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Hey guys… How are you all?? Hope you liked the previous episode..

I am back with the next episode..

If you have not read the previous episode,here is the link..

Link for Episode 14

Let’s peep into today’s episode..


When Omkara and Saumya reaches the park,Anika and Gauri had already arrived and they were waiting. Omkara sees them and tells Saumya,”Somu! We are gonna meet my friends now. Stay quiet and just answer their questions. If they tell you something which you don’t know just see me”.

Saumya rolls her eyes. “Are you lying to them?”

“I will explain everything later. So,if they ask you some question,just see me. If I blink twice,you have to say yes. And if I blink once you have to say no”,Omkara says.

“Bhaiya! What is this? I can’t do this. I am leaving”

“Somu! Please do me this favour. Won’t you do this for me?”,he pleads.

Saumya nods.

“Thank you Somu”,he grabs her hand and takes her there.

Gauri and Anika see them both coming.

“Hey Om!”,Gauri greets him at the top of her voice.

“Hi Gauri! Hi Anika!”,says Om politely.

“Hi Om!”,says Anika while she and Gauri looks at Saumya.

“Om! Is she your sister?”,asks Gauri. Om nods.

Anika forwards her hand and says,”Hi! I am Anika”. Saumya shakes her hand saying,”Saumya”.

“Wow! Beautiful name! And you are so pretty”,says Gauri.

Saumya smiles at her and says,”Thank you”.

Anika asks her,”What are you doing Saumya?”.

Saumya remembers Om’s orders and she sees him. But he is not looking at her. He is thinking about how is gonna tackle Anika if she confronts him.

Saumya looks at Anika saying,”I am doing my final year UG”.

“That’s great dear!”,says Gauri.

“But.. I have a doubt”,Anika says and Om’s heart stopped beating.

“What honey?”,asks Gauri.

“Omkara is also in final year. His sister too is in final year. How come this possible?”,Anika asks them giving a confused expression.

Saumya sees Omkara with a worried expression,while om looks at her with a “why did you say that”,expression.

Omkara talks to himself,”CBI officer Anika has started her work. Do something Om”,he thinks of an idea.

“Gauri! Shall we go there and start our work?”,asks Om pointing to a wooden bench.

“Ya! Sure om!”,says Gauri and is about to move.

Omkara goes to the bench and sits. Anika grabs Gauri’s hand and whispers to her,”He did not answer my question yet”.

“Honey! Why is it so important?”.

“I have a doubt Gauri! I think he has failed in some class and now he is studying the same class as his sister. That’s why he is not answering me”,Anika says seriously.

“How can think like this dear?”,Gauri asks her and laughs uncontrollably.

On seeing Saumya looking at both of them,she stops.

Gauri excuses and goes to sit with Om. By then Shivaay aarives. He sees Om and Gauri talking and does not notice Saumya and Anika.

“Seems like Om is sorting things out with Gauri. I will go and support him”,thinks Shivaay and goes to them.

On seeing him, Rikara stop talking.

“Om! Everything is okay between both of you?”,asks Shivaay.

Gauri gives a confused expression while Omkara signs Shivaay by raising his eyebrows asking “what?”.

“I asked whether you have patched up”,says Shivaay.

Omkara realizes that he only had called Shivaay. He thinks of another idea😂

“Oh! Shivaay! You are asking about my patch up with Ankit,isn’t it? Yes! We patched up”,Om lies and signs Shivaay to say yes through eyes.

But Shivaay could not get it and he asks,”Who is Ankit?”.

Omkara rolls his eyes and gets up saying,”Ankit! My school friend! I was telling about our fight. You are asking about him nah?”.

Shivaay gives a confused expression and Omkara takes him aside,”Shivaay! Nothing happened. Everything okay! Anika did not ask me anything”.

“Then why did you ask me to come stupid?”,asks Shivaay angrily.

“You have to do me a favour now. Go and talk to Anika and keep her busy so that she will not get time to think about me”,says Omkara.

“Are you joking? Anika? I am allergic to talk to her. Moreover,she teases me and asks me so much of questions. I can’t do this”.

