The Buddy Project 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 24th January 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 24th January 2014 Written Update

The trio are infront of Harsh’s car.Harsh and Kiya get out of it.KD shouts at Kiya for going out with Harsh alone on a road trip.Kiya tells him that she came with harsh so that she can avoid him but he is always after her.RV tells they can go together.Harsh denies and RV tells they lost their car in which Panchi was there.Harsh denies to give them a lift but Kiya requests him to.Finally Harsh agrees but he does not want KD to come along.Kiya requests him to allow for Panchi’s sake and Harsh agrees.

RV,KD and Piddi gets into Harsh’s car.Suddenly Harsh stops the car to attend Nature’s call.KD asks Piddi to go along with him.RV’s phone rings and gets the call from kidnappers.They ask him where they are and RV tells they are on their way.They cut the call abruptly

when Harsh comes to them.They all get scared but Harsh tells them that they need standing ovation for managing Piddi all these years.

RV goes into thinking about his moments with Panchi.(Jaane Kyun,Malang dance,Gulabi dream sequence,camp moments,puppet show etc) Saiyaara playing in the BG.Piddi distracts him by calling Nonu and he calls him as Panchi.

The guys who stole RV’s car hand overs the car to some girl dressed as bride.

On the way, Buddies notice Police on the way.Everyone goes to Police except Kiya & Harsh.Kiya thanks Harsh for helping them even though he does not like KD.Harsh tells she is doing all this only for her.KD,Piddi & RV try to explain the situation to the Policeman.Harsh tells to Kiya that she was right that he wanted to prove himself as best and he was not supposed to race with those people.Policeman tells the buddies that he understood everything and asks them why he left the girl alone in the car.He tells that he wants to help them but can’t as there is some important girl’s marriage is going on and all the police force are busy with it.RV gives his number to the policeman so that he can inform them if he gets any clue.As they come back to Kiya & Harsh, RV tells that he don’t think that the Policeman will help them.Harsh comments how he can think that policeman are made only for the security of his girlfriend.
RV asks them to calm down and they have more things to worry about.KD tells they need to ask everyone about Panchi.Piddi murmurs about call and RanSh says that they have not tried Panchi’s phone till now.RV calls her and she wakes up from her sleep.She attends the call but before she could talk, the bride gal hits panchi’s head with coconut tree branch and panchi faints.The bride gals cuts RV’s call and throw the phone.When RV tries again it comes switched off.

Buddies notice a guy sleeping on the back of their car.Harsh wakes him up.The guy is Harihanth Desai and he tells that he can buy the car from here and he wont keep a guy like harsh as his driver.He points the gun at Harsh and his goons .Harsh and the guy gets into a verbal fight.That guy asks Harsh to dance or else he will shoot.KD gets a call from Kidnapper and looks tensed.

The buddies catch the people who stole the car.RV asks the guy where is the car and KD threatens him to tell or he will go to police.The guy aks him not to tell police because someone(did not heard clearly) will beat him to death.

Update Credit to: Roshini1494

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