Gustakh Dil 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo telling jasmine that Nikhil will never be hers, she can play with his feelings, but at the end, he will come to his Lajjo, he won’t go anywhere, you can try and see. Jasmine gets angry. Lajjo says all the best. Jasmine holds her hand and says Nikhil will love me, this is my promise to you. Lajjo gets her hand off and says I know you will try to manipulate him, I will keep my eyes on you, I will expose you when right time comes. She leaves. Barkha is looking for a book and asks Rina who has rearranged the books. Rina says Saraswati did this. Barkha says she did? What was she doing in my room? Rina says she was cleaning the room. Saraswati hears them.

Barkha says you are new, should I tell you this, Saraswati is our guest, she does not need to clean the house, should I tell you, how can you make her clean the house. She turns and sees Saraswati hearing them. Lajjo comes home. Saraswati says she made a dish for Barkha and went to gave her, don’t know she will eat it or not. Lajjo tastes it and says its very good. Saraswati sees the tight hold mark on her hand, as Jasmine held her. She asks how did she get hurt. Lajjo thinks of Jasmine. She lies to her and asks about the dish. Saraswati says tell me the truth. She says come with me.

Ayesha asks Adhiraj to say where to fix new tv. Adhiraj looks on. He asks did she get it from her mum, as her mum has seen it. He says maybe they will send new things every day, today TV came, the oven and AC. Ayesha says why are you overreacting, can’t mu family give me any gift. They have an argument. Saraswati applies lep to Lajjo’s hand and asks her to have haldi milk. Lajjo says am I a kid. She says you will always be a kid for me even if you get old. Lajjo says I m feeling good that you are here. She cries and says my wound gets healed by your hand. She hugs her.

Jasmine thinks about Lajjo’s words. She hurts herself in her anger and writes Nikhil’s name on the floor. She says she challenged me that Nikhil will never love me. She says I will win him, wait and watch, I will prove you wrong. She says he will hate you and forget you. Barkha comes to Saraswati and says tell me if you need anything, and don’t do cleaning, we have servants, they will do the work if you tell them. Saraswati says she does not have habit to stay idle. Barkha says we will feel it odd, sorry I cmae like this. She leaves.

Nikhil and Rishi are happy that Lakhi learnt games so soon. Nikhil says he has work and leaves. Lajjo thinks about Jasmine, Nikhil comes and says Lakhi is very intelligent, she can learn computers soon. She says yes, I know, I wanted to make her study. She says but things between us….She says it came to us suddenly that we are living like strangers, under same roof. Nikhil gets upset. She asks can’t we forget everything and move on, I tried to explain you many times, what we see is not always true, I don’t wany any wrong relation with Sagar, how should I prove it, you also can’t prove it that I cheated you, why are we hurting each other.

She says you got hurt by me, I know, forgive me. She says she is missing him a lot, she can’t bear to be away from him. She sits near him and holds his hand, asking him to become his old Nikhil. He looks at her. He says if I did this, would you forgive me. She says I know, its hard for you to trust me. She tells a story and reminds him of their marriage, she was going across the river to go to city, he thought she is committing suicide and jumped to save her. She says you got me home, after spending night at the river, no one believed us, people felt what they have seen, no one trusted us that time, its misunderstanding. She says this situation was also same, you saw the wrong thing and did not believe me. He says fine, I trust you now and I have forgiven you, but I have a condition, that you won’t keep any relation with Sagar and not meet him. Lajjo is shocked.

Jasmine calls Nikhil and asks for help. Nikhil leaves and meets her. She smiles and is shocked seeing someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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