Ek Nayi Pehchan 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karan, Lathika and Aditya discuss about their new product advertisement. Aditya gets Sakshi’s call who asks him to meet her, but he does not reply her and cuts her call. Karan gives his idea for the advertisement. Lathika gets angry and asks Aditya to handle Karan and goes. KAran says Aditya that nowadays couple are not happy like his idea. They start a verbal argument. Aditya says his love is just an illusion and says he can prove that. He says with his one call, Sakshi will come running for him. Karan says he knows Sakshi and she will not do anything like that. Aditya bets him. He calls Sakshi and puts his phone on speaker. Saksh says she wants to meet him at the coffee shop outside house. Aditya says not in coffee shop and gives him another address to meet. Sakshi says okay. He says Karan that he lost, asks him to take care and goes from there. Karan gets sad and goes from there.

Aditya picks Sakshi/Karan’s pic and says he does not want to do it, but is doing it for his love. He puts pic in dustbin.

Karan sadly thinks that Sakshi does not love him at all. He remembers Sakshi and Aditya hugging each other and Aditya’s words that Sakshi will come running if he calls her. Karan thinks Sakshi is Aditya’s and will be Aditya’s forever. He says he did not believe about this, but this is truth and Sakshi’s happiness is not with him, but Aditya. He says if Sakshi cannot separate from him with her wish, he will free her.

Adtiya meets lawyer and says he needs a divorce from Sakshi. Lawyer says he will get divorce in just 2 hearings and asks him to signs the papers. Aditya cannot sign it due to his hand injury. Lawyer asks him to sign it at home and bring them later.

Sakshi and Sharda are preparing food. Sakshi thinks she should inform everything to Karan and thinks Karan may get angry if he will know that she is going to meet Aditya. Sharda asks her turmeric, but she gives her sugar engrasped in her thoughts. Sakshi asks Sharda if hiding truth is wrong. Sharda says hiding truth is wrong and it will come out soon. She says she must be hiding truth for her goodness and says she believes her. Sakshi says nobody can separate Karan and her.

Sakshi gets ready to go out. Karan asks if she is going out for an important work. Sakshi says yes and says after that, everyone’s life will change. Karan says even his going out for same kind of work. He says he will drop her. Sakshi agrees.

Karan is driving car and thinks he loves Sakshi, but loves Aditya. Sakshi thinks she loves only Karan and will prove Aditya about it. Karan applies brake suddenly due to some other car coming in between. He scolds car driver and asks sorry to Sakshi for sudden brake. He starts driving car again. They both remember their happy days. Sakshi thinks Karan cannot hide his love for her. Sakshi asks Karan to stop as his office has come and she has to go further. Karan wishes her best of luck for her work. Sakshi thanks him and gets out of car.

Sakshi meets Aditya in a park. Aditya says she must have know the truth now and says he is sorry for coming between her and Karan. He says if he had not come between them, she would not have realized how much she loves him and his love forced him to come to him. He says he did not know she would come to him so early.

Karan remembers Aditya and Sakshi’s words. He takes out divorce papers and says does not want to tie Sakshi with him.

Aditya starts bad mouthing about Karan and says Karan misbehaves with her a lot. Sakshi asks him to stop bad mouthing about her husband. Aditya says with 7 pheras and sindhoor, nobody becomes husband, for life, love is important. Sakshi says he does not deserve love as it does not come forcefully and has to be earned like Karan earned her love. Aditya says he loves her and she is only his. Sakshi says only Karan deserves her and she loves Karan.

Precap: Sakshi says Aditya that she does not love him. Aditya sees Karan coing there and says I love you too Sakshi. Karan hears him and misunderstands.

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