Hamari Sister Didi 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amrita comes behind Karan and stops him. He points his finger in anger, at her. She points hers, and says he will only listen now. He said that these nurses think this hospital as their drawing room, if this was is Mehr didn’t need to work 365 days a year, and patients wouldn’t have eaten food from her hand. And Babay wouldn’t be needed to deliver the baby that day, it is a nurse who take cares of patient for all the day and night. She says he needs them. He says his name is Karan Oberoi, and he doesn’t need anyone specially her. He leaves, while she stands in determination.

Vaiju, Malika and Mehr were worried to think about losing their jobs. Amrita says no one will leave. Amrita says there are some problems in hospital, these are old; from Abhi’s time. The problem is, that he used to fight with them, the problem is with his appointed management. She says there are a lot of NGO’s and charitable trusts. She says she won’t accept the defeat, and once people know about their crisis, they will definitely help her. Mehr asks Amrita to go to Kiara, Amrita says that she must also sleep for sometime.

Amrita was lost in thoughts, at home. Khushi asks her to be back, and asks was there any fight with Dr. Dian. Sooraj says he will beat him sometime. Khushi tells her to leave hospital in the hospital. She tells her that they are going to Dushera party. Mrs. Kapoor gives her Karan’s pass, and says she knows he won’t come; but she must make him up. Amrita asks what the need is. Mrs. Kapoor says that he is worried, and much disturbed, has called her 10 times today to solve finance’s problems. He worries a lot about them, they also have responsibilities towards him.

The suspected men come again to the hospital. Amrita watches the secretary peeking through his door. He says that he stays away from his family, and lives with the people he has to pay. Amrita says he is living alone, and made his family go away. Amrita asks is this the reason, his life is insecure. Amrita comes to his room. The men say they will come after a while, as there is police right now.

Karan meets Malika on stairs, he asks about Lalit. She tells him he is fine now, she gave him biscuits as he had said. Karan says he will see him. The men come again, the police men leave the room. Karan hits one of the men, He asks who are they and what are they doing. He looks at the gun in his pocket, and calls the guards holding one of the men. The police and Karan run after the men, who get into the car and flew away. He shouts at the inspectors to go to Lalit’s room. Amrita and Dimple come along with the nursing staff. Karan tells them to double the security of the hospital, he will give him medicine and injections himself. The secretary asks Karan to take him, but Karan says he should trust him on security. The secretary bolts the door, Lalit says he knows that the goons came to kill him and struggles to sit up. Amrita argued with the security, that it is time for Lalit’s injection. She says that it is nurse’s duty to give him medicine, and comes in. He asks did something happen? She says she came here, to drink teal with him. He says she is so good, that he become happy looking at her. She asks doesn’t he get bored together, as if the family is here, one doesn’t get bored. She says her mother-in-law came to live with them, and they all enjoy a lot in the evening. Now the world is so near, just a phone call away.

Amrita comes out, Karan asks why she went in. Amrita says nurses have to do their jobs in time as well, and she can’t play with the life of her patient.

Amrita is worried, what she must say to these people, as everyone at the nursing station was worried. Malika tells her that she talked to some old patients, some of them promised to donate them. Bobby says some of his known people do charity, he will talk to them. Amrita says they will be helped. Babay heads to distribute Prasad, Amrita takes it herself.

There is strict security check in the hospital. Veer tells them to divide the duty.
The suspected men come again, posing as being ill. Amrita comes to Lalit’s room, she asks to go in. He says that doctor told them not to let anyone in. They allow her, she asks the secretary to come in. They all tells him that they aren’t allowed, but she says she has to give him the injection. Lalit says that he is afraid of the injection. The men watches the door open, beat the security men and heads into the room. They point the gun at Lalit, Amrita resists and fights with them. Lalit says he is his uncle, Amrita holds them from back, but he points the gun at her forehead saying they must end her first. She held her breath.

PRECAP: Karan runs to Lalit’s room, watch the man load his gun.

Update Credit to: Sona

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