Haiwan 29th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Amrita finds out about Randhir-Ansh secret Super Human

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Haiwan 29th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amrita leads Randhir handcuffed. The family was shocked and tries to stop them. Nisha’s mother inquires him about the attack on slum. Randhir says it doesn’t matter when his owns won’t care. Amrita says, let’s go. Ansh was at the bar. He aggressively breaks the glass on floor and leaves. The invisibility cloaked man enters Randhir’s room.

In the lab, Gia tells Govind that they will be able to control Ansh only when he hates Randhir. Amrita has kidnapped Randhir. On their way they will face an attack and Amrita will be killed. Ansh will be filled with rage considering Randhir killed Amrita. She will take over Randhir’s factories and business and Ansh will be their new Haiwan. She will fill him with anger and rage and the negativity potion will never be ready.

Ansh was playing

boxing in his room. Dharam comes to request Ansh to save Randhir. No matter what world says, he trusts Randhir and knows Randhir can never do anything wrong.

In the police van, Amrita sat beside Randhir. Randhir asks the inspector if he ever loved. He replies no. Randhir tells him to experience it sometimes, it hurts so much that one forgets what pain is.
On the way to police van, there was a mini-blast. A gang of masked robbers attack the van. Amrita and team fights back but many of her inspectors were killed. Gia sat in one of the cars in mask and watches Amrita kill various men. She fells back in the van as Gia now attacks them with her electric gloves. Randhir insists on Amrita to untie his hands. He comes out of van and tells Amrita her life is in danger, they are only trying to kill her. He takes the keys from Amrita and unlock his handcuffs. He tells Amrita she can’t fight with them, they got laser guns. Amrita says she never learnt to accept defeat, while on duty. Randhir pulls her back and says he can’t afford to lose her after his parents. They leave through the forests. Gia and team move ahead and inspects the devastations. Gia wonders where Amrita has gone. She sends her men to find Amrita and Randhir in the forest.

Amrita slips beside Randhir. He warns her to be careful. Amrita wonders who is behind the attack. Randhir says he thought Amrita would blame him for this attack as well.

The Super Human run towards the police vans and spot all the devastation.

There, the cloaked man and Yeti Master follow Amrita and Randhir. Yeti Master says they killed his beloved brother; now Randhir and his love will also win. Yeti Master orders the cloaked man to kill them. He will be freed in return. Gia and her team walk through the forest, looking for Randhir and Amrita. Amrita was finding a way towards main road. They hear Gia’s team talking nearby. Randhir says he got some idea and takes his clothes off. He asks Amrita to take them off as well and throw them in the opposite direction. Amrita was annoyed that Randhir is shameless.

Gia’s team finds Randhir’s clothes on the way. They move ahead. Amrita and Randhir hid behind the bushes and were relieved. Randhir says they even took his clothes. Amrita replies never mind. K
The cloaked man follows Amrita and Randhir. They sense someone’s presence.

Ansh reaches Gia as Super Human. Ansh clutches her neck and inquires where they both are. Gia says she was making his task easier. She thought about killing Randhir. Ansh says they will not kill Randhir, Amrita will understand his love and be there with him. Amrita will never Randhir as he is a criminal in her eyes. Gia says he doesn’t know Randhir who fooled Shimodra for years. They are alone in this forest, what he thinks they must be doing right now.

Randhir gets cold. Amrita offers a handkerchief to him. They spot a lone house around. Randhir was reluctant but Amrita insists they must find shelter. What if Randhir fells seriously ill. Where she will find a doctor in the jungle. She moves ahead and fells in the mud. Randhir jokes where they will find a washing machine in the forest. He cleans her arms and helps him stand up.

Nisha and parents were drunk and dance in happiness. Nisha’s mother was excited that she will now take Randhir’s position. They plan vacations and company’s take over.

Amrita and Randhir come to the desserted house. Randhir asks Amrita how they can stay here without the owner; anyways she is a police officer and can do anything. They find some clothes in the house. Randhir brings a pink saree for her while she gets him some men’s clothes. They spend some close time with each other. Randhir and Amrita both stand beside the window. He says love can never survive if one believes on others words. Amrita says duty is above everything, her duty demands proof. All proofs are against Randhir only. Randhir tells her to trust him, he won’t ever hurt anyone. He will surely share his secrets when it’s the right time. There was a snake around and bites Amrita. Randhir throws the snake outside, he tells Amrita to stay awake and sips the blood from Amrita’s foot. He hugs her and tells her to stay awake. He goes outside to find some herbs and gather various herbs. The cloaked man follows Randhir and place a wooden stick on his way. Randhir turns to look behind at the suspicious fall. He then runs ahead towards Amrita. Someone kicks him from behind and his head strikes the chalk. Randhir was blinded as he couldn’t open his eyes. Super Human kicks him again. Randhir continues to shout who he is. The Super Human roars. Randhir tells him to let him go inside, Amrita has been bitten by snake and might die if he doesn’t take the medicine to her. If she dies, there will be no reason for him to live. Amrita hears his voice and comes outside. Super Human hides behind the house and calls Randhir. Amrita was shocked to see the monstrous Ansh. Randhir drags her inside.

