Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tau ji being upset. He thinks about Laali’s words. Dadi thinks how Rajveer was arrested. Tai ji says we all could not sleep all night. Dadi says yes, Chanchal was crying all night. Hoshiyar calmed her down but he was crying too. Don’t ask about Simran, she did not cry but heart cried a lot. She says Simran went to meet Rajveer at the jail. They are shocked to see all the villagers coming. Laali’s dad comes with some villagers. Tau ji asks whats this. He says I came to show them your truth. He says you call yourself 100 villages sarpanch, you are not even the head of your family.

Hoshiyar comes to stop him. The man taunts Tau ji for not protecting Laali at their home. He says Laali is Rajveer’s Bhabhi, like a mum, and how could he molest her, is these your values. He insults Tau ji and says what to do now. The villagers also speak against Tau ji and his family. Laali meets her dad and cries. He says don’t cry, I won’t let you be here. She says no, this family is my life, I won’t go from here. She tells her dad that she wants to make them cry.

The man says see this is values, look at her, she chose this family over her dad, take care of my daughter, else go and die in some well. They all leave. Tau ji breaks down and sits. He says I have earned a name and respect whole life and it got ruined so easily. Laali smiles. Simran comes to meet Rajveer in the lockup. She sees Kuldeep roaming free. He greets her and says talk to Rajveer, I have get him served well. He says we can serve you well also. Kuldeep drinks tea. Laali comes there. Simran is shocked to see her.

Laali comes and hugs Kuldeep. Simran is shocked. Laali asks are you fine. Kuldeep says no, I m unable to stay far from you. Laali says I come to meet you daily. Laali says we love each other a lot. Simran says so this is your truth. Laali says yes, I wanted Himmat but he did not come, when I decided to go with him, then Tau ji came to take me. She tells her everything what made her come in her family. Simran is shocked. Laali accepts all her sins and says I m very happy when I got Rajveer arrested.

Simran leaves from there without meeting Rajveer. Kuldeep says stop her, try to know whats in her mind. Laali says she can’t harm me now. Tau ji gives the keys to Dadi and says I m giving you the responsibility of this family back today. He says I tried hard but I failed. He folds hand and apologizes to her. Dadi says if you lose hope, then who will take care of this family. Simran comes and says you will not fail, I will not let you fail. Laali is the reason for all this. Everyone are shocked.

Simran says Laali came to ruin our house. Chanchal says what are you saying. Simran says yes, she does not deserve to be with bahu, she has an affair with Kuldeep, her marriage broke with Kuldeep, so she came to take revenge from us. Laali comes and says yes, Simran is saying right. Everyone is shocked. Laali says I will tell the truth, I came here to end your happiness. She says I have blamed Rajveer for what he has not done. She says about Kuldeep, its true. I have a relation with him. Tau ji gets angry.

She says you all can’t harm me. Tau ji says yes you said right, we are helpless today, but one thing I can do. He takes his gun and aims at her. Laali laughs thinking he is just threatening her. Tau ji shoots her. Laali falls. Everyone is shocked. Its Simran’s imagination. Simran asks Tau ji not to do this. Laali says if I die here, then no one will spare them. This whole family will go to jail, to their Rajveer. Laali leaves.

Hoshiyar calls a lawyer and asks his opinion about Rajveer’s case. Laali thinks where did everyone go. Did they hide and planning against me, I have to find out. Gabru stops her. He fools her. The lawyer says it’s a weak case, I can’t do anything. He says if Laali takes her complaint back, Rajveer can get free. Dadi says why will she do this. Simran says she will do this, I will make her do this. Simran comes to talk to Laali and says you are Himmat’s wife, you are doing a mistake by loving Kuldeep. Laali says he is my love, I regard him my husband, Himmat is not worth it.

Simran asks will you help me. Laali says yes. Simran says come with me and take the complaint back. Laali says fine, but what will you do for me. She says you take your complaint back against Kuldeep. She leaves.

Laali waits to unite with Kuldeep. Himmat hears this and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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