Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 7th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Bela coming to Raghu’s house, but not entering in. Shivani asks her to come in. Bela says she cannot come in, what if Raghu and Baburam sees her in shalwar kameez. Baburam sees Bela and says she is looking beautiful. Even Vivek says she is looking beautiful. Ginni also praises her. Maya comes wearing Shivani’s gifted clothes with goggles, heeled sandles, and umbrella. She asks everybody how is she looking. Ginni asks why did she wear heeled sandles, she will fall in picnic. Maya says she has a habit of wearing heeled shoes. Shivani praises Raghu for wearing nice shirt for picnic. Sumitra sees Shivani and says she will cry after this picnic. Baburam asks where is Latha. Shivani goes to check Latha, but finds her door locked. Latha says she will not come out wearing shalwar kameez. Baburam asks her to come out. She says she will wear saree and come out. Baburam commands her to come out wearing shalwar kameez. She shyingly comes hout. Baburam gets ashtonished seeing her and says he will stumble. Everyone praises Latha. Latha sees Roopesh and says she cannot go in front of him like this. Roopesh says it is ok. Baburam says he will marry her again in shalwar kameez and praises her beauty.

Everybody get the picnic items out. Maya scolds Ginni for not packing paper plates. Sumitra sees Nishi’s jumping rope and hides it. Raghu gets boss’s phone who asks him to come to office as London’s client are coming and he needs to show them their product. Raghu says he will come, but Shivani picks phone and says she is Raghu’s wife and requests him to let Raghu off today. Raghu says boss will get angry and will sack him. Vivek says his boss would have sacked him if he would not have gone. Baburam scolds Shivani for that. Boss calls Raghu and says he can enjoy the picnic with family. Raghu says boss told Shivani is telling right. Shivani says your boss understood my words. Everybody goes out of house. Neighbhour asks Latha why is she not wearing saree. Baburam says they are going to picnic and saree would not be good in picnic.

Nishi says she is not finding her jumping rope and will not go to picnic without it. Shivani says she will go and check. She goes inside the house and starts searching the rope. Sumitra goes and locks Shivani inside. She thinks let Shivani be inside and she will enjoy picnic with Raghu. She comes and sits next to Raghu. Raghu asks where is babyji. She says she is sitting behind. Shivani finds rope and tries to come out, but the door is locked. She calls everybody, but nobody listens her. Baburam asks Raghu to start tempo. Raghu starts tempo and everybody leave for picnic leaving Shivani. Shivani thinks nobody would have realized that she is here and would have left her. She thinks she will not let Raghu with Sumitra alone. She searches her phone. Shivani’s phone is with Sumitra who switches it off and thinks she will neither give back Shivani’s phone, nor husband.
Shivani calls neighbors to help her, but nobody hears her. She tries to call Raghu via landline, but landline phone is dead. Nishi asks Bela to check if Shivani has her rope. Bela says she is sitting in front and must be having it. Bela herself tries to check, but steps on Maya’s foot who scolds her. Shivani goes to terrace and calls neighbors, but nobody hears her. Sumitra enjoys sitting next to Raghu. Shivani comes out via pipe.

Raghu asks where is babyji. Bela says they thought she was sitting with him. Raghu asks Sumitra why did she tell Shivani is sitting behind with everyone.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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