Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th November 2013 Written Update

Pradhan (Vishnuji) feels the same pleasure he had for the first time in prepping up Martand (Shiva) as groom .
Mahalsa is being decked up by her mom and Badhayee..

The groom is brought to the mandap… the divine cloth is kept between the groom and the bride.
Mahlsa remembers her say as Parvati that Mahadev would himself come to bring her back.
All those memories flashes in her mind… how they met, how he hinted that they are destined to get married.There fight..

Her eyes talk taht he always honored her wishes n she swore that she’d come only when he asks her hand. She could never love him back as much as he does her.
His eyes reply, that love cannot be measured, love either happens or doesn’t.
There is no question of more or less to love, he loves her and she love him..that’s the only truth.

Then the divine cloth is removed at the correct muhurt for the groom n bride to see each other.
She puts on the garland on him and so does he.

Nandi already feels the coming of Shiv N Parvati..he prays to the Ling at the Kailash.
They hold each other’s hand and walk around the havan kund for pheras- they exchange their vows yet again.

“aap say he mera subhagy hai…
mere poorvjanmoke vivdh karmon say aap humare pati aur hum aapki patni hai”

“Main prem say tumhara paalan karunga Sukh evan dukh main sadev tumhara saath dunga.”

“Jo kuch bhe humain prepat hogaa.. hum usi main santusht rahenge.. balak say leke vrudh tak apne kutumb ka palan karengey”

“Saaj aur sajja main tumhare swatantrta rahegee”

“Main sadev tumhari nyaay sangat avshaktaunke poorti karungaa”

He puts the sindoor on to her forehead.. and puts the sacred black beads. Alll the rituals go on smoothly. At the end of the ritual both the groom and bride need to touch the others forehead with theirs.
Badhayee like the last time asks them to take each other’s name in a poetic way. *adorable scene..*

“Jab janme the tab say tha yeh muhj ko gyaat, har khsan har swash, jeevan ki kandra tab hue the hatash tab milgaya mujh ko.. Martand ka prakash. Ab lagta hai aise jab aap hai saath har pal Mahadev ka hai sheesh may haath! ”

“Baragyee ka raag ho tum, grihast ka ghar ho tum, prem aur laslsa ke path, Martand ki Mhalsa ho tum. Aarambh say poorv ho tum ghantavy pashtchayt ho tum.. jiska na ant na adi Shakti aise ho tum! ”

She blushes.

Back at Kailash Kartikeya and Nandi discuss something and Ganesh joins them.. they are confused as to what is be held- a Mahabhoj as Ganesh thought, Nandi feels that they should do soemthing by which the old memories are relived.. and Kartiekya thinks tey should have sparhs smriti… Menavati comes and clears their confusion by asking them to carry on with what they have though of doing.

Soon after the wedding the whole place is filled with colours and echos of jai hai kaar.
As the air clears out everyone is awe- amazed to see Shiva-Parvat. Vishnu-Laksmi and Ganag.
Mahalsa’s mother feels blessed to know that everyone she knew including her own daughter is an incarnation.

Yella koti utters the same Mahadev as Martand, Adi Shakti as Mahalsa, Vishnu- Lakshmi as Pradhan and his wife, Ganga mayya as Banahee. They feel divinity in their presence- its their fortune. The light is spread in the place of darkness ..He asks Mayee if he still is challenged. she replies that its they all who are challenged for not realizing in our selfish entanglements how god is not somewhere up, but he resides near to us in some form or the other.
She feels sad that they are gonna go away from there. Mahadev tells that he won’t as he has promised someone he’d never leave. (Its Mhalsa’s father)

Mahadev makes appear a ling form and tells that his power will be their in the place forever and the place will be called as ‘Khandoba Mahadev’

Voice over: In Maharashta – near a small place called Jayjori- the Kandhoba temple lies on a hill in the main temple is the pic of Khandoba and on Dussera there is a competition held to hold the khadank for a long period of time.
And according to one tradition, the newly weds visit the temple to be blessed with al their janmas to be each other’s spouse.

Parvati devi asks what has happened..Shiva says that she is gonna see what she always avoided to.
She wishes to spend some time with her family after so long.
Ganesh hides the truth of Mahabhoj he is gonna be holding on the occasion but Parvati ma gets to know abt it through Indr dev.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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