Jamai Raja 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Simran telling Roshni that Sid cannot do wrong and to listen to him once. DD says in our society, filthy worms like Sid are allowed to grow because of their parents. She says Roshni that she did not believe her at all and now she is seeing the result of her own decision. She says we cannot clean drain water with mineral water, it will spoil even mineral water. She says Sid and Pratima must be having illegal affair since a long time. Pratima says she is mistaken. DD asks her to stop interfering in her family matters as she is not worth that much. Sid says she does not know her worth and says he respects her, so he is keeping quiet. DD says if he is worried about her, then he should take his keep and leave from Roshni’s life. Roshni gets irked hearing that and says if she cannot choose a husband for her daughter, she does not have right to separate him. She says he is my husband and only she has right to question him, she completes believes him. DD says even after seeing all this, you want to believe him and asks why don’t you ask Sid. Roshni says Sid is related to that girl, but not the way you think. DD asks her to explain then.

Roshni says Sid she knows the truth, but he did not trust his wife and told her truth himself. She asks him now to tell truth to everyone. She says Simran that Sid has not done anything wrong, but he did not believe his wife at all and did not involve her in his wife. Pratima tries to interfere, but Roshni stops her and says she wants answer from Sid. DD asks Sid to tell what he has cooked up. Bablu shouts and says Pratima is not a keep and he will tell her reality. He goes and stands next to Pratima and says Pratima is his wife. Everyone are shocked to hear that. DD asks if he has gone mad to tell this to save this girl. Bablu says he was mad till now and will not tolerate anyone calling his wife as keep and insulting her. He says DD that Pratima is my wife and your devrani, he did not have courage to tell this and even stopped Sid from telling truth even from Roshni. He says he tought Roshni loves him a lot and will not understand his problem, so he asked Sid to hide the truth. He goes into flashback where he agrees in front of Sid that he is married to Pratima already since 2 years. Sid is surprised to hear 2 years and says he cannot live without Roshni even for a moment, then how can he live without her. Bablu says even he cannot live without Pratima, but he is afraid that DD will not accept her.

Bablu comes out of flashback and says since that day, Sid is protecting Pratima and his relationship by telling lie and getting his own relationship with Roshni in trouble. Pratima says Roshni that Sid helped her a lot and reminisces Sid’s promise to get her right back from DD and welcomes her to the family. Pratima says he is Roshni’s husband next but her brother first. Sid says that is the reason god did not give me a sister as you are suppose to come as my sister. She comes out of flashback and says Sid is keeping this secret to safeguard me and Bablu and says even an a real brother will not go to this extent which Sid has gone. Bablu says DD that he troubled her and apologizes her. He says DD that Pratima is her devrani. DD angrily says devrani, my foot and walks out from there. Bablu also runs behind her and requests her to forgive him, but her car moves and Bablu falls down. Naani and other family members pick him up. He says he could not convince DD. Mona says let us go home and convince DD. Nani says we got a pretty bahu and nobody can be angry on her. She takes them with her. Sid tries to stop Roshni, but she walks out without listening to him. Sid asks his dad to explain Roshni. Dad says it is his mistake that he did not tell his wife about his secret and asks him to console her now.

Precap: Bablu apologizes DD again and asks her to forgive him. DD asks him to get out of his house with his wife.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. writers this soap is all going wrong sid and roshini should be concentrating on their marriage and building a life together but instead it is a lot of confusion going on with pratima and sid and he buying expensive ring for her. you writers always stray from the point a lot in these soaps. it is always a hiding from one another and what nonsense is going on so long sid is trying to bring roshini and her mother back together and this cannot happen as yet so how on earth can roshini and sid have a normal life. since they got married I have not seen them settle down and really make love with each other what a boring soap I give it one star boooooo rating take this soap off quickly.

  2. I cant feel sorry for you Sid right now because you dug your own hole! You already have your own big lie that you keeping secret from your wife….but now you keeping secrets for other people too?!?!? smh

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