Gia’s team attacks the house. Super Human fights her men protecting Randhir and Amrita. Gia silently watches this and thinks Ansh is under great influence of friendship.

Randhir washes his face. He then uses some utensils to prepare a herbal mix for Amrita and applies bandage on her foot.

The Super Human turns to Ansh and walks into the house. Randhir insists on Amrita to take a few sips, the drink will remove poison from her body. Ansh watches them together and silently walks outside. Randhir turns to Ansh and hugs him tightly. He thanks Ansh to be there at the right time, else they could both be killed. Randhir watches all the black dressed men lying on the floor. Randhir tells Ansh he spotted a Haiwan here. Earlier, when he had been attacked he collected the sample and tested it. It was a Super Human exactly like Ansh, only the potion of evil was there. He thinks Gia and her father stole his solution and turned it evil. Ansh was shocked to see Ansh behind. Amrita asks if this is the secret, he turned Ansh into a Super Human. Randhir says this was the secret, he wanted the Super Human to fight all the Haiwan. Randhir says it wasn’t possible without Ansh. He insists on Ansh to be a Super Human and show Amrita; its amazing. Amrita says Randhir is a genius. She tells Ansh she is proud of him; what he and Randhir have been doing for Shimodra is amazing. Randhir explains to Amrita that this was all risky and dangerous, he only intended to stop Gia. Today, she attacked Amrita as well. He only didn’t want to tell her. Amrita asks Randhir they keep secrets from her, if they keep such secrets from each other as well. Randhir judges at once and asks Ansh if he told her the name of the girl. Ansh was silent and furiously tells Randhir to stop it. Randhir sense the changed voice. Ansh looks towards Randhir and says the girl rejected his proposal, she loves someone else. Randhir hugs Ansh and says he is his brother, Ansh needn’t accept defeat. There is no girl in the world who can say no to Ansh. Ansh wipes his tears and says Randhir is right. He will convince the girl.

The cloaked man tells Yeti Master that he was about to kill the scientist but a Super Human intervened. Yeti Master grabs his collar and says he won’t bear someone else doing the task. He must go and kill Randhir.

Early morning, Nisha’s mother was drunk. She complains why she has been so unlucky. She had planned that now Randhir will be in jail and she will take over the seat of President. Amrita withdrew the complaint anyway. Randhir and Amrita come home. Aditi followed with someone on the wheel chair, his face covered. They wonder who was under the cloth piece. They wonder if he had brought Govind Grewal. A vase fell in the hall suspiciously. Nisha and family were worried as it was the cloaked man.
Ansh comes to Gia. He tells Gia that Randhir believes her father stole his Super Human solution and created a new one. Gia tells him to kill her father, he has already lived his life. Ansh leaves with determination. Govind comes to Gia and appreciates that now his duplicate will soon be killed in jail, and no one will come inquiring about him.

In the lab, Randhir and Amrita try to inquire from Govind how they stole the research. Govind was silent. Randhir goes to mix a chemical. He tells Amrita this is the truth solution, he will spit out all the truth within five minutes of the injection. They inject it into fake Govind’s neck. Amrita was quizzical, Randhir tells her not to worry as this is risk free and without any side effects. He offers Amrita a cup of coffee and makes for both of them. Amrita wanted to talk to him. Randhir says it was Mongoose plant, it neutralizes the poison in the body. The cloaked man had entered the lab. Amrita apologizes Randhir for all the suspicions. Randhir accepts it was her duty. He must have told her earlier, she was honest from the starting. Amrita thinks about Ansh’s love and thinks she has to tell him, but she wonders what if this breaks their friendship. He kiss her forehead saying I am sorry.

Amrita says she wants to tell him something. Randhir was busy with his work. The cloaked man at once clutches Amrita’s neck from behind. Randhir looks towards her. The cloaked man stood above them with a stabber. All of a sudden the lights go off. Randhir and Amrita go outside to look for the problem. Ansh came in the lab and drags Govind’s duplicate. He turns himself into the Super Human. Govind’s assistant was terrified. Super Human pulls him up through his neck and throws him down on floor. Amrita tells Randhir this isn’t only a phase, it’s the whole electricity. Amrita wonders how it is possible, there is a power system in the house. They hear the footsteps and run upstairs. In the balcony, Randhir was about to shoot the monster but was shocked as it was Ansh.

PRECAP: Nisha had been tied with ropes. In the lab, Ansh wasn’t ready to get himself tested by Randhir. He says he isn’t an animal in hands of Randhir. Randhir was alert at the attitude.

Update Credit to: Sona

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