Gustakh Dil 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 4th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nani asking Lajjo to go back to Somvarsa. She says anyways its only my suggestion, you decide. Barkha asks Nani to call the doctor as Nikhil’s fever go raised up. Lajjo gets worried. Nani taunts her and asks her to have food and green chilles. The doctor comes and checks Nikhil. Ishaana is still in Nikhil’s room. The doctor gives him the medicines and leaves. Lajjo stands at the door and sees all this. Everyone leave from Nikhil’s room. Lajjo stops Ishaana and asks how are you. Ishaana looks at her and calls the servant. She asks the servant to bring water. She goes back to the room and stops to answer Lajjo. Lajjo asks how is Nikhil. Ishaana leaves in anger and closes the door on Lajjo’s face.

Lajjo is upset and hurt. Chaya says I m going home. Lajjo talks to her and says you are also going home, now who will tell me about Nikhil’s health. Ishaana comes home and her mum asks her what were you doing at Nikhil’s house. Ishaana does not answer her mum. She starts packing her bag and tells her mum that she is going to Nikhil’s house. Ishaana’s mum scolds her and asks whats your relation with him, he is just your friend. Ishaana says I don’t know, but I can’t see him in pain. Her mum says you still love him, don’t fool yourself, don’t mistake love for friendship. Ishaana says he needs me, I should be with him now. Her mum stops her and says you won’t go to him now.

Lajjo sees Shaila sleeping and goes to Nikhil’s room. She sits by Nikhil’s side and sees his fever is getting down. The song plays…. She takes cares of him. Lajjo holds his hand and sleeps by his side. Nikhil wakes up in the morning and wakes her up. He asks her were you here whole night, what was the need. Shaila comes and says you…, Nikhil says don’t start again. Shaila leaves. Nikhil tells Lajjo you won’t be able to make my type of tea, I will make myself. She says I know and makes the tea. Nikhil laughs and says I want tea, not milk. She offers him tea and he thanks her. He asks her to have her tea too.

Ishaana comes there and says good morning Nikhil. She is shocked to see Lajjo with Nikhil. Nikhil introduces Lajjo to Ishaana. Lajjo says I know her, she is Ishaana. Lajjo gives her tea and leaves. Nikhil looks on. Ishaana comes to Nikhil and talks with him. She says I think you don’t need me anymore. Nikhil says Ishaana….. and she leaves. Inder comes to Nikhil and says you could have died in the accident, how did this happen. Nikhil thinks of the accident and tells him how it happened. Inder says whats wrong with you, what happened, why were you driving so rash.

He scolds Nikhil for rash driving. Nikhil says please, there is nothing like that. He says I m using phone. Inder says why did you use phone, don’t you know phone leads to accidents, with whom were you talking. Nikhil says I was trying to call Ishaana. Inder says you are not a kid anymore, you are an adult, grown up, you have created all this, you married Lajjo by your wish right? He says you can’t change this fact, so why Ishaana again. Nikhil looks on. Inder asks him to take rest and leaves. Nikhil throws his phone and says if Lajjo does not have any problem, then why do these people have some problem. He says Lajjo has no problem with this as I have told eveything to her about my life and my love Ishaana. Lajjo’s parents call at Nikhil’s house. Barkha and Lajvo go to pick the call.

Shaila catches Lajjo and asks her what were you doing. Shaila says were you doing black magic to Nikhil. Barkha and Nani comes there and she tells this to them.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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