Jamai Raja 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sid taking Roshni and Krish on a vineyard tour and says the make chargune wine from this grape. Krish gets irked hearing chargune and corrects it as Chardonnay, says he knows better about wine and tries to explain about it when he slips and falls. He runs from there to clean himself. Sid says he will take double money to tolerate him. He takes out his mobile. Roshni sees expensive mobile and asks how did he get it. He says his boss gifted him as he saved NGO. He holds her and takes a selfie with her. Aaj phir tumse pyar aaya hai…. song plays in the background. He sends pic to his parents. Mom says her bahu is very beautiful. Dad says his son’s choice is like his. She says she will buy jewelry for her bahu, sees her name as Roshni patel and says her bahu is gujrati.

Sid’s parents reach DD’s showroom to buy jewelry for Roshni. Salesman shows them jewelry. Mom says she does not know gujrati people’s jewelry choice. Bablu hears that and says he will help her as he is gujrati. She says she will show her bahu’s pic and mobile falls by mistake and switches off. Bablu apologizes and says he will help them without seeing pic. Dad buys jewelry for his wife instead. Mom says she is bringing daughter instead of daughter-in-law.

DD calls naani and says she is happy about Roshni’s alliance and will book ahmedabad’s famous caterer for her wedding.

Sid shows Roshni and Krish wine making process and asks Roshni to join him in stamping grape. Krish asks him to back off and says Roshni that he will pay double this poor man. He takes her for grape stamping and Roshni sadly agrees. Sid dreams of stamping grapes with Roshni alone and enjoying it. Krish says he has many wineyards in california. A girl hears him and starts conversing with him, he diverts attention towards her. Sid takes Roshni and says let us run and marrying in a temple. Sid signals girl to keep krish engaged and leaves with Roshni.

Resham gets dressed as a vamp. Kesar sees her and gets afraid. She says she is doing a film and he does not have to work for DD from now. Spot boy brings juice for Resham and asks Kesar to stay away from Resham as she is the main vamp of their film.

Sid says he will give a party to the girls. Roshni says it will be expensive and how will he manage money. Sid says girls are fitness conscious and will eat less and says for her he can spend anything without thinking a bit. Roshni says nobody gave her such importance till now. Sid thinks of telling the truth, but hesitates.

Sid says Roshni that he wants to tell her something, but just then Krish comes there and asks Roshni why did she come here and starts scolding Sid. Roshni takes Krish from there and says Sid he will talk to him later. Krish gives Sid money and asks him to stay away from Roshni. Sid thinks he will screw Krish and will impress DD at any cost.

DD is having her lunch. Sid clashes with waiter and dish falls on DD. She gets irked seeing Sid and scolds him. Sid says she has a lot of money, but is poor morally. DD thinks who lets in this kind of irritating people.

Sid’s mom shows him on cam the jewelry she bought and asks him when is he fixing his marriage. Sid says he has not proposed love yet. Mom asks him not to come home without professing his love to Roshni. Sid thinks he will marry Roshni in 30 days and it is his promise for himself.

DD reaches her hotel room and gets irked that her saree is spoilt by a batameez guy.

Precap: Sid says he is not her security guard to protect her all the time. Roshni says she does not care what he feels. He gets sad and leaves packing his bag while Roshni runs behind him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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