Gustakh Dil 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 7th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Nikhil telling Gunja that he is tired of everyone telling him what to do and gets angry on her. Gunja also gets angry on him and tells him that she juts wants him to be happy and that he should discuss his problems. He walks away from there. In the village some villagers are talking about Puthi’s broken proposal, Saraswati comes in and some ladies tell her that some people from the city had come and they were welcomed by gobar. Saraswati immediately thinks that Laajo is behind all this and also thinks that those people had come for Puthi.

Saraswati ties Laajo with a roop and beats her and asks her why she broke Puthi’s proposal. At the same time Puthi’s mother comes in and starts crying she tells Saraswati that some villagers told bad things about Puthi and that Laajo is not responsible. Saraswati consoles her and Laajo is happy that Puthi did not get married. In the city Rancho comes in to see Nikhil but he is not there since she was looking very worried Nani tells her to share the problems. She tells her that Ishaana is very upset to which Ayesha also says that right now Nikhil is acting very moody and confused. Everyone agrees and Chayaa brings up what all happened especially with things related to Laajo.

Rancho hesitantly tells Nani that all this happened after she accidently told Nikhil that Laajo loved him after that day he has been acting in a very different manner. In the night, Nikhil comes home and finds the light in the guest room switched on he immediately goes there and calls out Laajo’s name and is surprised to find Nani there. She questions him about Laajo and that she is always here and that he always has the hope that she would return. She tells him that he has fallen in love with Laajo. He refuses and says that it cant be possible, she tells him that is how love works it can happen without one’s knowing and for some love can take a very happy place and creates light and for some love takes the form of pain, it requires the person to go through difficult situations.

Nikhil asks her how she knew that he is in love with laajo when he was always in love with Ishaana. after he says that she tells him that because he used past tense for Ishaana’s love she knew, she tells him its okay if he doesn’t want to tell her but he should at least accept it for himself. Ishaana comes in and goes to find Nikhil. Nikhil accepts that he has actually fallen in love with Laajo. He breaks down and tells her that he has no idea how it happened and that he tried not to think about her but he couldn’t help himself he feel in love with her. He also shares with Nani he has always disappointed ppl and that he has not given Laajo, Ishaana or his mom happiness. Ishaana who is outside overhears everything and leaves.

In the village Laajo is shouting at Dhani for wearing her saree as in that saree she had kept something. Dhani tells her that she found nothing,after frantically searching her room Laajo finally finds her payal. She becomes very happy and wears it and thinks about Nikhil. In the city Nikhil is also looking at the payal and wondering how he fell in Laajo and that how he would tell Ishaana about it. Ishaana is in her room and is in major denial she thinks to herself that Nikhil can only be hers and that he would only hve to choose her. Laajo is wondering about Nikhil’s and Ishaana’s engagement the next day and thinks to herself that now Nikhil can be free from this undesirable relationship. She looks at the divorce papers.

The next morning, Ishaana calls up Nikhil and asks him to meet up for a surprise, he reluctantly says yes. Laajo who hadn’t slept kept looking at the divorce papers when her mother comes in she pretends to be asleep. Nikhil and Ishaana are driving and they reach a temple, he is surprised that early morning she brought him to a temple. Laajo is lost in her thoughts and to cheer her up her mother shows her the things she wrote. With this Laajo tells her that its time for her also to sign.

In the temple Ishaana tells him that she has brought him so that they can married right now, he thinks its a joke but she tells him that its serious and that eventually they would have to get married and that why not today she removes a sindoor box. Nikhil is very shocked and tells her that he is still a married man but she tells him that marriage is not a normal one and that he has signed the divorce papers so its all over. She pressurizes him to marry her and he takes sindoor on his fingers and extends his hand towards her forehead when he remembers the time he put sindoor on Laajo. there is a parallel scene where they show Laajo signing the divorce papers and saying that now she has has freed Nikhil. At the same time he stops from putting sindoor and tells Ishaana that he cannot do it as he loves Laajo.

Precap – Nikhil is telling Ishaana that she has full right on him and that whatever she says he will do…

Update Credit to: Desigirl

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