Ek Ghar Banaunga 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Poonam telling everyone that she will get govt services from tomorrow. Everyone smiles. She says I will get a personal bodyguard for my safety. Mangla says I will do grah pravesh with my bahu and son, I m very happy. Its night, Poonam thanks Akash. She says whatever happened today is because of you. He smiles and says I m always with you, the whole Sitapur public is with you, as they got a good politician after 10 years. She says yes, I have to work hard and I will do my duty well. He says I know you, you are determined and will serve them best.

He says what do we have to do about govt services. She says I don’t want to go Lucknow. He asks why. She says I want to stay here and work for people being in between them, knowing their problem, I don’t need govt services, but strength and hope. He smiles and says sometimes I think shall I be proud of myself or my fate, that I got you as my life partner. He holds her hand and music plays……………. They have an eyelock and smile.

Mangla comes to them. She brings a gift for her. Poonam accepts it happily and sees it. It’s a beautiful saree. Mangla says its shagun from me, I want you to wear this and go office tomorrow. Poonam touches her feet. Akash asks her to bless him too. Mangla smiles and says my blessings are always with you. She leaves. Akash and Poonam get happy. Its morning, everyone are in hall praising Poonam. Kanno says its first day of office for Poonam. Mangla asks where is Poonam. Akash says Poonam is coming. Poonam wears the saree which Mangla gave and looks great. Everyone clap for her and smile.

Poonam greets the elders. Everyone bless her. Mangla says Lord will protect you always, be happy and work well. Kanno asks her to have curd and sugar. Dadi says go and work from heart. Kanno says don’t worry about home, I will manage with mum. She says soon we will go in govt house. Poonam says no, I refused to take govt house. Everyone is shocked. Poonam tells them that she wants to stay in Sitapur and it will be good for people. If I stay in Lucknow, how would I go whats going on here. Akash says Poonam is right and I m with her. Shashikant likes the idea.

Akash says I will drop Poonam to her office and come to shop. Poonam leaves with Akash. Akash shows Poonam a politicians car. She is surprised. He says I got a call and they said they are sending the car. She smiles and asks I don’t need this car, if I become special, how will I know about people’s problems, I want them to feel that I m one from them. She asks the driver to go back as she does not want to take this service. Akash smiles.

He holds her and says great, your every decision makes me more proud. She smiles. He says lets go now in my car. She says no, I will go by rickshaw today. He says what. She says please. He says fine, as you say, come. Everyone wait for Poonam at her office. Poonam comes to them. The public gets angry as the guard stops them. The people tell about their problems. Poonam comes to talk to them. The woman says we want justice. They ask her till when will you solve our problems. Poonam asks them to calm down and she will fulfill her promise.

She says come inside and talk to me. Poonam sits on her chair and asks them to come. The woman say the govt have fooled us always. She says we don’t get proper ration. She says what will we eat of they don’t get rice and grains. They say the govt is giving us poison, we lost our son. They say this is going on since many years. Poonam calls the ration shop vendor and asks the people to wait. The vendor comes and asks why did she call him. He laughs and says I was coming to you myself with bribe.

She asks him to sit and scolds him. She asks why is he not giving them good ration. He asks who said this. Poonam says the people said this. He says they are lying, I give them ration in time and of good quality. The people get angry on him. They complain against him. Poonam says did you see their anger, they have slept hungry and lost their children. She asks him to change. He says enough, I don’t want any lecture. He says you are threatening me infront of them, this can make you pay for this, I will give you an advice, you are a new MLA and its your first day, I have seen many politicians all my life.

He says so keep your words with yourself, I won’t be afraid. She says don’t come in my way, else you will lose this chair. He says I won’t care about anyone. He says if I close my shop for one day, they will die hungry. He laughs on Poonam and try to be like everyone. He leaves. Poonam gets angry. The vendor calls DSO and says Poonam is threatening him. He says don’t worry, it will go on like before. Poonam comes to meet him. He says we are happy as you won. Poonam says thanks. She talks to him about ration matter.

She says the public does not get good quality ration. He says what can I do, I already distribute ration on my own, the shops don’t get ration so they mix. She says its wrong, we have to do something. He says we can’t do anything. She argues with him. He says you just see your home, you will get good ration at govt rates, you don’t waste on this, we will see, its going on fine. She gets angry. He says you mind your own business, it will be good for all of us.

Jai and Kanno decide to make use of Poonam’s position. He says we should not inform her and do what we want. Kanno smiles.

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