Gustakh Dil 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rancho talking to Lajjo and her parents. She tries to convince them telling about Lajjo’s capabilities. Her mum says Lajjo is smart since childhood. Rancho says yes, why do you want to make her sit at home, she is talented. Anu comes and hears this. She says Rancho is right. Her dad says but what will she earn there, we can’t help her much, as we are poor. Rancho says she can earn well there, there are many opportunities there. Lajjo looks on. Rancho says Lajjo has scholarship, she can study. Her mum says who will take care of her. Rancho says I m with her, she will stay with me and will be my responsibility.

Lajjo says I think Rancho is right, please agree. Her mum says no, I get worried about her, she can go to Nikhil if she wants to study, now I can’t send her anywhere, sorry. She leaves. Gunjan talks to Barkha and says I want to meet Sagar Khurana, take me in this event. Barkha says I know him, he needs talent. Nikhil comes with Riya and introduces her to Nani and Gunjan. Nani asks him why is he happy. He says I m very happy, I got the job. Nani says we need to celebrate.

Riya acts arrogant and turns off Barkha. Nani smiles. Riya laughs on Barkha’s choice of glasses, so Indian. Barkha does not like her. Nikhil acts more friendly. Barkha asks why did she come here again, do you like her. He says she is my friend, why, don’t you like her, she is your kind of girl, rich, classy. Barkha says you are still married. Nikhil says I wish, but you did not ask Lajjo to come here, so have fun with Riya. Barkha says Lajjo out of sight so out of mind. Nikhil says you said this. He says I got advance from my salary, so this is one month rent.

Rancho and Lajjo sleep under the sky talking and enjoying. Lajjo talks about Nikhil and misses him. Rancho tries to lighten her mood. She says you are nice, there is something in you. Lajjo says if I fail. Her mum says no, you won’t fail. She sayas you can go to Delhi. Lajjo and Rancho are happy. Its morning, Lajjo meets her sisters and gets emotional. She is leaving for Delhi. She hugs her mum. Lajjo talks to her cow too. Her mum asks her to take good care and remember she is Nikhil’s wife and pride. She cries. Lajjo hugs her family.

She leaves with Rancho. Nikhil is in office. He comes to know about Ravi recommending him in the company and so he got the job. Rancho brings Lajjo to her home. The house owner meets them. Rancho says she is Lajwanti, Nikhil’s wife. She says how could he marry her, is she your friend, will she stay here. She says she will have to pay rent. Rancho says you don’t know anything about her, she is talented and came to study here, Nikhil loves her a lot. Aunty says then what is she doing here, did he kick her out of her house. Lajjo feels bad. Rancho supports Lajjo.

She asks for extra rent. Rancho says its my room, I can keep anyone. She says no, let her pay the rent. Rancho says this is unfair. She says don’t allow husband inside at night, meet him outside the house. She leaves. Lajjo looks at Rancho.

Barkha thanks Ravi for giving Nikhil the job. Nikhil comes and says he left the job. Barkha is shocked.

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