Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF):Celebration Of One Year’s Completion

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*******Happy One Year Celebration*******

(29-9-2018 ~ 29-9-2019)

It’s morning.Soumya wakes up from sleep.She smiles thinking about today’s grand event- The Wedding.

She gets down the bed.As soon as her feet touch the floor,she screams looking down.Rudra is lying there,sleeping,mouth little open!
Her scream startles Rudra and he too wakes up.

R: Who is screaming that so early in the morning?Muh baand karo aur soh jao…..Saying those he lies down once again and starts snoring!

Soumya gets down from the other side of the bed then reaches to Rudra.

S: Rudra,wake up.Rudra………Her jerking again breaks his slumber.
R: Kya yaar,kyun disturb kar rahi ho?Barely finishing the sentence Rudra again goes back to the work of sleeping!
S: Just unbelievable!

She gets up leaving Rudra there then goes away.She returns with something in her hand-

S: Rudra wake up.I am telling you for the last time…..He is still sleeping.Soumya brings forward a jug full of water from behind then pours it on him.Rudra opens his eyes feeling the coldness of water,all of a sudden!

R: Mummy…….Main pool mein ghir gaya!Bhaiya…Help…..He starts jumping around!
S: Stop it Rudra.Look here…….He stops.
R: What are you doing in my room?

S: Excuse me,this is my room.What are you doing here?He looks around.
R: How come I ended up here?

S: I have got the smell of alcohol.You were drinking?
R: Actually…Last night we threw Ranveer’s I mean Jiju’s bachelor party so…….I did not realize it’s your room.Sorry huh?

S: It’s okay.Now go to your room and freshen up.
R: My head is paining.
S: Don’t worry.I am sending medicine and lemon juice.Go……..Rudra leaves.

Shivaay is drinking coffee in his room,in front of a glass shielded window,relishing over the sweet winter morning.Suddenly he notices something- Anika is drying her wet hairs using a towel in the front balcony of her room while enjoying the warm,soft light of early morning sun.Shivaay sits on the sofa,adjacent to the window.

He smiles a sweet smile feeling his blue eyes taking delight on its most favourite view.He recalls something-

“I forgot to ask or see whose name Anika has drawn on her palm.How could I miss that?Why the hell Sagar’s name starts with the same letter as mine?Iska toh mein…..Cool down Shivaay.Will figure out anyway.After all I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi……….” He does his famous hair flick,with a romantic smile!

Soon morning turns into evening and all the hustle and bustle of marriage starts taking place.Guests,who could not manage to come for other function,start showing up.Media and press people have grabbed a large portion of the wedding venue in order to cover it.
Oberois,Trivedis,Randhawas are busy welcoming the guests and looking after the last arrangement.In short,every single family member of bride and groom is busy,in this or that.

ShivOmRu come to the bride’s chamber where Priyanka is getting ready.She is looking like a beautiful,gorgeous doll in her wedding get-up.

S: Our Prinku is looking….What Dadi says?
O: Patola!
R: I agree.Tujhe kisi ki nazar na lage…Sorry,I don’t apply khol!Tu khud tika laga lena!
P: I want you three to do that for me.Will you?……..Priyanka brings her khol then ShivOmRu put tika,one by one.

O: I am so happy to see you happy.Be like that,always.
R: Aur sun,tu nervous toh hai na?
P: Why bhaiya?

R: It’s compulsory for brides and grooms to get nervous on the wedding day!
O: Really?You are sounding so experienced Rudra.Kitne shaadian ki tune aab tak?
R: Come on O,it’s serious……….As their talks going on,Prinku starts crying at one point.ShivOmRu’s smile vanishes from their faces watching her crying.They gather around her-

S: Hey Prinku,why are you crying?It’s the most beautiful,happening day of your life.You will spend it shedding tears?Stop crying…….Stop it right now.Pagali kahiki.If you don’t stop crying then…….I will be scolded,all three of us for spoiling your make-up……………Scenario turns into a happy moment with tear-tinged laughter between brothers and their only sister.Sweet,cute,equally emotional Oberoi sibling moment,they share.

