Gustakh Dil 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo asking Sagar to make her a star. Sagar is shocked to see her agree. She says I m ready, you took a challenge, I m with you in this. She says you can make anyone the star so show me, make me a star. She says only then I will see you, I will work hard and honestly, I will do what you teach, really. She says I m Sonbarsa’s Lajjo, take me to stardom. Sagar says why, you insulted me infront of Kabir, now why did you change your decision. She says I want you to bring me infront of the world, but I have a condition. He says ofcourse, conditions apply. He asks her how did she change her mind. She stops him from drinking wine.

She says think high, money is not everything. She says my condition is hard. He says really. She says you have to stop drinking. Nikhil sells the diamonds. A colleague asks him to give 100 rs change. Nikhil helps him and sees Lajjo’s pic in his wallet. Mamta gets a call from her boss and says yes, I will inform Nikhil. She sees Lajjo’s pic and asks who is she. He says my wife. She says it looks you love her a lot. He says yes, I m working here for her. She says boss wants to meet you today, don’t know why he wants to meet you. Nikhil says I hope everything is ok, did I do any mistake.

She says don’t know. Sagar says I live on my conditions. He asks why did you change, tell me the reason. He says let me guess, greed for stardom. He laughs. She says no, you are misunderstanding me, you can’t understand the reason and ……… She gives him the letter. He is shocked. He says so this is the reason, you read it. He says now you know I m not a murderer, you pity me right. He says I m a big fool, I loved Arohi a lot, married her, she cheated me, with my business partner and best friend Kabir she kept illegal relation, when Kabir left her, she did suicide, what a fool I m. He laughs.

Lajjo is shocked and says no, I did not know this, I did not read the letter, I don’t know what was written in it. Sagar looks at her. The boss gets Nikhil’s family background file. Nikhil comes to meet him. The boss says I like your good job. He says my manager noticed that you talk very well. He says you will go if you get any better offer. Nikhil says no, I m happy with this job. The man asks him does he think to promote. Nikhil says I did not think about future. The man says if I give you a better offer, will you accept it. Nikhil says yes and gets happy. He says I can’t promise anything, I will get back to you. Nikhil leaves.

Sagar asks Lajjo why did she agree. Lajjo says I took this letter that day as I did not wish Mili to get this letter, I don’t want your past to fall on her. She says I m worried for Mili, so I agreed for this. She says I understood seeing this letter that its your wife’s, I know when your loved one goes away. She says you broke after your wife’s death, I m seeing how you are living in pain, how can such a man kill anyone. You are living with a rude face but can’t hide the pain, you are a good human being and you have a right to be happy, what’s Mili’s mistake. She starts leaving. Sagar says stop.
He says I have been always with selfish people, I did not think I will meet a true person who thinks about others, thanks. She says don’t thank me, I m not great, I have a wish in this, its my need, I did not do any favor on you, so I m helping you. She leaves. Sagar smiles. Barkha talks to Nani. Inder comes and hears them. He says we are going Singapore tomorrow. Barkha is shocked and says I won’t go anywhere. He says we are leaving and that’s final.

He asks Nani to ask the maids to do her packing. He leaves. Nani asks Barkha to relax ass doctor said. Nikhil meets his friend. Bheja jokes. He gets Cobra’s call. Rancho says give me the phone and she scolds him. Rancho gets Lajjo’s call and Shreya sees it. She sees Nikhil and gets tensed. She takes the phone before Nikhil takes. Lajjo gives the good news that she went to Sagar and did as she said. Shreya says we will come after coming there. Lajjo hears Nikhil is there.

Lajjo says talk to him, I want to hear his voice. Shreya talks to Nikhil. Lajjo hears his voice and gets happy. She ends the call. Lajjo thinks about Sagar and says what did I do. I said yes to Sagar, but can I do what Ratri does. She lights a diya and thinks about Nikhil’s words. Sagar trains some girls and Lajjo comes there to learn dance. The girls laugh seeing her dressing. She says she is Lajwanti. They laugh on her name. She says everyone call me Lajjo. Sagar says you will join my dance academy today, go and change. Lajjo looks at her saree. Lajjo looks at the girl’s modern dress.

The girls make Lajjo clean the whole mess and laugh.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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