Dil Dosti Dance 9th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 9th August 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 9th August 2013 Written Update

Neha decides to leave the team and accept the offer of bhojpuri album as a lead..She is ready to work in small set up when she gets respect rather than big breaks where there is no equal treatment.She says she has to leave next day.Whole gang is shocked to know she has to leave next day.Sharon tells them not to stop Neha as she has an offer as a lead and as friends they should support her.Eventually all support her .Vickey says Neha is leaving as an ordinary girl but he wish she will come back as a celebrity.An emotional Neha hugs Vickey.Sharon tries to cheer up the gang and says they all will give her a farewell party at Sharon’s place.Swayam takes the responsibility of organizing everything and Sharon says she will inform Rey.

Sharon calls Rey who is still at designers office giving measurement.She informs Rey that Neha is leaving the team for Bhojpuri album .Rey asks her the reason.She says Aditya treated her rudely.A worried Rey suggests to talk to Aditya but Sharon stops him.She says both Neha and Aditya are correct at their place .So team has decided to support Neha and giving her farewell at her place.Rey says he will be there in the party.

Swayam reaches Sharon’s place with many gifts for the party.He tries to ring bell but fails as both his hands are occupied.Sharon finally comes and offers him help.He says he can keep the things without dropping them.But finally he looses his balance and drops the things.Sharon teases him .She tells him to remove his shoes and wear her footwear so that floors wont get dirty.He sees her pink footwear and refuses to wear them.Sharon says she would have broken up with him if he wore those footwear.Swayam asks her sweetsly till when he has to give tests.Sharon says he has to prove it always that he deserves to be her boy friend.They come close to each other.At the same time gang enters.All ask about Rey as he is the only one absent.Boys say he has become celebrity so don’t have time for friends.Neha comes and becomes emotional looking at the arrangements and gifts.Near her gifts she finds the neem plant .She asks if the plant is also her gift.Sharon says its a gift for her.Gang says how can someone gift her a neem plant.Sharon diverts the topic.

At Rey’s place ,Aditya reaches with Press when he was about to leave .He forces him to give interview .Rey tries to oppose him and tells he has promised someone.But Aditya says media promotion is very important.Rey gets continuous calls but Aditya don’t let him answer the calls.

At Sharon’s place gang starts discussing about Rey,Swayam tells them to concentrate on Neha.Vickey says he cant concentrate even if he wants to do so as she is leaving.Neha gets emotional hearing this and hugs him.They hear the bell and all think Rey came but its Aashi.All are happy to see her.She says she may leave again due to her mother’s health.She gets shoes from everyone as gifts from Neha.Again all recall Rey is not there.Whole team is missing Rey at Neha’s farewell party.Neha says they can touch the sky if they are passionate about their dance.

Precap:Neha’s farewell and gang having fun together.Rey misses the party.Nilesh gets call from Rey after Neha and Vickey leave from there.Simi and Rinni tells him to ignore Rey as he has ignored them.Sharon and Swayam walking together on the road after the party.Due to sudden rain they take shelter and they see kids playing in rain.Swayam goes and joins the kids in rain dance.Sharon thinks its time to fulfill his 2nd wish that is Rain dance.Sharon is Indian attire and Swayam-Sharon rain dance .Sharing sweet moments of love.

Update Credit to: deep_Tanha

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