Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman asking Ishita will she match his steps. He forwards his hand to her. She holds his hand and he takes her to the dance floor. Shagun feels insulted. Raman asks Shagun to move out, as he wants to dance with his wife. He says you are hurt so you can sit there at the corner. Everyone clap fro Raman and Ishita. Ishita looks upset. Shagun comes to Simmi. Simmi says you lost Shagun, you can never win over my brother, loser. Shagun gets angry. Yahin Dube din mere……………. Plays……………….. Raman and Ishita start the dance.

Teri galliyaan……….. mujhko bhaave……………. Plays…………….. Ishita stops and Raman comes to her wiping her tears. He lifts her and they dance well. Ishita’s dance shows anger first, and then pain. Raman’s dance shows like he wants to free her every pain. Everyone clap as they end the dance. Ashok brings Shagun out. Shagun says please don’t say a word. He says am I saying, so just shut up. He calls the driver and asks him to bring the car. Raman comes to them.

Raman says Shagun, you were talking about relations inside, its better if you don’t talk, as you don’t know relations, he says about me and Ishita, as relations are not made by touch, its made by love, trust and friendship, you won’t understand as I did not get this from you, I go this from Ishita. He asks Ashok to manage Shagun. He says she is your boyfriend and finds herself in me. He says you both are desperate. Ashok says Shagun lets go. They leave. Raman says admit her in good dance class when she gets well.

Ishita comes to him and smiles. She says you came here without telling anything, I thought you…….. He says what, that I ran away with Shagun. She says you danced well. He says I know, if anyone gave you compliment, don’t get happy, else you will come out of this clothes. He taunts her dressing and says I learnt salsa for only four days and I m ahead of you. He leaves. She says this rude Ravan Kumar will never change. She smiles. Simmi sees them happy and makes a bitchy face.

Parmeet comes to meet her and sees her crying. She hugs him. He says no one will come, everyone are busy, I came to see you. He says if I was here, we would have danced. He says I missed you. She says I missed you too. He says I knew you will this dress which I gave you last month. They talk about their old time. He clicks a pic with her and says I m not with you here, but I m with you always, go inside now. She says you go. He says you go first, I want to see you. She says even I want to see you. He sends her in. He says my work is over. He says her tears will bring a flood in Ishita’s life.

Mihika takes Ruhi inside to make her sleep. Appa is annoyed with Amma. Amma says what happened to him. She comes to talk to him. She says I kept your night clothes. He says I can do my work. She asks why are you behaving like I did wrong. He says if I m bad, find some other man, you like to flirt with other man. She says Ayyo, other man, flirt? Who told you this. She says I will not leave that person. The Bhallas come home.

Raman asks Romi where is Ruhi. Romi says at Ishita’s house. Everyone go to sleep. Ishita comes home and tells Raman that these contractors came to take money. Raman sits to see. She asks where were orchids, there were small candle stands. Raman sees the men looking at her back. Raman gets angry and makes her hair cover her back. He opens her hair and scolds the man. He says take the money tomorrow, go. He shuts the door. He gives her the pin and she leaves. They come in the room. She asks what happened to you that time, I was scolding the workers and you were joking.

He says you think I like opening your long hair, look at your clothes. He turns her and shows her back in the mirror. She is shocked and he says yes, the workers were seeing the picture at your back. She says I m sorry, I did not know this. He says when did you know ever. She smiles and says he is improved version, its good. Yeh hai Mohabbatein………………plays…………….. Its morning, flowers come for Mrs. Bhalla and Romi receives it. Ruhi says wow flowers. Romi says to my beloved Santosh. Romi asks who is Santosh, it looks it came on wrong house.

Mr. Bhalla says don’t you know your mum’s name, Toshi is her pet name. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened. Mr. Bhalla says see these beautiful flowers came for you. Romi asks great, do you have any lover. She scolds him. He says there is a love letter. She says show me. Mr. Bhalla reads the love letter and gets angry. Romi laughs and says great. Mrs. Bhalla says stop it, I will beat you. Mr. Bhalla asks her whats all this.

She says I don’t know, its not mine. Mr. Bhalla says so there are many Santosh Bhallas in this society, now flowers are coming for you. She says how can I control this. They argue. He gets annoyed and leaves. Romi says chill, he is possessive. Amma sees them and smiles saying she was creating problems between me and my husband, I will teach her a lesson. Mihika argues with Ishita and family. Amma says Mihir is getting affected. Mihika says if I get engaged to Vibhu, save me. He says save me, I love Malini, I can’t get engaged. Mihika gets angry on Vibhu.

Amma asks Mihika to calm down. She says I have a good plan. She tells how she has sent flowers to Mrs. Bhalla and her husband has scolded her. Vandu says don’t bring that matter now, think about Mihika. Amma gives coffee to Vibhu. Ruhi and Shravan hear everything. Ruhi talks to Shravan and asks why is Mihika worried. Shravan says Mihika is upset because of Mihir. He says she is doing fake engagement with Vibhu to make Mihir jealous, so its your mistake, Mihir has made her cry. Ruhi says you are lying, Mihir did not do anything.

Shravan says girls are mean. He says I m going to make Mihika smile. Mrs. Bhalla gets tensed as she got scolded by Mr. Bhalla for the first time after their marriage. Ruhi comes to her and tells her about Mihika’s fake engagement. Mrs. Bhalla is shocked. She tells everything to Raman. She says Vibhu loves someone else and is acting. She says and that flowers were sent by Amma. Raman says oh, don’t worry, I will show them the Punjabis effect.

Shagun cries and speaks to Adi against Raman. She says Ramna insulted me infront of everyone. Adi gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Helal (Bangladesh)

    Teri galiyan… galliyan teri, galliyan..
    Mujhko bhaavein galiyan, teri galliyan
    Teri galiyan…galiyaan teri, galliyan..
    Yuhin tadpavein, galliyan teri,

  2. nice episode

  3. a tight slap to shagun was remaining… romantic dance so cute…..

  4. Hey amena you r doing great yaar
    I like to read your updates even after I saw the whole episode

  5. Shagun ko to raman ne bina thappar maare hi thappad maar diya …………wow I like the way raman care for ishu…………khadus rawan kumar bhalla

  6. Are koi iss parmeet ke bacche ko show se bahar nikalo……please….

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