Gustakh Dil 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sagar coming to a restaurant for a meeting and sees Nikhil arguing with the bartender. He says Nikhil….. Nikhil says oh, great Sagar Khurana, great to see you. He asks Nikhil to stop drinking and go home. Nikhil says I hate to see your face, please go, mind your own business. Sagar asks the bartender not to serve more drinks. Nikhil asks whats your problem, you find a corner and drink. Sagar says I left drinking because of your wife, keep some self respect, for Lajjo’s sake, think of her image. Nikhil claps and says Lajjo does not need me now. He taunts him and says what else does she do for you. Sagar says shut up. They argue.

Nikhil goes out of his limits talking about Sagar and Lajjo. He asks Sagar does he love Lajjo. Sagar slaps him. Barkha talks to Nani and says she can’t act to be normal, she can’t forgive Inder. Nani says fine, but what did food do, have it. Barkha says she can’t. Nani says I know it’s a shock for any woman, I know this wound won’t heal, but time will lessen the pain. She says everyone has pain in their lives, every marriage can’t be happily ever lived after, mistakes can happen. But you should forgive, there is compromise in every relation and marriage asks for it.

He says you also made mistakes, did Inder not forgive you, Barkha says what are you saying, I did not cheat him. Nani says I know, can only this be mistake in husband and wife, spending night with someone is a big mistake, think what did when Akash died, how you behaved with Inder and Nikhil. She says everyone has forgiven you, Nikhil and Lajjo too. Nikhil and Sagar think about their argument and Lajjo. Lajjo thinks about Nikhil and talk via hearts. She says she loves him. Gustakh Dil……………..plays…………. Sagar says he wanted Lajjo’s love seeing how she loves Mili, but he will unite Lajjo and Nikhil.

Ayesha has a talk with Adhiraj about Barkha leaving the home. He asks did you ask dad. She says yes, he is not saying. He pacifies her and asks her not to take any tension. Nikhil gets a call in early morning, and sees Sonbarsa’s number. He is shocked knowing something. He says I m coming now. He comes to Lajjo and Rancho, and asks Lajjo to get ready fast as they have to go Sonbarsa. Rancho asks Lajjo to meet him. Lajjo gets worried about her family. She says she will call her family and talk. He says calm down, get ready fast, we have to go.

She says dad never hides anything from me. Nikhil says call later, come fast now. Inder talks on phone and says I m coming. He asks about Nikhil. Gunjan says he went to Lajjo to take her to Sonbarsa. He says I will tell Barkha, she will come, I m going to pack now. Gunjan says I just hope everything is fine there. Nikhil and Lajjo come to Sonbarsa and are shocked to see people gathered around and crying. Lajjo comes in between them and goes inside her house fence. She is shocked seeing her dad dead. Saraswati is in shock state and hugs Bua ji. Lajjo cries and breaks down. Nikhil is shocked too.

The pandit asks Nikhil to do the last rites of Lajjo’s dad. Nikhil says Lajjo will do it. The pandit says how can a daughter do it and people argue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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