Mere Sai 7th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Suggestion For Keshav

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Mere Sai 7th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Keshav scolds Prahlad when he misbehaves with Rukmini and throws milk. Tejasvi takes Prahlad/Raja’s side and blames Rukmini instead that she knew Prahlad doesn’t like milk, even then she forcefully offered him milk. Next morning, Keshav asks Prahlad to accompany him Dwarkamayi. Teju says she doesn’t want Prahlad to fall ill going t unhygienic places. Keshav reaches Dwarkamayi where Baizaa maa asks him why didn’t he bring Teju and Prahlad with him. Patil says let them relax as they returned to Shirdi just yesterday, they can meet any time. Keshav walks with Sai and says Sai knows he cannot hide anything from Sai, Teju will never change and he is worried about prahlad’s upbringing as Teju wants to go back to Bambai. Sai tells him kid Keshav’s story who fought against

his father’s cruel rules and helped Shirdi people. He explains that if a tree is relocated, it takes time to fix its root deep into soil, similarly Teju and Prahlad need some time to adjust; he should speak to them with love and patience and try to find a solution.

In Kulkarni wada, Rukmini tries to feed khichdi to Prahlad and runs asking her to catch him firest.Teju yells that she doesn’t want to stay in dirty Shirdi. Her maid provokes her that she dreamt of shifting abroad by marrying an abroad return boy, but instead she had to relocate to Shirdi from Bambai. She sees dust on mirror and badmouthing about Rukmini asks maid to clean it. Keshav enters and gets happy hearing Prahlad’s laugh. He walks into his room and hearing Teju asking maid to clean mirror cleans it himself and praises Teju’s beauty. Teju gets shy, gifts him blazer, and says she wants to shift back to Bambai where he can expand his business instead of being in dirty Shirdi. Keshav says Shirdi is better place where Prahlad can get good morales under Sai’s guidance. Teju gets angry and starts fighting. She hears Rukmini running behind Prahlad asking him to have food walks to Prahlad and offers him karachi halwa sweet. Rukmini asks her not to feed sweet before kid finishes food, else he will not have anything else. Teju yells at Rukmini that it is better to be happy eating whatever they like than living in this dirty place. Keshav walks down and warns her to behave with his mother. Rukmini says it is okay. Teju then blames Rukmini that she wants to tie her son with her pallu always and wants to make others villians in her son’s eyes. Keshav warns her again to mind he tongue.

Patil tells Sai that they are tired of ravan dahan every year, so this time they should do something new. Tatya’s son suggests they should perform Ravan dahan drama. Tatya says it is a good idea and he will become Ravan. His son says its kids’ idea and let kids perform it. Patil says he is right. Sai smiles and says who knows it may change someone’s mind.

Precap: Prahlad speeds his bicycle towards poor kids, slips on stone and falls. Sai holds him and asks if he is fine. Prahlad says he is a prince and he can ruin any poor person.

Update Credit to: MA

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