When Pyaar Turns To Badala…. (Episode 10)

Here we go for the last final episode..!!!!!

Scene 1:

Everyone rush to the hospital

Doctor checks the girls and tells them that they had poison.

Everyone are shocked and prays that nothing should happen to moms and children….

Scene 2:

RK comes to Rita and hugs her telling madhu will die….Rita consoles him and tells him that she is there with him and can marry….

RK : No that wont happen….rohan will wont leave us to live happy…. So no need of marriage….

Rita : no rohan wont do anything to me. If you have doubt we will ask him itself

She calls rohan and puts in speaker….Rohan attends the call and tells her about the girls health condition….Rita gets tensed as RK is hearing this….Just then cops come and arrest rita and trace rohan’s address and arrest him also…..

Scene 3:

Rita and Rohan gets arrested …………..

Everyone blame sesha….Sesha feels guilty and prays along with them….She hears the news of rohan’s arrest….

She realizes her mistake and seeks apologizies from everyone……….

Scene 4:

Doctor tells that only they can operate and take the babies out but they will be premature…..

They operate and take the babies out….

Kushi delivers a girl…….Shivanya delivers a boy and madhu delivers a girl…

All gets happy….

The girls also recover ……..

Scene 5:

Sesha gets labour pain ….Doctor rushes to her….She delivers a girl….

After 2 days everyone return home with their babies….

Sesha : Shivanya come with me

Shivanya and sesha go to room and sesha asks shivanya to promise that she will take care of her baby as her own….

Shivanya agrees and tells her that all the 4 children are one….They all born on the same day and no differentiation will be made….SEsha cries and hugs her….

Scene 6

Later during naming ceremony…..

Shivanya – Rithik name their baby as  Rishan

RK – Madhu name their baby as Suhana

Kushi – Arnav name their baby as Arshi

Sesha name her baby as Shivangi

everyone rejoices the moment…

Sesha leaves her baby in the cradle and flees away writing a letter that she is going far away from this family and will never create any sort of chaos in this beautiful family… and requests all to take care of her baby well…

Everyone get emotional hearing this….

Photographer ask for the family pic…Everyone take their babies but Shivangi is left alone….Anjali who is childless adopt her and poses for the pic….!!!!!!!

An happy ending!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Jasminerahul

    wow happy that Rita rohan got arrested …sesha apologized. happy that all of them have babies.surprising that sesha’s baby’s name is shivangi. sesha shivangi promise s and was emotional.sad that sesha left.happy that anjali adopted shivangi.but Shivanya had promised to look after shivangi .then why was she ignored? nice ending

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