Tu Mera Hero 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Govind finding a place and sitting. Titu spits water and it falls on Govind. He gets angry. Bhagwati gives him tea. He controls his anger and goes, leaving everyone puzzled. Titu says what happened to him, he went to shop at night, did any ghost got on him. Surekha asks Bhagwati to make many dishes, as guests are coming. Bhagwati says sure, tell me what to make. Rekha thinks who is coming now. Panchi comes to temple and says don’t know why Titu called me here, did uncle tell him everything. She gives money to beggar and he blesses her. He says she will ask help from Kanha ji. Titu comes there and is tired of using stairs. He tells Golu that he can make lifts in temples. Golu says right. Titu looks for Panchi.

He says we have to wait. He smells halwa and says smiles, asking Golu to bring it for him. Golu says I will get it and goes. Titu sees a Palki and Titu says its calling me. He goes and sits on it. He rests and Panchi comes out. She sees Titu and smiles. Titu sees Panchi. A lady bumps and the Prasad falls on Titu from Panchi’s hand. He eats it. It happens the same way as in childhood. He thanks her. She eats the sweets and coughs. He asks a pandit to give her water. She thanks him. He asks her to sit in the palki and holds her hand. He says he wants to talk to her about dad.

She asks did he say anything. He says no, he did not say anything and did not scold me since he came last night, I called you here as I felt maybe he met your dad. She says I have some work and leaves. Titu waits for Golu. Kamlesh and everyone pray at home and they are thankful that Rachna is getting a husband like Chetan and Panchi should get good proposal. Govind comes and says yes, it came. They get puzzled and welcome him. Govind smiles and says he has come to ask Panchi’s hand for his son Titu/Ashish Agarwal. They are shocked.

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He says he is very impressed meeting Panchi and hearing her words, I feel my son won’t get a better wife than Panchi, I don’t want answer now, think and decide, I know you did her good upbringing, you can take much time, I will leave. He leaves and meets Panchi outside. She greets him and asks you here. He says when I came to know that you and Titu have lied to me, I got much angry. Pratibha says what did he say, how can we give Panchi to that Titu. Kamelsh says no way. Govind tells Panchi that he has asked her hand for Titu. She is shocked.

Pratibha says she always dreamt to get Panchi married to a respectable and educated guy. Kamlesh says Titu’s marks are very less, how can he dream to get our Panchi, if she knows this, she will laugh a lot. Rachna looks on. Govind says I m sure she can change Titu. Panchi says I told you Titu loves someone else. He says but you love Titu, I m not love guru, but I know love is that power that can change the world. He says its my duty to make Titu say yes, I have done his upbringing, he is my son, I know him, I know you are best for him. He says its no use to waste time in talk, this is right time to prove your love, say yes. Kamlesh says how can we give Panchi to Titu. Pratibha says yes.

Rachna says but ask Panchi once. Pratibha says do you know Titu, you think her answer will be different, no she will also refuse. Panchi thinks about Titu, and says yes to Govind. She says she will love Titu that his broken heart will join again. Govind blesses her and leaves. Panchi smiles and thinks about her and Titu, and their life post marriage. Tere mere beech me kya hai……….plays…………She says I love you Titu.

Titu passes time with his friends and calls his life like Gop gappa and his dad like spicy water. They ask him not to worry, go home and see whats going on there. Rekha likes the food Bhagwati is making. Surekha welcomes the guests and Mukund treats them well. Reka thinks why is he doing this. She is shocked seeing Vaishaili.

Govind says he has chosen Panchi for Titu and this is his last decision. Everyone is shocked. Rekha and Mukund smile.

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