Hamari Bahu Silk 7th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Baa blackens Parekh’s family faces finding Pakhi dubs for Natasha


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Hamari Bahu Silk 7th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Naksh grabs Pakhi’s hand and says it’s late at night, she shouldn’t leave so late. Pakhi counters he has no right to interfere in her life anymore, she is going to a friend’s place. Naksh says he can’t stop thinking about her till she hasn’t left. Tomorrow is Pooja, she might leave then. He carries her bag inside. Pakhi asks why he makes her departure difficult.

The next morning, Rimjhim asks Mamta if this Pooja takes place every year. Mamta says one of their neighbors arrange the Pooja and this time it’s their turn. Pakhi comes with the prepared thaal for Pooja. Pandit ji complements Pakhi’s efforts and values.

Later during the Pooja, Pandit ji gets a cough. Pakhi hurriedly presents him with a glass of water. Pakhi thinks it seems to be God’s wish that her relation

with Naksh is at verge of breaking. May be it’s a price of her lies. Afterwards, Pandit ji asks them to stand for the Pooja. Baa doesn’t step forward. Naksh holds the Aarti thaal to Baa and says she is the one who will do this aarti. Baa was upset about the accusations over her character. Pandit ji had a sour throat. Rimjhim suggest about playing Aarti on a CD. Pakhi goes to play the CD and signals Janki to leave. Naksh watches them leave the house, then feels upset. Naksh silently thinks why he feels hurt while she is leaving. What if she is on the right?

Pandit ji asks to play the aarti. It were Pakhi’s dubbed dialogues that played in the CD. Everyone cursed the filthy voice and CD. Rimjhim thinks she mixed a medicine in Pandit ji’s water so that he has a sour throat. Then she replaced the CD as well. Baa and others inquires who brought such a CD at home. Rimjhim now forwards a video to everyone; it showed Pakhi dub the dialogues. Ketan shows the video to Baa as well. The attendees of Pooja demand Baa to call her daughter in law, and inquire about all this. Pandit ji was also furious that Mata Rani’s pooja can never take place in this house anymore. Mamta requests Pandit ji to complete the Pooja. People gossip that there is always a drama in the house. Ketan asserts that this girl isn’t their daughter in law. Baa accepts it as her mistake, she accepted Pakhi as her daughter in law. Their whole family deserves a punishment. She puts off the fire, she picks the ashes in her hand and blames herself for not being able to preserve the family values. She rubs the charcoal on her face. She says Pakhi is Naksh’s wife, and that’s a mistake. Naksh rubs his hands over Baa’s and blackens his face. Baa now blackens Ketan’s and Ishaan’s face as well. Rimjhim smirks at the sight. Baa now walks to Mamta and says she is the mother of these children, she must also wear this. Baa looks towards Rimjhim and says she is the only innocent one. She now turns to Pakhi and says she is the daughter in law of Parekh Family, wife of Naksh. Pakhi ruined the respect of their family, she must also wear this. She blackens Pakhi’s face. The people around continue their gossips and leave. Baa was dizzy.

Baa had been seated, Pakhi gets to Baa’s feet and says Natasha made a fake video of Baa. She had to do this filthy job to save Baa’s grace. Ketan asks Pakhi why she revealed her own truth in front of everyone. Rimjhim says Pakhi must have deliberately done this, as she was made to leave. Mamta seconds Rimjhim. Baa fells unconscious. Ishaan brings a glass of water while Ketan calls the doctor.
The doctor tells everyone that Baa had a minor heart attack. She must not be given any stress, as even minor attacks are life threatening. Rimjhim shuts the door of room at Pakhi’s face, and forbids her to wander around Baa.

PRECAP: Naksh demands divorce from Pakhi at gun point, just as she married him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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