Preparations of wedding’s initial rituals have started.Ranveer Singh Randhawa,the groom arrives with dazzling wedding procession then takes his place in the altar after the groom-welcoming rituals.
Time comes for the bride to join.ShivOmRu,Tej,Shakti bring Priyanka in a decorated open palanquin,holding over their shoulders.PriVeer exchange the garlands then sit for the other rituals to complete.
Tej and Jhanvi do the Kanya-dan and subsequent rituals go on smoothly.

Shivaay and Omkara were discussing something then Rudra came and interrupted them.

S: What happened?You are looking tensed.
R: Bhaiya,a big problem has turned up.
S: Is something wrong with the security arrangements?Let me check…

R: No bhaiya,it’s another matter.
O: Stop creating suspense.What is it?
R: Then tell me,who are we?

S: The Oberois…
R: That I know.Along with that we are Ladki-Wale in today’s wedding na?
O: Le,mujhe toh pata hi nahi tha! Thanks Rudra!

R: Very funny O.
S: Tu kehna kya chahta hai?
R: Who is going to steal the shoes of Ranveer?If you guys have forgotten then let me tell you,it’s a most important and entertaining,a must-do ritual.

O: Shub kam mein deri kis baat ka?Let’s do it.It will be so much fun…Om thinks about Gauri.
R: You are missing a major point O.
S: What?

R: Basically girls I mean groom’s sisters-in-law steal shoes.But here we are Ranveer’s brothers-in-law.In short,only girls are privileged to do that!
O: Aise kaise rule hain?As far as I know,groom’s shoe-stealing is the birth-right of the bride’s family.No-one can change it- End of the discussion.By the way,who gave you this piece of information?
R: Soumya!

S: Don’t know why but I am feeling like Soumya has fooled you.
R: What?Fool and Rudra Singh Oberoi don’t come in the same bracket bhaiya!I have a reputation!
O: I think Shivaay is right.In wedding,such pranks get played.We should be careful.

R: Toh……Hamla bol de?
O: I just can’t wait……ShivOmRu join their hands for the adventure!

As they are about to leave,Jhanvi comes and takes away Shivaay with her.OmRu go ahead to accomplish the target.
Shivaay is talking over phone while walking.Suddenly he turns and collides with someone.

S: Sorry…I did not………..He stops watching Anika with whom he clashed.As they are standing face to face,Shivaay’s blue eyes roam from head to toe of Anika.
She has worn a lehenga suit in the combination of cherry-blossom colour.Hairs are straight,parted in the middle and a beautiful mangtika is gracing the whole parting and the middle of the forehead.
A medium sized diamond choker is shining in her neck.Earrings are almost invisible because of lush patch of hair,covering that area but still gleaming.A waist chain is tied around her delicate waist,matching bangles are making sweet sound in her hands.Long-eye lashes are smoky-dark,a light yet matching shade is smiling in her lips……………………Shivaay keeps on drooling over the mesmerizing,breath-taking beauty in front of him.

Anika says nothing just smiles a blushing smile feeling those captivating gazes of Shivaay on her.Then,his phone rings and that breaks the romantic trance.Shivaay focuses on talking clearing his throat-

S: Um….Where were you?I was…..He does not complete.Anika chuckles a little then says-
A: I went to check the banquet area.Let’s go,shaadi ki phere shuru hogayi hogi……She tries to move ahead but Shivaay stops her-What happened?

Without saying anything Shivaay raises his hand and goes on adjusting the mangtika which got little misplaced.The moment Shivaay’s hand touches Anika’s skin,she clutches her lehenga on both the side,feeling a raw,deep sensation overflowing her!Shivaay finishes his job.

S: Done………….Without saying anything,Anika goes away,almost running.He recalls something then says-

Oh God,again missed the chance.Kaise pata kare aab…….He heads for the altar.Wedding rounds have started.There,everyone gears up with flower petals in their hands to shower on the couple.
Shivaay and Anika have stood across each other,face to face.While showering petals,their eyes meet-

“Mujhe Raat Din,Bas Mujhe Chahti Ho
Kaho Na Kaho Mujhko,Sab Kuch Pata Hai
Haan Karoon Kya Mujhe Tum Batati Nahi Ho
Chupati Ho Mujhse Yeh,Tumhari Khata Hai
Aa Mujhe Raat Din,Bas Mujhe Chahti Ho….”

