Gustakh Dil 9th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 9th August 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 9th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nikhil thinking how Akash dies because of his mistake. He stands at the end of the cliff and thinks about his brother. Nikhil’s dad talks to Barkha and asks what are you doing. He requests her not to do this. She says at this time Akash goes to play and I keep his room ready. He says Akash died 15 years ago, he is dead. Barkha says please don’t interfere. He says you will get more hurt. She shouts on him and asks him to leave. He says why don’t you give some time to Nikhil instead of wasting time here. How can you forget your other son, he needs you. She says Nikhil has everyone around him, but this hour is mine and Akash’s. He leaves. She sees Akash’s photo.

Lajjo says she will bite Nikhil again if she meets him. She comes to her house and sees a new

scooty that is bought for her groom. Lajjo says I will sit on it and see. She sits on it. Her sisters say can you drive it. She says yes, can I show you. She starts the scooty, her sisters ask her to drive it. She says I can drive it and drives the scooty recklessly. She falls and the scooty gets dirty with all mud on it. Her mum sees them and the scooty and scolds them for spoiling it. Lajjo is annoyed. Her sisters bring food for her and ask her to have food. She says no way. They say atleast open the door, where will we sleep.

Scene shifts to Nikhil:

Nikhil is thinking about his encounter with Lajjo. He sees Ishaana’s missed call and calls her back. There is some network problem and he cannot connect with her. He then thinks about Ishaana and his special moments. He feels Ishaana knows everything even if he does not tell her anything. He asks her how, she says because I love you a lot. He hugs her saying thanks for knowing me more than myself and says I really love you. She says I love you too. He misses her in Soam Barsa village. Lajjo is hungry being alone in her room. She says I m angry so why am I…

Lajjo’s mum asks her husband that did you calculate about the items. He says I don’t know how we will manage. She says don’t tell like this, we have to marry off Lajjo. Lajjo comes there and hears about their financial problem and feels bad. She thinks about the groom’s demands. Lajjo’s mum says we hope Lajjo do not get into any trouble because of this dowry.

Scene shifts to Ayesha:

Ayesha is deciding about her wedding with Savio. He says no hotels are vacant. Ayesha tells her dad about this problem and asks him to help her. He says ok, I will go office and talk to someone about this. She says I need your SUV. He says shopping again and laughs saying I will come home by metro. She says will you travel by train? He says yes and meets Savio(Rosy). He laughs on Savio seeing he is gay. He talks to Ayesha and asks her is she ready for marriage or is she under any pressure. Ayesha says I know you don’t want this wedding to happen. He says nothing like that, are you happy. She says I will be happy, Everyone has selected a good groom for me, and I trust my mum’s choice, afterall you are my mum’s choice. He says yes.

Scene shifts to Nikhil:

Nikhil and his friends are roaming in the village between cows. He talk how Lajjo fooled them. Cobra dances around. Cobra and Bheja have a fight and all of them try to calm them down. They end their fight and laugh. Cobra does some shayari and everyone does wah wah… |
They remind Nikhil of Ishaana. Nikhil says lets go, Baba might be waiting. Lajjo brings Kerela juice for Baba. He asks her why are you so sad. Lajjo says because you all wanted to get rid of me. He says we want to send you to your in laws house. Every girl has to marry. She says does every girl have to give dowry? She asks who made these rules. She cries. Baba says whats the matter. She says I read in newspaper that its a crime to give and take dowry. Baba says yes it is. He asks her is your in laws asking any more things. Nikhil comes and asks what happened. Baba says girls behave like this before marriage. He says then why are you marrying, go to college and do graduation. Baba says this happens in villages. Lajjo leaves.

Baba talks in favor of Lajjo saying its difficult to go against the realms of villages. Nikhil finds these things strange. Lajjo comes home and her family is seeing her bridal dress and necklaces. Her sisters like it. Her mum shows her the gold necklaces. She says you are looking beautiful wearing them. The groom’s dad comes and they think did they bring another list of items and get worried.

Lajjo is crying. Nikhil sees her crying and looks upto her. Lajjo tells her mum that she won’t marry. Her mum reacts to it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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