Balika Vadhu 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ira calling Shiv for dinner and then realizes about his death. Everyone get sad. Anandi asks everyone to start having food. She then eats the toast, followed by the rest. Daddu is sadly standing. They get Shiv’s big photo frame for his 4th day mourn. Anandi goes to her room. Everyone sit for the puja while Panditji recites some mantras. Niranjan and Gehna come there. Gehna hugs Anandi and consoles her. She says she can feel her pain and asks her to have strength in this tough time. The neighbours ask Subhadra, why Anandi is wearing colored saree etc. Daddu gets up and says you all might be surprised to see Anandi not wearing widow clothes. He says she didn’t wear that as we feels Shiv is always with us. He says our daughter is married and will always be married. Someone gets up and says he agrees with Daddu’s decision. He applaud for him. Daddu thanks him.

Police comes with Shiv’s friend Rajeev. He introduces himself and says he is Rajeev. He was in the same mission in which Shiv lost his life. He tells everything. A flashback is shown. Rajeev says it is very easy to take someone’s life, but difficult to give his life for others. He says Shiv was selfless and great man. He apologizes to everyone as he couldn’t save him. He says I am guilty of you all. He tells Anandi that she is very lucky to had Shiv in his life. He salutes Shiv’s photo and cries. Daddu consoles him.

Alok tells Daddu that he is going for asthi visarjan/ashes immersion, along with Amol. Daddu says ok and asks him to take care of Anoop also. Alok asks about Anandi. Ira says she is in her room with Dadisaa. Alok says they will leave, but Anoop asks him to wait. He offers to go along with them. They leave. Anandi is sadly sitting in her room, holding Shiv’s photo. Dadisaa comes and sits with her. She says you are like a strong brick who unites everyone.

Anandi says I am fighting with myself, but don’t know till when. She misses Shiv and says she forgot to live without him. Dadisaa says Shiv told you that he will never leave you. He is with you. She asks her to think about her unborn twins and focus on their upbringing. She says you have to concentrate on Amol too. Dadisaa says she wants to take her and Amol to Jaitsar and asks about her opinion. Anandi refuses saying it is her house and family. She won’t leave them. She says she is very lucky to have two homes, one being Jaitsar. Anandi says she will definitely come whenever she needs her. Dadisaa hugs her and asks her to take care. Dadisaa says they have to leave. Anandi looks at Shiv’s photo again.

Amol comes back and thinks what to do to make her happy. He makes her smile with the help of puppy toys. Anandi says she loves her three children a lot.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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