Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ankita telling Sanadhya that she made her fav food, and scolds her to eat. Sandhya cries and hugs her, saying she misses Bhabho. Ankita thinks she is hiding Bhabho is in hospital. Sandhya says I will miss everyone there. Babasa cries and thinks of the doctor’s words. He cries and thinks he won’t let anything happen to her, as they are incomplete without her. Sooraj recalls the lady’s words and comes to the man who arranges kidneys. He asks does he do this, to use other’s helplessness, are they not ashamed to do this, how can they ruin someone’s life, its against law and humanity, how can they name it service to humanity.

Vikram and Meenakshi come to meet Mohit’s boss. The receptionist says he is busy, write your name, I will give him. Meenakshi writes a chit.. dear Sir… and sees Vikram. She writes respected Sir, we are Mohit’s brother and bhabhi, our mum’s kidney is damaged, we want Rs 10 lakh, you treat your staff as family, please meet us for 5 mins. She writes yours Meena…. And looks at Vikram. They go to the cabin and get tea and biscuits. She smiles and says see the miracle of my letter. She says Mohit works at a good place.

Ankur comes there and they are shocked seeing him as Mohit’s boss. The lady says he is the boss. The man says yes, people like you make me do this work, you plead to doctor to save your loved ones, and argues with Sooraj. Sooraj says I did not know this. The man says now you know it, I will return the money, you think what will happen with your mum now, your decision can make your mum die. Ankur talks to Vikram and Meenakshi, and asks them to sit. Ankur talks nicely to them, and asks them not to feel bad. He knows Babasa and Sooraj, I still regard you my loved ones, tell me how can I help you.

Meenakshi says you read the letter, we have to change Bhabho’s kidney and we need 10 lakhs, how can we have this big amount, I m sorry for what happened. Ankur says you came here with hope and I can’t refuse, I will arrange the money. They get shocked. Ankur says they will get 10 lakhs in 5mins. Vikram thanks him for helping in this time. Ankur says don’t say this, till when will you bear all this, I helped today, but such expenses will come again, as your family is going ahead, how will you manage. Meenakshi gets the money by Ankur and is shocked seeing 10 lakhs cash.

Ankur says this will do Bhabho’s treatment and if you say, I will give you 60 lakhs. They are shocked. Vikram asks 60 lakhs? Meenakshi asks whats the way. Ankur says sell your house. Meenakshi asks what? Babasa and Vhavi talk to Bhabho. They ask her not to worry about money, as she has three sons, and they earn. Chavi says yes, Sooraj will arrange the kidney, get well and we will take you home. Sooraj thinks about Bhabho and the doctor’s words. The man asks what did he think. He recalls the lady’s words asking him to help.

Ankur asks them to sign. Meenakshi makes Vikram put his hand on stamp box. Someone comes and holds his hand. They look on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ridiculous Ankur!!

  2. Stupid ankur hate to see his face

    1. Think in his point of view…

  3. Ankur as a brother doing all this. How much sacrifices sandhya has to do for this selfish rathi family.meenakshi n emilly chudel they don’t remember how sandhya supported them in their tougher time.bhabho also did partiality vth sandhya when she n emilly were supposed to take part in quiz competition. How much test sandhya has given bcoz of bhabho. Brother in law’s n sister in law of sandhya did many mistakes but still they r in the house very bad suraj bcoz they r UR blood n sandhya is a outsider daughter in law so another rules for her. How mean rathi family.
    I m waiting for the day when chavvi’s truth comes in front of her husband dillip, bhabasa suraj n family so that that irresponsible bhabasa comes to know the kartuth of his daughter n she too has been thrown out of her in law’s house.that this rathi family vl know the pain of sandhya, only the difference vl b thr that sandhya was innocent but their daughter is a culprit.

    1. Next week rathi family will come to know Chavi’s truth along with Dilip and Dilip will send Divorce papers to Chavi…. Sooraj and Sandhya also will reunite this week and baboo will come back to home with good health but how yet to be known…

    2. I am watching tamil version of this serial. Though, Sandhya helped entire city, Bhabho gave very tough time to Sandhya , before Sandhya become IPS officer. Entire Rathis family is full of crap. They do not deserve Sandhya Ji. As usual, she will solve all the current crises weather she will be united with Sooraj or not.

  4. By this at least rathi family could understand ankhur’s feeling as a brother

  5. This time Sandhya will not excuse Ankur….

  6. I think though sooraj is selfish,he took right decesion for sandhya ,thrown out of his home. other rathi family member always use sandhya’s powers when sandhya being week for her blind love for rathi family.if she doesnot support their decesion, whole family blame her.
    after hijack , sooraj can understand own family behaviour for sandhya at he made an applicattion for sandhya for bunglow. but ankur is back suddenly and situation made complicated.

  7. New Promo:
    Sooraj says sorry to Bhabho and says that he didn’t seem it right to save her (Bhabho’s) life by putting another’s life in danger. Bhabho taunts him saying that he wants her (Bhabho) to understand his situation but he himself didn’t understand Sandhya’s situation. She says that Sandhya was hoping that at least he would understand her but he did not.. All Rathi members were also there in hospital…

  8. Nothing happened to Baboo. She is trying to teach a lesson to Sooraj and other family members. Baboo is great always…. Sooraj and Sandhya will reunite in this week… It’s really good that director is not dragging this too much…

  9. DABH has clearly demonstrated that before the strength of money, hatred, love, relationship etc are nothing and crumble in no time.

  10. Soon Babasa and Sooraj is going to go through Ankur’s pain becoz Dilip will said that he is going back to his parents and send a Divorce Papers to Chavi… Dont know how Baboo will digest this due to health issues…. Its really fantastic….

  11. Fantastic,now selfish suraj n bhabasa vl come to know the pain of a brother ankur when their sister n daughter is gets a divorce paper from her husband but doing bad deeds.
    Whereas this people did injustice vth sandhya bcoz she fighted for the nation. But first she did her duty as a wife n dil n then duty as a police officer.
    Suraj if for u UR family their happiness their feelings r only important then y did u got married. Even a girl has a heart she is also a human being she too have wishes feelings responsibility self respect n all but still girls sacrifice everything for their husband’s n their family but at the end girls do not get support from her husband’s n family.
    A person can understand the pain he has given to others when his own family member goes through the same pain.

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