Gustakh Dil 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 24th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo thinking about her mum’s words. Gunjan asks Samrat whats going on in his mind. He says I m thinking to visit my village for few days and have a stay there. She asks why. He says the benefits of staying in the village. She says fine, but force me to come with you, what will I do there. He says your grandpa and Bua are there. Gunjan says I don’t know them, how will I interact with them. Samrat says they did not come here for a reason, now we should patch up, Baba has become old, till when will he be annoyed, I hope he forgives me.

He asks Lajjo about Baba. Lajjo asks him to visit Baba and says Baba will forgive you easily, he is soft hearted. She thinks about Nani’s words about Nikhil. Gunjan says Lajjo is very serious, it looks like Nikhil scolded her a lot. Nikhil is angry in his room. He thinks about Ishaana’s words and imagines her with him. She looks gorgeous. He tells her that I will marry you as you wish, but my condition is you will wear saree in marriage as you look best in saree. She hugs her and they have a talk. He cries thinking its just his dream.

Lajjo sees Nikhil’s hand hurt and gets worried about him. Its night, Ayesha comes to meet Nikhil and asks what happened, why are you upset. She says OMG, what happened, how did you get hurt. He says nothing, I was boxing. She says how can you be so careless, I will apply the ointment. He tells her that Ishaana is marrying Kunal. Ayesha is shocked. Ayesha pacifies her and says don’t you think this is unfair with Ishaana, how can you expect she will wait for you her whole life.

He says don’t blame me, I love her, no one sees that, no one sees my care and worry about her. She says we see that but to those people who are linked to you. She explains him Ishaana’s stand and says you did not listen to anyone, see whats happening with you, you are becoming selfish. Can you promise her that you will marry her. Nikhil is silent.

Everyone are having dinner. Barkha have a headache and Lajjo makes a kada for her. Everyone smile. Barkha says I will try it. Barkha drinks the kada. Inder asks where is Nikhil. Ayesha says he is in his room. Inder asks why. Ayesha says he is upset. Inder asks what happened. Ayesha says I talked to Nikhil, but hs is not talking to anyone else. Gunjan says I will go and call him. Barkha says he is not a kid, let him be on his own.

Lajjo comes to call Nikhil for dinner. Nikhil gets angry on her and says you took away my life, my love, my everything, my Ishaana from me, I hate you, it was my mistake to meet and marry you. Lajjo is shocked. He says you have ruined my life, my career, my family. Lajjo cries.

Lajjo leaves Nikhil and goes from the house.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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