Udaan 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor playing in the fields. Kasturi calls her and she turns smiling. She says I m here Maai and runs to her. Kasturi asks what are you doing here, I told you not to come on fields, go home. Chakor says no, I will help you. They argue. Chakor looks very smart and Kasturi calls her Maai jokingly. She asks how will take care of home if you work with me here. Chakor says she did all the work and came here. She cooked everything and cleaned the house too. Her younger sister Imli is shown. Chakor says she is fasting today. Kasturi asks what did she do of her roti. Chakor says she have her friend. Kasturi says she won’t talk to her. Chakor talks like a very smart girl and her innocence wins heart. Kasturi asks what will you have now. Chakor says Munya can’t stay hungry, I m grown up and I can bear hungry.

Bhuvan comes and asks whats going on. Chakor says Maai got old, let her be at home, we will do field work. Kasturi says don’t come in fields, I told you. Kasturi gives her a rupee and asks her to have something. She looks at the labor stamp on her hand and thinks about Tejaswini’s words. Bhuvan and Kasturi get upset. Chakor asks what happened. Kasturi says nothing. Chakor asks why did she get sad seeing this sign, who gave me this sign. Kasturi says its on everyone’s hand, its from Lord. Chakor says why not on Imli’s hand. Kasturi asks her not to go from main roads. Chakor leaves. Bhuvan says our Chakor turned 7, its her birthday today. Kasturi says no, you forgot, she is just 6 and gets tensed.

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Bhaiya ji does the puja and family looks on. Har Har Mahadev…………….plays………………….Vivaan is shown, having grown up, being 9 year old now. Manohar says its your birthday today Vivaan, takes your Tayaji and Tayiji’s blessings. Vivaan greets them toughing their feet. Manohar says Vivaan became 9 years old and Ranjana has not learnt to do the puja too. Ranjana gets angry. Tejaswini manages the situation and sends the kids out. Ranjana says Vivaan won’t go anywhere, as its his result today and she has to go to school today. Tejaswini says it will be double treat today, he will get good numbers. Lovely taunts Tejaswini about Suraj failing always, being in famous school hostel. Ragini asks what, did Suraj fail. Manohar says but he is number one in sports. Lovely says if Suraj fails again, Vivaan will be equal to him. Manohar takes them.

Tejaswini gets angry thinking about Lovely’s words. She puts water on the diyas. He says even if Suraj fails, Vivaan gets be equal to him. Chakor wants to buy bananas and share with Imli She plays in water and washes her face. She puts flowers in her hair and see in Kaka’s cycle mirror. She comes to buy bananas and he asks her to go as he will not give her for free. Chakor shows him the note. She says she wants for everyone, total 6. He says he won’t give 6 in one rupee, its 3rs dozen and he will give 4 in one rupee. A bus comes and Chakor says she will stand behind it. She hangs behind and says she will get 6 bananas in 1 rs. Khwabon ke udaan…………………..plays………………

Its school bus and she laughs seeing the kids. Ye hounslon ki udaan hai………………plays…………….A car passes. Its Vivaan with his parents. Vivaan sees her and smiles. He likes the cool freedom of her. Her flower flies and falls on him. Ranjana asks him where did he get it. He says see that girl behind the bus. Ranjana corrects his tie and Manohar tells him about free air of Aazadgunj. Bhaiya ji calls him and he says I m coming. Ranjana says its Vivaan’s result, and we both have to go. Manohar says he has work. She says its Vivaan’s birthday too. Manohar asks her to understand him. He says its about my brother’s respect. She says fine go, as you forgot to manage your respect.

Manohar asks Vivaan to get good numbers, and they will together cut the cake in evening. Manohar gets down the car on the way. The bus comes to school. Chakor thanks the driver. She sees the laddoos and realizes her rupee is lost. She looks for it. Ranjana and Vivaan reach the school. Ranjana goes to get the gift. Chakor sees her note in the tyre and run to get it. She bumps into Vivaan and says sorry. Vivaan sees her. Chakor goes under the bus to get her one rupee note. Vivaan looks on and gets tensed seeing the driver start the bus. He asks her to come out and calls her again and again.

Chakor is still under the bus. He says come out you girl. He holds her hand and moves her away. He saves her. Ranjana comes and takes Vivaan. Chakor gets the note and smiles. She gets Vivaan’s chocolates and goes to return him. Ranjana asks her to have it, as they don’t take fallen things. Chakor says even I don’t and smiles. She gives them back to Vivaan and leaves. Mutti me hawa ke jhoke……………… plays………….. Ranjana takes the chocolates and throws it again. Vivaan looks on innocently while Chakor runs like flying and smiling. Udaan hai……………..plays……………….

Chakor sells the raw mangoes. Bhaiya ji comes there and sees the stamp on her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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