Jhansi Ki Rani 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Gangadhar feels proud of Lakshmi Bai and feels she is heir of Jhansi

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The Episode starts with Manu opening the boggies door of the train and says this is the reality of this truth. She asks Gangadhar to see how the britishers wanted to transport them as a slaves, in the name of our progress. Ross and Robb come there. Ross thinks Lakshmi Bai came to know about the human trafficking. Manu asks soldiers to get the rescued men treated and drop them to their homes. Saimen asks Gangadhar what is happening in Jhansi. He says I can’t believe that Queen de railed the train and says this project would have made India lead, but you people want to be illiterate and stopped your progress. Ross says Queen is habitual to interfere in our work and stopped their progress. He says Queen is at the wrong place at wrong time. Saimen asks why did Queen do this. Gangadhar asks them to tell first, where they were taking the injured men and for what ride. He asks Ross to tell. Ross says even I am surprised and says I don’t know how they came inside. Saimen scolds Ross and asks who is responsible then and how he didn’t know that the men were inside. Gangadhar says I know you britishers made me King and I am dependent on the Salary which you give me. He says his people/praja is most important to him and he will not bear if they are forcibly taken out of Jhansi. He says I will complain to Viceroy and if needed then I will go to London. He asks him not to think his friendship lightly and give him answer. Saimen says I will set up an enquiry and will answer you. Gangadhar asks her to her. Manu tells Ross that one Hindustani is sufficient to save others and defeat them. They are going back to Palace. Manu in Palanquin and Gangadhar on horse. She asks are you angry with me? Gangadhar nods no and smiles. He thinks he is proud of her from stopping the wrong thing from happening and thinks you are very unique. He recalls Rama Bai asking him to remarry and give heir to Jhansi. They reach Palace. Gangadhar thinks that he married her to get heir, but she herself is the heir and the future of Jhansi. She thinks of Manu fighting for Jhansi and saving them from Bundels and saving the people of Jhansi. He thinks to thank Lakshmi bai. Manu thinks of Bharat and thinks he was like her baba. Gangadhar comes to Manu and says I don’t know what would have happen if you hadn’t saved them. Manu is thinking about Moropant and goes. Gangadhar thinks where is she going?

Ghouse Khan tells Moropant that he was unaware that Manu is the daughter of Krantikari bharat. Moropant says even Manu is unaware of this. Ghouse Khan says kranti is in her blood. Manu comes there and sees mole on his neck. He thinks even her baba has such mole and recalls the happenings. Ghouse Khan turns and looks at Manu. He says Maharani Saheb, you are here. Moropant gets worried and thinks how to turn now.

Janki Bai tells Gangadhar that she has called someone to the Palace. Gangadhar asks with whose permission and says this time is right time. Janki says this is right time and tells that Rani Lakshmi Bai was running behind the train like an ordinary girl of Bhittor. She says elders are needed to tell her what is right and wrong. Manu tells that her baba is her guru and adarsh, krantikari bharat. She says you was so near to me, but I couldn’t know. She asks him not to hide his identity and says your daughter Manu has identified the veer purush. Moropant turns towards her. Manu says your daughter got desh bhakti from ancestors and desh prem is in my blood. She says this is the happiest day for me. She applies ointment to his hand.

Ross asks Saimen, why did you humiliate me infront of Queen and King and says you knew everything and whatever I did was with your consent. Saimen asks what I would have done. He says what would I done, thanks for ruining the plan. He says engine blast for the second time and you are questioning me. he asks do you have any answer. He says I am answerable to viceroy and says if another problem comes then you will not be here. He asks them to get ready and go back to Manchester.

Manu says it was my dream to meet krantikari bharat and to get training from him. She says hearing his bravery story, I have thought to give my life for him. She says I never thought that the big hero is with me, you never let me know. She says he is her inspiration and says you have to pay for hiding this truth from me. She says you have to promise that you will leave this kranti. Moropant is shocked.

Precap: Moropant gives his responsibility to Manu. Janki and Saku bai insult Manu and think her wrong. Ross beats Bheema and hangs him. Manu is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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