Jodha Akbar 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
maham is going to secret place and jiji’s words rings in her ears to be a mother. She says to soldier that some people got to know about this place, they have doubt and can come here but stay away from them and dont tell them whats happening here. She comes inside, she takes child from ground and says i waited for long, i have lost alot for you to speak but i cant wait now. She grabs child and says i lost everything and my only way to get back all is you, you have to open your mouth now otherwise i will kill you.

scene 2
one son of bharmal tells him that suja is meeting kings who are against bharmal and mughals. one brother says that jalal and jodha had fight because of suja, he first fought with us and then went to agra like a eunuch, bharmal says he has created problems. bharmal says suja and shivani brought shame to us. meena thinks why to think about that, bahrmal says my daughter ran away and didn’t talk to anyone. jodha says think from shivani’s perspective, she left her riches, she left jala’s brother and went with a common man, she had strong love, infront of love she didn’t think of money, family anything, bharmal says how can a person leave her family for love of common man, jodha says maybe you are right and maybe shivani is also right. jodha says maybe suja is also right, he says why he went to you like a eunuch, jodha says he came there to see me then he got to know about conspiracy against jalal, because of promise he gave to me he stayed there and misunderstanding created between me and jalal but suja didn’t had wrong intension. I know you have love for them in heart and you want good for them that’s why you are so hurt.

Scene 3
in agra, shivani and tej are being caught and brought to palace, moyi sees them and says jalal will not spare them as he is very angry he didn’t spare even jalal.
ruks comes to maham and says you are so cheap, she says you are dual face, you wear white dress to be so innocent but you plotted such cheap thing, why didn’t you tell me truth, maham says I didn’t tell you that he was suja but you alos want jodha to go away from me, ruks says I yes I wanted but not by this cheap to blame jodha that she is having affair with her brother this is so cheap, maham says it was in good of all, ruks says no you did it for your own selfish motives, I was jealous with jodha but why you did that with jodha?? maham says for jalal, that he doesn’t go away from me or you, ruks says jalal can never go away from me, he is mine always. maham says wow, you were with me till you wanted jodha to be thrown out but now when I am facing wrath of my plan then you are saying that I was alone, now I am game planner, I am sinner, I betrayed jalal and you didn’t do anything, you also wanted jodha to be away from jalal and you also plotted against her, you also played games only our way was different. maham says you can back out as it is saying that when ship sinks mouse run from it 1st but they don’t know that they are running towards water only, she says you are not accepting it but you also know that jalal has been snatched from you, he is close to jodha now, ruks looks at her, and leaves.

Scene 3
in court, all are waiting for jalal to punish shivani and tej, jiji says they are caught at wrong time as jalal is very angry these days and also he is very hurt, salima says I think jalal has started to understand love so he will understand them, jiji says when person is injured then he only thinks of revenge, salima says some injuries changes man. jalal comes there, atgah says they ran away and also shivani was committed to mirza, we caught tej and shivani get herself arrested too, one priest says they did sin so give the punishment, jalal ask tej to speak, tej says we ran away as we were in love before shivani was committed to mirza, we saved three lives, and if you think love as crime then give punishment, jalal says when you were in love then why did you both run away? tej says if we woulfd have told it to all then nobody will have accepted it as one side was your brother and other side was bharmal so our love woulnt have accepted, shivani says I am sorry and also I saved mirza as if I got married to him then he would been happy with me and also it is not right that I marry some other man and love some toher man so ran with tej, I just listened to my heart, ruks says to hamida that I am scared as jalal is very short tempered these days and also jodha is not here to save her sister. jalal says to atgah that you say they are criminals and they are saying they loved only, whats problem, atgah says you only ordered me to catch them, jalal says yes I said that because I was sad for my brother then he came to me and said that he would have more hurt if shivani married him, jalal says I felt that love is pure, whom we love we cant see them hurt, how can a pure feeling be called sin, mirza also loved so he is criminal too, jalal says my mother and every person loved someone so all are culprits, jalal says love doesn’t see any family, region, tradition or any religion, love only see one thing that is love itself and criminal is that person who come inbetween love. jalal says salute to your love that you both won from all, look at shivani, I know bharmal must have given her everything, every luxury but she left all for a common man, got his love so think how much love important so getting this pure thing is not sin, love is pure. he says I am setting them free, shivani sits in his feet and says you have very good heart, jalal says don’t sit in feet your sister will not like it, you understands love, jalal thinks wish I could have understood love before, so jodha would be here. jalal gives job to tej in his palace, shivani says may you get everything in your, may you get all happiness, jalal thinks my happiness is only jodha.

PRECAP- jalal says to salima that I spent my every time with jodha, she use to smiling even with all problems,,,
dadi says to jodha that you misses jalal a lot, if you are still angry with him? jodha is silent.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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