Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone at home having a talk. Dadda ji asks Bhabhimaa to make a sweet Dish Saatpuda. No one knows about it. Naman meets Karishma and gives her bangles. He says its Diwali’s gift and he will gift more. She says she was upset as Jasmeet’s parents scolded her and called her parents, she won’t stay with them, find me a place to stay, where I can be with my wish, and no one has objection. He says fine, I will see, I will talk to someone. Akshara asks Bhabhimaa to ask Bua ji. Devyaani asks her dad about Saatpuda. Chitti makes something and Dadda ji scolds her. Bhabhimaa talks to Daisa and says Dadda ji is adamant he wants to eat Saatpuda.

Everyone ask Dadda ji how is it. Dadda ji describes it. Daisa says she does not know it. Bau ji says whom to ask now. Naksh says we will have food and they will bring it later. Dadda ji says I won’t eat food. Naksh asks where do we get it. Dadda ji says I don’t know. Naksh says lets have our medicines first. Jasmeet asks the maid to do her work. Varsha looks on. The maid says she wants one hour break. Varsha says we kept her for house work, not for your boutique work. Jasmeet says I can pay her extra. Varsha says its not payment. Jasmeet says yes, its about my and your work. She gets annoyed and leaves.

Bhabhimaa asks Akshara to find it. Rajshri and Anshu also find out about Dhanteras festival. Muskaan says we don’t know about it on internet. Bau ji brings some sweets and asks Dadda ji to have it. Rajshri and Anshu check some old books. Dadda I looks at the sweets and Naksh gives him chocs. Dadda ji says no, I don’t want this, only Saatpuda. Bhabhimaa says don’t know who told him this. A man comes and Naksh smiles. The man says they came from online selling things off site and came to meet Naksh Singhania. Naitik says what list of things. Naksh tells Muskaan that he was doing this.

The man says I want this idol. Naitik scolds Naksh. Akshara apologizes to the man. Naksh says its waste items. Naitik says I m sorry. The man says whats this, we came from so far. The man gets annoyed and leaves. Rajshri says she got the Dhanteras book. Shaurya says recite it to her. Rajshri says no, why don’t we act this. She says you will do this. She asks Jasmeet, Varsha, Anshu and Shaurya to do it. Jasmeet smiles. Naitik scolds Naksh.

Naitik says this can be risky, few people come to hurt us by this way. Akshara says she will explain Naksh. Naitik scolds everyone for not keeping an eye on Naksh. Naman tells Karishma that its good news, it’s a good house in a society. She gets excited. He says he has to go home, as everyone is upset with Naksh at home. She says it means I have to be there. Naksh sits in his tent and talks to Gayatri’s pic complaining about Naitik. He says Dadi, I miss you and Devyaani hears him.

Naksh says he does not want to talk to her. Devyaani says your smile came. She asks him to come out and they will have fun, Papa won’t scold you. Naksh cries. Devyaani says Dadi came, I m also your Dadi, I got your smile, take it. Naksh comes out. Akshara looks on and talks to Naman. Jasmeet and Varsha talk to the maid. Dadda ji asks for the sweets. He says no one cares for me. He asks Naman to take him to market. Naman says I will get it. Dadda ji says come with me. Naitik says I will come. Dadda ji says no and takes Naman.

Naman says he will manage. Naman takes Dadda i and asks what will he have, juice or anything. Dadda ji says Saatpuda. Naman gets Karishma’s call and says he is with Dadda ji. Karishma asks him to check a room available, and she will forward the ad. He says we should go together. She says I m busy, please see it. He says ok I will do it. She says thanks and ends the call. Akshara and Naitik are not behaving normal. She says she will take care of Naksh. He says thanks and leaves. Jasmeet and Anshu do the acting of the play. Varsha looks on.

Naman misses Dadda I being busy in his work. Akshara calls him and he gets worried. She asks what happened. He says no, actually, Dadda ji went somewhere…….. She is shocked. She says where did he go. He says I went for two mins and he was not in car when I came back.

Everyone try to find Dadda ji showing his pics. They come home and tell Bhabhimaa that they could not find Dadda ji. Bhabhimaa cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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