“She must be a CBI officer. But Shivaay please do this for me. I will be grateful for you ever”,he pleads to him and finally Shivaay agrees.

Om sighs and goes back to Gauri.

Shivaay goes to Anika and he greets her.Anika greets her back. He has a small talk with Saumya. 

Anika thinks,”Anika! You have got a great chance of asking him about his dreams. Never miss this. But Saumya is here nah? Let’s wait”.

By then Saumya says,”Shivaay bhaiya! My legs hurt. I will go and sit there”,she goes and sits in another wooden bench.

Anika thanks God in mind. She gets prepared to talk to him. By then,Rudra comes there.

“Hey granny! Hi Shivaay bhaiya!”,he greets both of them.

Shivaay greets him back.

“Where is Gauri?”,asks Rudra and Anika points to Gauri.

“Oh. She is busy. Which means,i have to spend my time with you only. Thank god! Shivaay bhaiya is with me. Else I have to listen to your silly stories”,Rudra says.

Anika stares at him.

“Stories?”,Shivaay asks.

“Don’t you know bhaiya? Anika is the greatest storyteller in the whole world. (Sarcastically)Her stories would be very good,you know?”,he says.

Shivaay raises his eyebrows.

“Bhaiya! To be honest,she is overrated. Her stories are so stupid. I get bored whenever she starts one. I don’t know how people listen to her”,Rudra says for which Anika hits him.

“You are right Rudra! I get headache whenever your friend opens her mouth”,Shivaay teases her too.

Anika counters him saying,”You know Rudra! Some guys stumble while putting stand to their bikes. But they taunt others as if they are the best in the world”.

Shivaay jerks and pleads to Anika not to say anything to Rudra through his eyes. Rudra gives a confused expression.

Shivaay says,”Ok. Both of you have a good time. I am leaving”,he is about to leave.

Anika grabs his hand,”No! Don’t go away!”

She looks at his eyes and they have an eyelock.

O Jaana instrumental plays😍

“Ya Shivaay bhaiya! You cannot go. I can’t handle her. Be with me and we shall listen to her stupid stories”,says Rudra.

Anika stares at Rudra. “Look! You don’t have to be here. Get lost!”

“What?”,Rudra asks.

By then Anika sees Saumya who is siiting in a wooden bench at a distance.

“You like to talk with girls nah?? Go there. Om’s sister is sitting there. Go and talk to her. Get lost!”,Anika shouts at him.

Rudra sees Saumya who is sitting  turning the other side. He could barely see her face.
“Yes! Talking with that beautiful girl is better than being with this boring granny”,he thinks and moves.

“Perfect timing Anika! Ask him whatever you want to”,says Anika herself and sees Shivaay.

“Can you leave my hand? I am not going to run anywhere. It’s hurting”,Shivaay says.

Anika realises that she has not released his hand yet. She is embarassed and grins. Shivaay smirks.

PRECAP : Running race between Rudra and Saumya. Anika asks Shivaay about his dream. Gauri says,”I hate people who cheat me even in small matters”to Omkara

P.S : Guys.. I barely get time to post stories these days guys.. I will be busy for the next two three months too. But I will try post stories at regular intervals at least once in a week.. Please adjust with me and lend me your support. And I will try to entertain you as much as I can. Love you guys. Take care.

And guys I did not reply for you guys who commented on my 13th episode. I logged on to tu after so many days and the comments were closed. Thank u so very much bah_hi_shah,Prabha,Ramya dear and Arman ki Pihu (I know you are! Fidha).. keep on supporting guys..

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  1. Wowww sisss…great episode ….loved it…..Cbi anika😂😂😂😂…..rudy nd somu meeting oh god……shivika😍😍😍😍…….om😂😂😂😂….he is suffering hahaa….osmmmm…waiting fr nxt epi…..pls update sooon…

  2. ItsmePrabha

    wow..finally shivika, rikara, aur rumya ek saath..precap is interesting..will be waiting for the next.. till then take care…

  3. Nila_27

    Poor Om😂!!! CBI officer Anikaaaa😂😂
    Rudyyy🤣😂 What will be Rudy’s reaction when he know the girl is saumya😉
    Waiting akka.. Waiting for the next one akka😍😘😘

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