Dil Dosti Dance 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 4th November 2013 Written Update

The boys inform Aashi has agreed to be Sita.Rey is shocked and asks Aashi agreed.The boys say yes and tell Rey ram Aashi Sita. Rey pulls Swayam and asks him to be Ram.Swayam says but you are Ram.Rey says he feels uncomfortable with Aashi and him being paired up by boys.He adds that he thought Swayam was his bro.Swayam eventually agress.Rey walks back to the boys and says now they can decide on other characters Vicky as Ravan,Barath as Hanuman and Nilesh as Barath.Nilesh gets confused with barath when Swayam clears it saying its Barath from Ramayan. Rey says so Swayam will be Ram and I’ll be Lakshman. The boys get shocked and asks when was this decided. Rey says just now. Sharon says when was it decided as Aashi will be Sita. Simmi says this is what they received in message. Sharon thinks this is not good.Simmi says yes I know Jodi is not good.Sharon moves away and thinks now Swayam is playing Ram. I’ll only become Swayam’s wife. Sharon is in her home deciding which dress to where. She takes up another chudidar and says this will become predictable. I need to change and a different change.

A new day and the gang is rehearsing ramleela.Swayam says the lines and Aashi is to say Sita’s lines.She uses a lot of types when the boys says when she uses so much of “types” people will throw eggs and tomatoes but also onions. Sharon walks in saying the lines correctly. The gang is shocked hearing it from Sharon.Simmi claps and says she was fab. The gang praises her for her proper hindi with nice accent.Sharon tells when one needs clarity in life they must be clear with language. Rey asks her to see the rehearsals now. Sharon makes a face and goes and sits beside Simmi.Aashi and Swayam start the rehearsals when Aashi again uses types. Sharon says Aashi need to plead to her.Rey tells what a good friend you are you are ready to help Aashi with the script. Sharon is shocked seeing Rey take it differently and walks to Aashi and says Aashi I know I’m perfect for Sita no problem I shall take the role up.I know you want me to take the role. Barath asks when did Aashi says so. The boys join in saying they did not here. Aashi says even she did not say so. Sharon says Aashi wanted to tell.Rey asks Sharon she was the one who denied Sita’s role. Sharon says yes but she thought because of her so many things happened and hence she decided. The boys says that they convinced Aashi with difficulty and they won’t let their efforts go in drain. Aashi says even she is trying to do it. Barath says she changes her decisions within seconds. Rinni says but even Aashi avoided it earlier. Sharon then brings in the types issue.The fight over who will be.The boys says it will be Aashi when Sharon says no it will be her. The fight takes place when boys asks Swayam to decide.Both Aashi and Sharon turn to Swayam and points at them. Rey says since he is casting he changes as Amar will be Ra and Rinni will be Sita.The boys now say they want change in roles and chaos starts. The VP comes in and sees this and says they can only do dance and not acting and hence he is appointing a director and he will come and do casting. Till then they can continue with their dance rehearsals. The boys are thinking who will be the new director and hope it is a girl. The girls think it must be a guy. The boys are discussing in rehearsal hall that it must a girl so they can fix him up with Rey. Rey says he is not interested in girls when boys asks they doubt him now. Rey winks and Swayam and says he is going to tell when boys run hearing he is interested in guys. They tell they will inform his mom and dad too.The team reaches rehaesal hall when they practise.Rey says now he is going to teach lifts and asks them to take position.Gang takes normal position when Rey asks them its lift and they need partners.Sharon sees Swayam when Swayam asks Rey.Rey agrees when Amar makes comment that being a guy he is loving guy. Swayam and Rey take a position when Sharon keeps seeing Swayam and Swayam sees her too.

Precap: Rey and Swayam calls boys asking them to bring meds for muscle pull.Swayam in BB court and Rey is med room.Sharon take s it and by mistakes goes to Rey while Aashi goes to Swayam.The new director comes and thinks Swayam and Aashi ; Rey and Sharon to make them as Ram-Sita.

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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