Nadaan Parindey 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe seeing Iqbal trying to get closer to Meher. He holds her and Meher smiles. Meher is about to kiss him, but stops saying we are going wrong. Meher leaves. Iqbal tells Bebe this was a trailer, to show you I can do anything with Meher, whenever I want, you try to save Meher, but her fate has only ruining. He says you will lose Meher too with Sameer, so don’t try to come in my way, leave everything on Lord. Bebe thinks how can she see all this, she can’t reply Meher later, how will she face Sameer, whose help shall I take. Purab……………

She comes to Purab while he is angrily hitting the punching bag. She stops thinking about Iqbal’s warning. She still goes. Iqbal sees her going and worries. Bebe says she wants to talk to him. He thinks what, after knowing all this. He asks her to say. She says nothing. He asks her to be angry but talk to him. She asks is it true what you told about Sameer, why did you feel so. He says if you are asking me, it means you also doubt him, what do you know, did you see anything. He says you are his brother, why did you think this. He says you are his mum and knows him more than me, do you think I m wrong, tell me.

She hears Meher saying Sameer leave me, don’t do this. She says Meher and leaves. She sees Meher smiling and playing with Sameer. Bebe scolds Iqbal. Meher defends him and says we were having fun. Purab thinks there is something Bebe is hiding. I will try to get that thing out of her. Bebe prays to Lord. Iqbal comes and threatens her to not say anything to Purab. He says don’t do this, else I will not leave Meher. Meher comes and he starts asking.

Meher talks to Bebe about Sameer. Bebe asks Meher to keep wearing the string, as Sameer’s life is in danger. Meher asks what danger. Meher asks till when will she wear it. Bebe says till I get it out of your hand, come fast, I m going to Dhaba. Purab tries talking to her and asks about Sameer. Bebe says I have seen………….. and scolds Purab seeing Iqbal come. Purab sees Sameer. Bebe praises Sameer. Iqbal and Meher smile. Purab leaves. Iqbal says I have to get my uniform, I have to go in two days. He says you started again, you promised you will agree to what I say, so don’t argue.

Iqbal asks whats the reason. Meher says she is worried for him. Iqbal says fine Bebe, I won’t go to army, now cut this thread Meher, if I m at home, whats the risk to my life. Bebe stops him. Bebe leaves with Meher. Iqbal says so I will get uniform. Purab is thinking what happened to my fate, why did I not kill Sameer forever, what to do now. Minty stops Purab and she asks for lift. She flirts with him. Purab gets angry. Minty says I told my family I want a guy like Sameer, tell me if you know anyone. He holds her hand and she smiles. He asks her to leave. She asks why. He says leave. She gets down the jeep and says he is very moody.

Purab gets drunk and thinks of everyone’s insulting words. He sees Meher and thinks of her words that he just lusts for her, he does not love her. He stops Meher and asks her to sit in the care, he will drop her. She says you are drunk, go from here. He gets down the jeep and holds her hand. She slaps him and asks is this your love, this is your lust. He says you give me lecture about difference between love and lust, so I will show you difference today. He holds her and Meher gets tensed.

Meher runs and Purab gets her to molest her. Meher pleads him not to do this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. yaar purab,get some life yaa.aur yeh story is getting boring…plz..get back sameer in the story…why to make the story lengthy like ilastic….iska trp hai v ya fir its got DUMB..

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