Balika Vadhu 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 7th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Vivek and Saachi going for shopping for their wedding. Saachi selects the dress for Vivek. Vivek misses his mom. Saachi asks, are you missing your mom. Vivek says, she is not with him when he is getting married. He says, his sister too is away from him. He gets sad. They take the suit. Ganga brings milk for Mannu and looks at him seeing the family pics. She gets emotional and tells him about the family members. She says, you are going to your new Dadisaa. Mannu identifies Kalyani Devi as Dadisaa and refuses to go. Ganga gets tears in her eyes and gets emotional.

Anandi invites Anand Dham Old age home residents for Saachi’s marriage. She asks Suhasini. Suhasini says, she will be fine with time. Arvind and his wife Renu comes with their son. Arvind gets angry on

Suhasini. He asks, you didn’t think where we will go? Her grand child hugs her. Renu says, he slept on the bench all the night. Arvind says, you sold our house. What did you get by doing this?

Suhasini says, I thought not to do it for my grand child, but he is very small. He can’t understand and but remember. I don’t want him to do the same thing which you did with me. Renu shouts at Suhasini and asks her to give the money. Anandi asks her to shut up and asks how can you talk rudely with your mom in law. She asks who are you? Suhasini says, she is so much for me. She took care of me when you people left me. She is Anandi Shekhar.

Renu says, oh you are the one who is behind her doings. She insults Anandi and blames her . Suhasini says, she took care of me like a daughter. Renu asks her to live with Anandi but give them money. Suhasini says, I don’t have money. I donated the money to this Ashram Anand Dham. Everyone are shocked.

Anand Dham people ask them to leave. Renu asks Rahul to come. Suhasini tells Rahul that she will come to Mumbai to meet him. She tells Arvind that she fixed the money on Rahul’s name and asks him to give him good upbringing and values.

Everyone are sad that Mannu is leaving. Sumitra tells gehna that Ganga is shattered and crying miserably. Anandi informs Dadisaa about Vivek and Saachi’s marriage. She invites them for the wedding. Dadisaa says, I wanted to come but Mannu is leaving soon, we all can’t come. Anandi says, Mannu is fine naa. Dadisaa says, we have to handover him to Ratan Singh after two days. Dadisaa says, anyone of us will attend the wedding anyhow and blesses Saachi.

Saachi comes and tells Anandi that she needs her help. She says, she wants to invite Vivek’s parents for their marriage. Anandi says, they hate you. Saachi says, I know but I know that Vivek loves his parents a lot. He will be happy to get their blessings. I want to try once. She says, I don’t want to tell Vivek ji about it. Saachi asks her to support her. Anandi nods in a yes.

Saachi and Anandi come to Vivek’s parents house. Rakhi opens the door and looks angrily at Saachi. Saachi and Anandi enter the house. Vivek’s parents get angry. Saachi says, I want to invite you for my marriage. Vivek’s mom says, you are getting married with whom? She says, whose luck is so bad. She insults Saachi and asks her to leave. She asks, who is the guy? May be he is thief or a thug as the good guy can’t marry her. Anandi says, you didn’t know about the groom. Vivek’s mom reads the invitation card and is shocked to know Vivek is the groom. She asks her, how can you marry my son? Why? How you trapped my son? Did he go mad? He can’t marry a girl like you.

Jagya says, Ratan Singh wants Mannu to be hand over to his parents infront of him. Mannu signs bye to Nandu. Ratan Singh comes and looks at Mannu. Ganga looks sad.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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