Madhubala 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 24th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

KRK says … RKs life is in danger..! Madhu is shocked.. n furious..!

Madhu says.. i can save him .. u dare not threaten me..!

KRK asks her to believe him ..! He asks for 5 mins. .to prove the truth…! Madhu says.. shut up n sit quiet..!

She asks who is ur boss and he says.. Bhujang..! She him n lemme know ur plans ..!

KRK asks to keep gun far.. n she says…give a call ..

Right then Bhujang answers the phone..!

KRK asks Bhujang why RK has to be killed? He says yes.. else he will not spare us..! He tells KRK to do as told..!

Madhu is shocked n keeps gun down..! He asks KRK to reach the spot at 9 .. n then 11 RK will reach the spot n be killed..

Bhujang says.. no mistake this time..! KRK says. .got it..!

KRK tells Madhu he is not bad.. just time is bad..! He says. .my face is same as RKs n ur enemy took advantage..!

KRK says.. in my life. .never killed anyone ..

He says only i can save RK .. know u cant trust me. .but gimme the file.. so can save RK ..! Madhu says.. RK is in jail coz of u.. how to trust u?

Madhu asks who is giving them all details from the house? KRK says Kuku ..!

Kuku ask Bhujang the plan n he says.. will make RK run from jail .. n then burn him alive..! RK wonders why he is being asked to run from jail ?? Madhu is shocked.. hearing it all ..

RK is a bit suspicious about it all … n constable says.. Madhu must hv done this..! RK is not so sure..!

Madhu swears to end the game..

Next day morning.. all pray .. KRK tells Pabho to treat Madhu well .. Sikky to work sincerely … n Dips fumes! KRK says.. u r eyeing the sun .. but that sun is only Madhus …! KRK takes Radhas blessing..

Bittu comes ..

KRK swears to Madhu to fix it all ..! He tells Bittu-Madhu to reach on time. .n leaves…

Part 2

KRK is busy gorging on all desi food..! Bhujang-Kuku stare at him n he says.. doing what i want.. lemme eat

RKs lock up is opened ..n handcuffs too..!

Kuku asks Bhujang to kick KRK out..

Part 3

KRK locks up Bhujang n Kuku sprays fume to make them unconscious

He comes .. in .takes the file from Bhujang n leaves

Madhu-Bittu wonder …where KRK is ?

RK is released from prison and dropped off at meeting point!

Precap –RK is running and Bhujang n his men are chasing him ..! He trips on rock.. n Bhujang points gun at him..!


Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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