Gustakh Dil 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir asking Sagar can you make her a star. Sagar stops Lajjo and says from tomorrow you won’t teach Mili, I will train you to make you a star. Sagar says I will groom into a star and then you will become Sagar Khurana’s new discovery. Kabir laughs seeing Lajjo. Sagar asks Kabir to wait and watch Sagar’s magic. . Lajjo says I don’t want to become a star. Sagar says I m not asking you, you are nothing, people will identify you, you will be a star. Kabir says no answer from her. He taunts Sagar and laughs on him. He says you are finished, you are a failure. Lajjo says I did not mean this, I just said its not my dream to be a star.

Kabir claps and says amazing. He says this girl is rejecting your offer, you can come on Ratri’s launch, this is VIP pass. He says I will wait for you and leaves. Sagar looks at Lajjo. Nikhil comes home and asks for old newspapers. Chaya says its in guest room, I will bring. Nikhil goes there too.

Chaya says Barkha has changed this room. Nikhil says yes, but mum can’t get Lajjo out of our hearts. She gives him newspapers. He says Lajjo used to stay here and I did not see her, now she is not here and I can see her everywhere. He sees Lajjo’s dupatta and asks Chaya why is it here. Chaya says Lajjo’s family gave this, and asked us to keep it safe for one year. She asked me to put this in lake after one year. Nikhil thinks about his marriage and cries missing Lajjo. He says sorry Lajjo,I did not know this, now I promise you we will do this ritual together on first anniversary of our marriage, we will be together.

Sagar asks Lajjo why is she saying no. He says fine, you believe that I m a bad man, are you afraid of me. She says no, nothing like that. I came to Delhi with a aim, not to become star. She says what will I do with money and fame, I want small happiness. Sagar says where do you get this. Lajjo says don’t know, but I have seen my parents, they stay very happy, they don’t have money and fame, but they are still happy. I m sorry, I can’t help you. He says you are married and live in a rented house and give tuitions to earn a living, and you don’t want money and fame.

He says what you will achieve. She says my love. She says I want to get his love. Sagar is stunned by her reply. She says I want to be with him. He laughs and says love is your goal, you want love………… He drinks wine laughing and says cheers to love. Lajjo comes home and tells everything to Rancho. Ranchi says you said no to Sagar Khurana, I don’t believe this, you know anyone could have accepted it. Lajjo says what could I do. I came to study and become something, shall I learn dancing, did you see what clothes Ratri wears, shall I wear such small clothes.

Rancho says its not about dressing style, or dance. Lajjo says what does girls do then. Rancho says he will change your personality, no one can do what Sagar does. Lajjo says I don’t want to become star, I want my happiness back, I have to get my love and live my life with Nikhil. Rancho says did you fforget what did you tell Barkha. Lajjo thinks of what she said. Rancho says if you become a star, everyone will welcome you. Lajjo says this is not my world, this is not my dream.

Ayesha talks to Adhiraj and says I made this by asking my maid. She asks him to taste the food. She praises Lajjo who made Indian dishes. She says my mum does not like her, she feels she does not deserve Nikhil. Nikhil loved her and was broken after she left, I can’t see my brother like that. She says I was on mum’s side, I did not like her, then I realized she is very good at heart. He says don’t change so much, I like angry Ayesha. She scolds him.

He goes to have a bath. Ayesha gets much money in his drawer and thinks how did he get this. Adhiraj comes and is shocked to see her with money. He lies to her and she leaves in anger. Sagar dances in anger thinking about Lajjo’s words. Adhiraj stops Ayesha and they have an argument. She asks how did you get the money. He says its none of your concern. She says what did you do, smuggling, or any wrong work. He says I can’t tell you now, you have to trust me, I promise I m not a criminal. She says no, I will not, if you don’t tell me the truth else we will not meet again. She leaves.

Lajjo comes to meet Mili. She tells good stories of her village. Mili laughs. Mili plays with knife and Lajjo stops her. Lajjo’s hand cuts and Sagar thinks of Arohi’s suicide. He gets tensed seeing blood and is shocked.

Barkha asks Lajjo why did she come back. Lajjo says I will fulfill my promise and then enter your house.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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