Gustakh Dil 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha thinking of Adhiraj’s words that he has fallen in love with her. Lajjo comes to her. She tries to talk to her. Ayesha does not tell her anything. Lajjo asks her to have coffee. Lajjo tells about the press conference and she got the black coffee and she has to drink it smiling. She acts innocently and Ayesha smiles enjoying her talk. The CBI discusses about the bug, that Ranawat has got the bug. Amit says Trishna might be in risk, I will save her. DK says she will be with her husband now. Miss Roy says call her, we have to tell her. DK says our plan will be flopped. She says we have to inform her. Amit says she is not taking the call.

She says its important. DK tries calling her many times but can’t talk. Ayesha thanks Lajjo for making her cheerful. For being so nice and understanding her. For not asking any question. Ayesha says I know you came here to make my mood good. Lajjo says your smile is very beautiful, I would have died if I was a guy. Ayesha says you are very special, and different, you dealt with all the problems smiling, where do you get such courage from. Lajjo says she can smile now, but she was also worried in her bad times. Lajjo thinks about Nikhil’s annoyance. She tells this to Ayesha. Ayesha tells about Adhiraj, and he said he loves me, but his life does not have space for me. Lajjo asks you still love him right, what else do you need.

She says everything is good at the end, love wins. Ayesha asks really, does love has strength. Lajjo says yes, my dad says this. Lajjo comes to Nikhil and he is still annoyed. She makes him hear the anklet sounds. She makes him hear the bangles. She plays music and holds her ears apologizing to him. Barkha hears the music and thinks who is playing it. Lajjo dances in the room to make Nikhil happy. She hugs him. He finally gives up his anger and smiles.

He holds her and touches her hair. Lajjo plays Mai haari piya, kahe ka jhadga………….. Nikhil and Lajjo get closer. Miss Roy is tensed as they are unable to talk to Lajjo. She keeps calling her. Lajjo sees the missed calls. Nikhil asks her to talk in morning. Lajjo sleeps and Miss Roy calls her. They are unable to talk and discuss that Ranawat got the bug. Lajjo wakes up and goes to talk to Ms Roy. Nikhil gets up and calls her. Lajjo comes to him. He asks what happened. She says Ms Roy was calling me, so I went to try, but I messaged her that I will talk to her in morning. He asks is everything fine. She says yes, sleep now. He sleeps.

Ranawat talks to his manager. The staff comes and Ranawat talks to them. He asks him to get the new maid too. Nikhil meets Khanna and says he wants to meet Ranawat, his outdated way to smuggle way in suitcases. Khanna asks him to say what is his suggestion. Nikhil says fix my meeting with Ranawat, I won’t tell you. He says you are just a mediator, you don’t have power, so make me meet him. Khanna gets Ranawat’s call and says I m coming. He says its a big problem at Ranawat’s house, I m going there, we will discuss this later. He leaves. Nikhil gets tensed for Lajjo.

Lajjo comes to know that someone spied on Ranawat and kept the bug. She gets tensed. Ranawat comes to them. He asks Lajjo to come infront of him. She says me, and worries. She says I did not come there. He says you are new here, everyone here is old and trustable. He says you came two days before. He asks did you keep bug in my room. She asks what bug, what is bug, I went to keep coffee mug, not bug. Ranawat shows her the bug and says this is the bug. It is a mic which you has placed on my table, by which anyone can hear my talk and record it. She says it’s a red button, does it record things. The manager says a gardener also joined two days back. Ranawat asks what will he do in my room. Ranawat doubts on Lajjo and asks her to stay till the talk ends.

Ranawat bumps into Trishna/Lajjo in her modern look. She gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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