Udaan 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Tejaswini curing for Suraj’s hand. Bhaiya ji gets angry and talks to Prabhakaar. He scolds him for Ishwar’s doings to send crackers to the villagers. Ishwar takes the phone and threatens Bhaiya ji. He says Chakor has done this today and very soon the whole world will see the light and sound, its not cracker, it a sign of new morning, that your dark evil world will end by these diyas, happy Diwali. Bhaiya ji gets angry and throws the phone. Suraj says no one is afraid of me, they did not give me crackers. Bhaiya ji scolds him and asks him to go to his room. Tejaswini asks him to go, as its his mistake, what was the need to go to village and get burnt, he should have burnt them and come. Suraj leaves.

Tejaswini tells Bhaiya ji not to tell this to Suraj, he may give him reply which he can’t bear. Bhaiya ji says I can’t bear you find me wrong. She says your anger is wrong, and you are unable to do anything, and even Suraj is following you. He says no. She says you are unable to think in anger and so Ishwar is troubling you. He says what to do, I have govt here, not there, and Ishwar is serving our rival govt, if I do anything against him, I can get into problem, even then I m trying. She says don’t talk about trying, I have always solved the problems. She says don’t worry, lets have food now.

Its morning, Chakor wakes up Aditya by pulling the blanket. Aditya says why do you wake up. Chakor says I used to wake up Imli by tickling her ear by the feather. He says good story, don’t try this on me. He says say good morning and wake me up. She asks the meaning. He says the meaning. He says let ms sleep now. She says no, get up, we have to go in sports day, I m coming with you. He says I know, you have to meet Vivaan. She says yes, I have to see how fast you can run. Aditya says I can run. She asks hiw, with such a big stomach. He looks at his stomach and says you called me fat. She says no and runs. He runs after her.

Abha and Ishwar have tea. Abha says the way you spoke to Bhaiya ji, did you say much. Ishwar says he is calling here and threatening dad, can I see him insulting dad. Abha says no. He says its Bhaiya ji who is scaring him, how can you be afraid being educated. They see Adita running after Chakor. He asks she is calling me fat. They smile. Ishwar says stop, you will be tired, she runs fast. Aditya says its good she does not study in my school, else she would have run. Chakor says no, sometimes Imli made me lose and thinks about her. She thinks how she used to stop near the tree and make Imli win the race.

Abha says Chakor, lets sit. Chakor asks Ishwar did he send her prize to her parents. He says yes, your parents will come here in few days. Chakor says thanks, I will get ready, as I m coming to Aditya’s school for sports day, school gate will be closed if we go late. Ishwar says no door will close for our Chakor ever. Chakor smiles. The people gossip in the village. They are scared that anything can happen, as Tejaswini won’t leave them, don’t know why she is coming today. Tejaswini comes to them. Everyone bow down and greet her. Tejasini sees the diya on the ground. She scolds them.

Lakhan comes there and asks everyone to listen to Tejaswini. Tejaswini says villagers should to know about Diwali seeing diya at haveli, but now things have changed, Diwali is celebrated here in village, and no one thought that Diwali cracker can burn them too. She reminds them how their houses work and at whose land they are standing, and their kids are getting food because of her. She says your stamps are with us, and we can write anything on it. She says you all should not forget your place, you are our Bandhua, and will always be. She greets everyone and leaves.

Bhuvan’s mum says I told you she is devil, not a woman. Saroj tells Kasturi to tell Chakor not to do such favor again. All villagers go. Kasturi says how are they, they burnt crackers yesterday and blaming Chakor now. Bhuvan asks her to understand and come to senses, lets stop the post man, if Ishwar sends money, we will die. His mum says he is right, go and stop the money order. Kasturi cries. Bhuvan asks postman to stop Ishwar from sending money. The post man says he can’t stop him, but can hide the money and give him. He says you are my old friend, so I can just do this.

Bhuvan says Lakhan will know about it, Bhaiya ji will not leave me. Bhuvan gets worried. The postman says he is risking his life and job for him. Kasturi thinks of Lakhan and asks him where does Lakhan send money. He says if you tell anyone, I will get into danger. She says she won’t tell anyone. He says he sends to his mistress, not his wife’s Maayka. She thanks him. She says I got the way to reach my Chakor and smiles.

Chakor comes to Aditya’s school. Aditya asks is she finding Vivaan. Ranjana comes there with Vivaan and sees someone.

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