Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 55

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Six months later

Ragini running behind kids to get them ready for school.

Rag: Sanket. Do fast beta. U’ll get late. Satwik look at sanket, how he always listen to me.

Sat: Mumma i always listened to u only. Now I’ll listen to dad.

Rag: wat U’ll listen?

Sat: he told me that he’ll take us to fun park today.

Ragini looks at sanskar.

San: vo actually he was not doing homework. So I told him like that.

Rag: u r spoiling kids sanskar.

San pouts: sry. Only today let them not to go school. I’ll also not go office today. Let’s go out with kids. Pls.

Rag after a pause: ok. Last time.

Sanskar along with kids: ok Mumma.

…… …. …

Ragsan along with kids went outside and had fun. Kids were playing and ragsan were sitting far and watching them.

Rag: m happy that sanket is trying to accept me. I know it’s tough for him but he’s innocent like nitya.

San: some time more ragini. Then he’ll accept u completely.

Rag: sanskar I don’t want him to forget nitya.

San: me too. But now it’s not correct time to make him understand abt u both. Let him grow up little more, then we will talk about that.

Rag: thanku sanskar for understanding me.

He kissed on her forehead.

Rag: it’s been six months. Don’t know where’s she. No call nothing.

San: stop worrying now. Time is there for everything.

She smiles. After sometime they left from there.

After few days they went to meet sharda. She gets happy to see them all. Satwik ran to her and hugged her.

Sat: Nani I missed u so much. I missed ur hand made aloo paratha. Pls make it for me.

Shar: of course beta. For all of u I make. Ok.

She went to kitchen. Ragini follows her. She helped her in her work.

Rag: maa. Pls come with us. We will live together.

Sharda looks at her.

Rag: I know maa every time whenever I come here I ask same question and u say no every time. But maa earlier I was with u. Satwik was there. Now u r all alone. And don’t know where this Arjun went without telling anything. It’s been four months he is not in our touch. Don’t know y he did like this. But maa pls this time I don’t want to listen any reason. U have to come. I don’t have parents. Even sanskar too. If u come our family Wil complete. Pls maa.

Sanskar who was standing near door comes inside.

San: yes aunty. She’s rite. Pls don’t say no.

Sharda gets teary eyes and hugged Ragini.

Shar: I dint knew I’ll get daughter like u. It’s true that if God takes something he’ll give better than that.

Rag: it means u’ll come?

Sharda nods. Ragini happily hugs her again. Sanskar to lighten mood.

San: y every time ladies get this much emotional. See us. We, men never cries for small things.

Sharda holds his ear.

San:ok sry sry. Leave it.

Trio laugh. After having food they leave for mm with sharda.

……… …… ….

After 3 yrs

Mm was fully decorated. Marriage preparations were going on.

San: Ragini, workers r there. Don’t take much stress of work. Tell them. They’ll do everything.

Rag: no sanskar. I had dreamed that I’ll do arrangements myself.

San: ok. After knowing also u won’t listen still m telling m only mad.

Rag laughing: today u came to know?

San: yes.

He realised wat he said.

San: I mean yes m mad in ur love.

Rag: u know sanskar m missing Arjun. Don’t know where’s he? His mob also not reachable.

‘ someone is remembering me’

She turned and saw Arjun. She happily hugs me. Hitting him playfully

Rag: where were u till now? Y u changed ur number? Y u dint Cal me?

Arj: stop stop. Give break for ur questions. I’ll Tel everything. My sister was in problem that time. Her in laws were torturing her. And u know how much I love my sis. So immediately I went to her city and fixed everything. She shud not feel alone so I was with her only. Now back to my home. In this I cudnt inform u. M sry.

Rag: is everything alright now?

Arj: ya. Her hubby took her side and believed her. Now they’re happy.

Rag: thank God.

Arj: I’ve one surprise for u both.

Ragsan: ??

Arjun looks at door. Nitya comes in with 2yr girl. Ragsan get surprised seeing her. She comes and stands with Arjun. Ragini looks at Arjun.

Arj: yes u r guessing rite. We got married. She’s our daughter Arya.

Nitya hugs both ragsan.

San: u r giving surprise on surprise.

Rag: u and nitya? How?

Arj: when I was in my sister’s city, one day I saw nitya in a coffee shop. I met her. After leaving u both she started working there. She was staying alone. I told her to stay with my sis. My sis liked her a lot. Even I too started to like her. So we decided to start a fresh.

San: m very happy for u both. Nitya, somewhere in my heart I was always feeling bad. But now after seeing u both, I can’t express my happiness.

Nitya looks at Ragini.

Rag: he’s upside. Don’t worry he has not forgotten u.

With tears in her eyes nitya goes to sanket’s room to meet him.

Rag: thanks Arjun. M really happy. U gave her a new life.

Arj: I didn’t do any big thing. I love her and she too.

Rag: Arya is very cute.

Arj: when is marriage?

San: tmrw. Today is Sangeet.

Arj: that’s gud. We came at rite time then.

San: ya.

All did lunch together.

…….. ……..

Next mrng all get ready. Nitya made all kids ready. Trio kids were happy seeing nitya and Arya.

Ragini was getting ready. She was not able to make her hairstyle properly. She was trying different different but not happy with any style. She heard a voice

“Did u forget that I was doing ur hairstyle in any function. U r not so gud in that”

Rag happily: swara? U here?

Both hug.

Swa: u forgot us but I dint.

Rag: nothing like that. Vo… I..

Swa: it’s k. I understand. I know everything. Now let me to make u ready. Then make me ready in ur style. Wat say?

Rag: of course.

……… ……. ……. …

Bride groom r sitting in mantap. Pandit ji is chanting mantras. Ragsan,swalak, Arjun,nitya, sharda and kids r very happy.

Rag:: finally he’s going to marry.

San: he always saying no to marriage. But agreed after u said

Rag: he’s my side more than u, that’s y.

Pandit ji declared them as husband and wife.

All showered flowers on them. Ragini goes to groom and hugs him.

Rag: m very happy bhaiya.

It’s Milan’s marriage.

Mil: m happy seeing u both happy. I married ur choice only.

Rag: Savita Bhabhi loves u a lot.

San: happy married life Milan.

Mil: thanku sir.

San: today don’t say sir.

All enjoyed happily.


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