Hamari Sister Didi 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

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At Muskaan, Dimple tells Mrs. Kapoor that they have taken the action as per the rules of the hospital. She says they can’t bypass hospital’s rules for anyone of their own. Mrs. Kapoor is silent, Amrita runs out of the hospital. Dimple smiles, while everyone including Babay is taken aback. Mrs. Kapoor tells Karan that she will talk to board members.
Dimple comes to Sonlal’s wife, who was angry and deterred them about talking to their lawyer. She tells her to be calm now, but she says their lawyer will now tackle them. Dimple says they have called specialists for him. Dimple tells her that they have suspended the nurse. The lady is happy, and says she knows sister didi, she is good for just talks. Dimple enjoys it, but Karan says stop it maam, we have heard enough. They must find out what reacted in his body, he asks about getting some more tests. Sonlal says he won’t give any more tests.
Sonlal says they will change the report and blame him. Karan says they have suspended a nurse, and he still doesn’t trust them. He will have to get the tests, which are prescribed by him. Sonlal says he will get the tests from where he will ask. There are sounds about strike, Dipali comes and tells Karan and Dimple that they won’t work until Amrita is brought back. Sonlal’s wife says they won’t let them rest if Amrita comes back. Dimple asks Karan to come, and tells him they won’t change their decision because if they fell weak this time, these people will always do protests.
Dimple and Karan come to the staff, Karan tells babay that she must understand that the working of the hospital shouldn’t stop at any time. Dimple says they must write complaint against management decision but not stop the work. Mehr asks them to get Amrita, they will get to work. Dimple asks Karan to talk to Amrita.
Amrita was still outside, remembering about the time Avi placed Muskaan’s board over the building. Dimple tells Amrita that the staff has stopped working. Karan asks her to make them understand that these way patients will suffer. Amrita sits on the bench nearby. Dimple asks her to come and tell them no one strikes in Muskaan. Amrita comes to the door along with them, the staff shouts that they are with her. Babay tells Amrita they will come along her, if she leaves the hospital. Amrita says she knows about it, her Muskaan is always with her. She knows they are all with her, but she also knows that in Muskaan there has been no strike. There is no way of going against Avi’s dream. They are all first doctors, nurses, wardboys and then God’s men, please don’t ruin Avi’s dream this way for a petty matter. Babay cries, but Amrita says she is here or not, their love will keep this place alive. Whether she is here or not, Muskaan must stay; they all must love and work for it. Karan leaves the place, Dimple notices. Amrita says this place isn’t effected by one man, they all have to take it forward; if they want to do something for her please go to your jobs. She joins hands, and asks Babay won’t she listen to her Amu. Babay leaves and sits on the reception crying.
Amrita looks at Mehr but she also leaves the hall. Malika also go away, Dimple smiles and says if she must give them an invitation separately, or they will go to their work. Amrita nods at them.
Dimple asks Amrita if the drama is finished, she must not leave her belongings here. She smiles evily, Amrita nods. Amrita comes to the nursing office, looks at Avi’s photo. She takes it in her hands, and places it on the table. Dimple comes there, she places hand on Amrita’s shoulder and asks her to cry as much as she wants. She understands that leaving Muskaan is really difficult for her, but sometimes one has to pay for one’s actions. Amrita says she knows how bad must she be feeling, but she doesn’t know that punishing someone without mistake, she won’t be victorious. She is hurt leaving Muskaan, but is going with high head and everyone’s love. She has seen each person here is ready to leave his job, she must have an idea had it been her, she must have left bare handed.

PRECAP: Amrita goes for job to hospitals, and there is no vacancy available. Mr. Sunny also tells Amrita he has appointed a nurse just yesterday.

Update Credit to: Sona

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