in market, scooty’s petrol ended. She says she stopped at a temple, Mrs. Kapoor asks her to come home. Amrita says she has a few meetings fixed, she must eat and make children have food too. Mrs. Kapoor says everything will be fine. Amrita watches Mr. Singh come to the temple, he goes to the temple. She recalls he asked her so many times. She says she had denied him a lot of times, but now she needs a job and must say yes to him. He was leaving, she asks how is he. He says he is fine, and heads to leave. Amrita asks has he got a nurse, he says she denied. She asks what if she wants to do it, but he says he appointed one yesterday. He asks has she left Muskaan, she says yes. He says whatever happens is for a good, there must be something even better for her, and says he will call her if something is arranged. Amrita thinks what can be better than a place where her Avi’s memories reside.
Karan comes across Babay, and heads to leave. She says he was wrong, he did unjust to Amrita. Karan says how he must make her understand. Mr. Sonlal comes there. He says to Karan that he had told him his doctor has come back to town. Karan says he must sign a paper that the hospital won’t be liable for any health issues. He agrees. Karan says his paper work is ready. Sonlal says it is good that the nurse left, and the work of hospital is going so well. He must not keep her again. Karan smiles and tells him he is never going to reappoint her, he himself had been waiting to make her go. He ask Dipali to get all his discharge work ready.
At home, Sooraj talked to Khushi about his camping. He asks her if she is jealous. She was irritated by him. Amrita comes home, Mrs. Kapoor watches her. She denies her, and comes inside smiling. She asks the kids what is going on. Sooraj tells her to say something and asks she won’t say no. She does, Sooraj says his class is going to Monali for camping. Amrita looks at the form, then Mr. Kapoor. Both were silent. Amrita asks him to read it first, the fee was Rs. 5000. She thinks is it 5000, Khushi says they shouldn’t let Sooraj go. Sooraj asks her to leave Khushi, but Khushi says they will be worried useless. Sooraj says she went to the new year party too, and made them worried. Khushi leaves inside. Amrita scolds Sooraj, she is elder and he must say sorry to her. Sooraj leaves saying sorry to Amrita.

PRECAP: Khushi asks Amrita to go to hospital with her, and gives a thank you card to Karan. Amrita says she must give the card to her, but Khushi says she will give it to him, herself. She will stop by while going to school.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. i lv dis serial nd pariva u r d best:-)…bt plz wrters dnt do dis with sweetest amrita

  2. one of the nice show ever seen with such an amazing actors ..

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