Hamari Bahu Silk 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pakhi confused about being a dubbing artist

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Pakhi sweats as she watches the video. Ratti calls Pakhi and tells her to decide, her voice has been recognized with Natasha’s face all over. Natasha reaches the temple. The media encircled Natasha and wanted her to repeat the dialogues as in the video that went viral. Pinky sends Pakhi to help Natasha. Pakhi faces the media that Natasha visits temple this day of the week, and she can’t speak as she is on Mohn Varat. Natasha whispers on Pakhi to tell them about her new film. Pakhi tells the media reporters that Natasha’s new film is on the floor, its name Sulagta Jism. Natasha walks into the temple. She gets a call from Aakash that Pakhi is asked to take.

Aakash asks Pakhi about Natasha and says they have an offer of a film. Natasha must come back soon. Pakhi thinks if Natasha gets a new film, she will forget about Kapadia’s and she won’t even have to give her voice to her.

Ayi stood over the stool and set some bags. The stool breaks and Ayi fell down. Baa and Mamta come inside the room. Mamta holds Ayi up. Baa asks Ayi about her stool and tells her to shed some weight.

The media gathered around Natasha to take some photos. Pakhi comes to take Natasha for her prayers. She holds Natasha’s hand and takes her inside. Natasha shouts at Pakhi how dare she. Pakhi asks Pinky about a similar saree as Natasha. Pakhi reminds Natasha that she has a meeting with a producer. Natasha had forgotten about the meeting, and hands her saree to Natasha. Pakhi waits, while Natasha returns dressed in casual clothes. Pakhi tells Natasha to leave from the backdoor, and she will handle everything here. Pakhi thinks Natasha must be at both places, in the temple and in the meeting.

The media reporters decide to go inside the temple. Pakhi had draped herself in the saree with her face and head covered. She slips around a box and slips over the floor. The reporters had entered the temple and questioned Natasha. Pakhi thinks she is stuck and must leave this place anyway. She tries to pull her dress which was stuck in a box. The reporters ask Natasha if she is fine, she must comment over the video that went viral. Pakhi prays for God’s help. Suddenly, a gang of Yatri enters the temple. Pakhi hides her face and leave from amongst the crowd, taking the other side of the door.

One of the cameras click Pakhi, it was Naksh. He thinks Pakhi’s game is over now.

Natasha was selecting her dress. Aakash comes home and angrily tells Natasha that the meeting is cancelled. He blames Natasha for making that video viral. Now all the producers of industry want that voice for Natasha. That voice is her recognition now. Pakhi had come inside. Natasha shouts at Aakash that she is aware of all this, she needs that voice anyway. Natasha gives Pakhi the task to find that girl for her.

Ratti and Pakhi sat together in Ratti’s school. Ratti asks Pakhi if she will be Natasha’s voice. Pakhi points toward a kid playing with soil. She says she cannot understand what she must do with her life, just as this child is indecisive what to do with the soil. She wish she had got that private sector job. The kid begins to cry, Pakhi goes to console him. Ratti’s aunt asks Ratti if Pakhi would like to work here. Ratti was delighted. Ratti and Pakhi sat in the office. The aunty says certificates aren’t needed, she can confirm Pakhi’s job right away. Pakhi gets a call from Natasha but cuts it twice. The aunt gives Pakhi her appointment letter, instructing her to read it well. Pakhi was excited. Ratti reads the letter while Pakhi cuts Natasha’s call once again. Ratti asks Pakhi about her house rent. Pakhi replies its 10,000/-. Ratti says her salary in this letter is 8000/-. Pakhi was upset and takes Natasha’s call. Natasha shouts at Pakhi for ignoring her call, she orders Pakhi to reach her right away. Pakhi was upset that there is no way left, may be its her fate to become Natasha’s voice.

PRECAP: Baa watches Pakhi’s photo from the temple in Naksh’s camera. She tells Pakhi to leave the house right away.

Update Credit to: Sona

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