Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sarika filling Samarth’s ears telling him about Shobha and Vikram’s affair. He gets angry. Sharda comes and asks him to take Shobha for lunch. He agrees. Sarika asks him to use this chance and show your love. He leaves. She says you will go to Shobha and I will go to Vikram. Garima is stressed out. Vinita talks to her and thinks this stress will kill her baby. She says she is thinking about Sanjay. Vinita tells that the life is not simple as films, the real life starts after honeymoon, his love has changed. Garima says but I really love him. Vinita asks her to take a stand. Garima says yes, I should give him an answer. Vinita says yes, he should know what you like and dislike. She thinks she will make her stressed and depressed that the child will not come in the world.

Shobha asks Samarth why did we come to room when we came for lunch. He gets angry and asks why is she treating him as stranger, we have two kids, we are husband and wife, we have something between us, why do you stay away from me, you are living the way as I want. She says I need some time. He asks you or someone else. Vikram and the reporter are on the way to the hotel. She says I see the world as its there, Samarth is like dog’s tail which can’t be straight, and you are helping Shobha as you like her, I want Shobha’s life to get saved and Samarth to get exposed, and you want to see her happy.

Samarth asks Shobha does she like someone else, and talks dirty about her and Vikram, what does she get in office that she does not spent time with him, what does she do at office with boss at overtime. She pushes him and asks are you not ashamed to say this. She raises her hand and he holds it. he scolds her and says she found someone else to fulfill her needs, he knows whats going on between her and Vikram, I m thinking what Vikram did with you that you forgot the 10 year old marriage. He pushes her and scolds her. She says you are still the same, a creep. He asks where did Vikram touch her, what did he do, where did she have her suhaagraat, is he better than me.

She says stop it, enough and cries. He stops her and says its just beginning. She asks what do you mean, and gets her close. He says no one can touch my wife expect me, its just trailer, you got my freedom infront of the media, see how I ruin you, if you meet Vikram again, then I will kill your lover. She is shocked and cries. He slaps her and ruins the room. He asks shall I get Vikram in this room, as I have paid for this room for the night, you sleep with him here. He leaves. Shobha cries thinking of the slap and his worst behavior, and harsh words.

Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh…………..plays……………..Vikram drops the reporter to the hotel. She thanks him and says she will help Shobha, call me if you need me, I observe Samarth’s political career, he is such a creep who can never change, he is a big liar, don’t know why can’t Shobha see this. He says its not Shobha’s mistake, we forced her to give her husband a chance. She says yes, I will leave. He says thanks. She leaves. Shobha cries sitting in the honeymoon suite and recalls Sharda’s words that she is glad that the family is complete and happy again, Samarth will keep you happy. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh………….plays…………..

Samarth meets Vikram at parking and says you are my wife’s friend, she is in need and you are here. Vikram says I m her well wisher and will always support her. They have an argument. Samarth says she is my wife, I will do what I want, what will you do. Vikram says this is the problem, its her bad fate that she got a bad husband like you. Samarth says you ruined my home, she talks about you. He scolds him and asks him to get away from Shobha’s life, else… His phone rings. He says this phone saved you, I will not leave you. Vikram says if you trouble her, even you won’t be spared, Rohini was right, Samarth is a creep and all this was pretentious, Shobha this man does not deserve your tears.

Sarika talks to Sharda and they think everything will be fine between Samarth and Shobha. Sarika praises Samarth. Sharda says they both are supporting each other, relations get strong. She has lied for him, went jail, she did a lot for him, I want Samarth to become a good husband which Shobha deserves. Sarika thinks yes, Lord settle them that Vikram comes to me. Vikram thinks Shobha is always close to her whenever she goes, Samarth does not care for you. He sees Shobha covering herself and leaving. He stops her and asks what happened, answer me. He asks what happened to you, come with me, sit in the car. She sits in the car.

Samarth comes home. Sarika asks why did he come alone. He scolds her. She asks where did he leave Shobha. He says she will take time to come, she might be counting her sins. She asks did he fight with him. He says shut up, I did right with her, he was after her and treating her well. He tells her everything. She says what did you do, are you mad, you ruined everything. He says I did what she deserved. She asks why did you get violent, you ruined everything, you have hit your own feet. He asks her plan. She says I did not you will force her and ruin my plan. He asks her plan. She says I wanted you to settle down with your wife, so that my and Vikram’s way get cleared, he is my ex BF, I dumped him when he was loser, he is rich now, I want him back now. He is shocked.

Shobha cries and tells Vikram that he can save her from anything, but can he save her from her husband? Vikram is shocked knowing Samarth’s actions.

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