While looking at Anika,Shivaay keeps on showering flowers without noticing that nothing is left in his hand.Watching that,Anika laughs.

“Meri Beqarari Ko Hadh Se Badhana
Tumhe Khub Aata Hai Baatein Banana
Nigahe Milake Yun Mera Chain Lena
Satake Mohabbat Mein Yun Dard Dena
Mujhe Dekh Ke Aise Palkein Jhukana
Shararat Nahi Hai Toh Phir Aur Kya Hai
Aa Mujhe Raat Din,Bas Mujhe Chahti Ho….”

There seven rounds,seven vows get over.Bride and groom sit down for the last ritual- Wearing of nuptial chain and vermilion.As Ranveer goes on tying up the nuptial chain,Shivaay imagines himself as the groom and at the same time,Anika imagines herself as the bride.Vermilion and nuptial chain ritual is done.Right that moment Om keeps his hand on Shivaay’s shoulder and he gets conscious.He looks at Anika who is already looking him back.

“Tumhe Neend Aayegi Ab Na Mere Bin
Mujhe Hai Yakeen Aisa Aayega Ek Din
Khuli Teri Zulfon Mein,Soya Rahonga
Tere Hi Khyaloon Mein Khoya Rahonga
Kabhi Gaur Se Meri Aankhon Mein Dekho
Meri Jaan Tumhara Hi Chehra Chupa Hai
Aa Mujhe Raat Din,Bas Mujhe Chahti Ho
Mm,Hmmm Hmmm,Eh Hey,La La La…………”

Pandit declares the solemnization of the wedding and everyone claps on that.Shivaay and Anika were lost in each other.Hearing the sounds of clapping,they get their senses back and join in clapping.
PriVeer get down the altar and take the blessings of their elders for their new life.Everyone congratulates them on their wedding.

Precap: Moment of Truth!

##My Dear Readers,

Today is the same day when Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF) got published for the first time as Episode number 1,one year ago.This journey has been long and I am very happy and fortunate that I could come this far,without stopping.
It became possible because of the love and precious appreciation I got,kept getting from my readers.Without you guys,it was impossible.
So,I am congratulating each and every reader of my FF who was present on the first episode and everyone who stayed with me a year round and showered love on my FF.THANK YOU.
A very special Thanks to TU for bringing this moment in my life.Love and gratitude to you,TU.
Lastly,don’t know to what extent I could manage entertaining my readers.All I can say that,my efforts were 100%
Rest,you guys know.
Once again,thank you so very much for all the love and feedback.

Much Love

##Happy Marriage Anniversary My Dearest Shivika(Shivaay & Anika).Love You.Miss You.

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    You are one of the most talented writers of TU.Love and adore your dedication for the FF and Shivika of course.You are a blessing in disguise in my life.I thank you,from the bottom of my heart for thatπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’πŸ’
    Godspeed dear writer.Do keep writing ❀️
    Happy Anniversary Shivika babiesπŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ˜˜

    1. Luthfa

      Awww….So sweet of you dear.Thank you,thank you so very much.Hearty welcome to my FF page.Love you.

  2. Happy one year Anniversary.Awesome episode.

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      Thank you so very much for your precious love.Love you.God bless you too.

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  10. ItsmePrabha a FF writer you completed one year darlos..pata hi nhi chala..waqt kitna tezzi se daud rhi hai.. aur kuch hi dino mein hamari mulakaath ki doosri saal girah hogi.. so strange.. loved today’s episode yaar..billuji ke saath saath mein bhi uthawli hoon ki anudi ne kiska naam likhwayi, likhwayi ki nhi?? congratulations to priveer on their wedding.. and congratulations to you too on one year completion … will be eagerly waiting for the next.. till then take you always and forever..

    1. Luthfa

      Seriously,mujhe bhi pata nahi chala.One year got completed.How time flies!
      Thank you so very much for your love and wishes.Love you too Sweetheart.

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