Gustakh Dil 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gunjan and Rishi teasing Lajjo. Ravi and Nani come. Lajjo hugs Nani. Nani gives her the gift and says I knew you will win. Iner asks ravi to have food, as its very good. Lajjo sees the diamond set and says its beautiful. Ravi says I know its happy family scene here, so I want a drink, can I use your bar Barkha. Barkha says go ahead. Lajjo asks can I help you Mama ji, will you have whiskey on the rocks. Ravi looks shocked at her. Lajjo smiles. Nikhil comes home and thinks why is the house decorated, was there any party. He calls Gunjan and gets no answer.

He likes the decorations and goes to his room. He sees someone and thinks its Lajjo and runs to see her. He sees his room beautifully decorated with candles and flowers. He thinks its so great. He says what happened to me, I know Lajjo will not come alone. He talsk to her pic and says you are coming in my dream to trouble me. He says he will come tomorrow to bring her home. He hugs her and lies on the bed. He is shocked seeing someone make sound of her bangles. He then sees Lajjo and smiles.

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She dresses like his Lajjo. He holds her hand to see she is really here. He kisses her hand and she closes her eyes smiling. He says but how can you be here. She says I won the competition, so won’t I come back my home. He smiles and hugs her. They say they love each other. He says we are together after so many days. He hugs her. Jabse tere nainon ne…………….plays………… as they romance. He goes ahead to kiss her and she moves being shy. Nikhil looks at her and goes to her.

She stays far and he gets closer. She lies down and he kisses her. Mann bawra……………plays…………. Its morning, Lajjo brings tea for Nikhil while he is sleeping. She wakes him up by her wet hair. He cathes her and takes her on the bed smiling. Lajjo says so you were acting like sleeping. He says yes I love this scolding. She says really, now get ready, the tea s ready, you have to go for work. They make tea for each other. Suddenly shots and he makes Lajjo bend. The tea cup falls. She asks what happened. He says did you hear the bullet sound.

She says some kid is playing with firecracker, why are you worried, tell me. He says nothing, sorry, your cup broke. She cleans it. They have tea. Nikhil smiles seeing her. She talks to him about his job and he does not tell her anything. He says he has a gift and asks her to forward her leg, as he makes her wear a beautiful anklet. She smiles. He says the time has come to give your single anklet the other one. He thinks if I tell you my job truth, you will hate me. Lajjo thinks what is Nikhil hiding.

He gets ready to leave for office and teases Lajjo to see off him. She gives him hanky, wallet. He thanks her. He asks for a kiss. She asks him to close his eyes, bend and smile. He does and she goes to kiss him. She ticks on his cheek and says I m not ashamed to do this. He says just one please. She pushes him out and waves bye. He says bye. Some guy takes Nikhil’s pic. Nikhil says don’t miss me much. Lajjo sees the guy and is shocked. Nikhil says I will come home soon and leaves. Lajjo sees the man and is puzzled.

Nikhil and Lajjo are shocked by the bullet sound and go to see who is it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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