Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadaji telling Dadi Bua that Radha came as a guest and shall leave as a guest only. Dadi Bua asks him not to worry. Radha looks at LD’s message on the mirror and says my lipstick. LD says sorry. Radha scolds him for breaking her phone, spoiling her lipstick etc. LD says you are reacting for small things and didn’t see my sorry message. Radha says it was gifted one. She asks him to give his phone. He refuses and runs. Radha follows him. LD stops to talk to Suhasini, Radha hides. She then comes and asks Suhasini to go and talk to Dad. LD hides his phone. Suhasini tells LD to agree Radha. Radha runs after LD. She asks him to take her for life ok screen awards. She says she wants to see on TV. LD says it is impossible to bring TV here. Radha gets excited and takes heros’ names. She jokes that she will be seen on the big screen soon. LD laughs. Radha asks him to give phone. LD refuses. They argue. LD promises to get her phone repaired. Radha tries to take his phone. They fall on the bed and it breaks. They look at each other. Radha tries to snatch his phone. Jayshree hears them and thinks she shall hear their commentary. Jayshree tries to hear them. LD asks Radha to leave him.

Jayshree misunderstands and thinks old man will beat LD and send Radha to Mumbai. She peeps in the room. LD asks Radha to leave and says what we will reply for the broken bed. What will happen if anyone sees her together. Radha says until when you will hide. Jayshree thinks it is a shocking and sensational news. She calls Sadhna and Dadi Bua and asks them to come. LD tells Radha that there was someone outside the room. LD checks the door. Jayshree brings Dadi Bua and everyone, and tells them about LD and Radha’s romance. She says if you had listened to her then blood would have come out from your ears. Suhasini defends Radha. Jayshree says she is saying right. Dadi Bua says if your saying are true then it will be Radha’s last day at home. LD tells Radha that someone closed the door. Radha checks it. She panics and worries. LD asks her to run. Radha says she will tell them the truth. Radha calls him a coward. LD asks her to think what will happen if they see them in the room. Suhasini prays for Radha. Jayshree closes her eyes and opens the door. Everyone look inside.

Dada ji asks Murli, why you didn’t do the calculations. He asks him to say if he has any problem. Govind says it will be done by tomorrow. Banwari thinks Murli is getting scolded because of me. Dada ji says he is not saying anything as he did mistake for the first time. Dada ji asks Banwari and Govind, is everything fine between you both. Govind says yes.

Jayshree asks them to come. LD is seen sitting on the bed and asks do you want anything Are you searching something? Jayshree asks where is Radha? LD says what are you saying? Jayshree says she will find her now itself. Dadi Bua asks her to search carefully. Jayshree opens the cupboard and looks for Radha. Suhasini calls Radha, where are you? Sadhna says I will leave. LD sees Radha’s dress cloth stuck in the window and hides it. Dadi Bua asks Jayshree to make 50 Tulsi Mala. Radha comes and tells Suhasini that she was searching for her. She says she was in her room. Jayshree thinks she will catch Radha red handed next time. They leave.

Radha tells Suhasini that she was in LD’s room to take his phone. She tells LD that she doesn’t hide anything from her mum and hugs her saying we are best of friends. LD thinks he is bowled by her and will never sign divorce papers. Radha tells her that LD was shocked, but she was very calm. A flashback is shown. LD asks her to hide. Radha opens the window and goes. Suhasini says Ram Milaye Jodi, one mad and one crazy. Suhasini asks Radha to come to kitchen. Radha says she will take his phone first. Suhasini asks them to behave like adults. She leaves. Radha asks him to give phone else she will wear jeans and do bhangra infront of Dada ji’s room. LD pulls her closer and says he wants to say something. He says sorry. He picks the stick and asks her to punish him. Radha recalls LD hurting her. LD starts hurting himself. Radha asks him to stop and says her pain will never go.

The neighbors come to see LD’s wife and says they want to see her qualities. LD sees Radha wearing jeans and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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