Gustakh Dil 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nethra asking Lajjo what happened. She taunts her. Lajjo smiles and wiper her tears. She says I m dreaming to be a star and win. She says now the time has come to fulfill it, lets do the rehearsal. Nethra is shocked. Sagar thinks of Arohi. They were happily married. Arohi was happy being the star Sagar made her. Arohi was thankful to him. She read many cards being in Sagar’s arms. Sagar was happy with her. Singh and Anjali wait for Sagar. The servant comes and says Sagar is not opening the door. Singh says Sagar can’t forget this day.

Lajjo comes and asks what happened, is everything fine, where is Mili, and where is Sagar. Anjali says he is in his room and we have sent Mili out. Lajjo asks why are you both tensed. Why did he not come in rehearsals, I will go and ask him. Anjali says don’t disturb him today. Lajjo asks why. Singh says its Arohi’s death anniversary. Anjali says its hard for him to forget. Singh says he gets angry if anyone disturbs him today, he will be drunk. Lajjo says how can he drink, he promised me that he will not touch wine. Anjali says today he won’t remember any promise, you go home.

Lajjo thinks about Sagar’s words. She says no, time is valuable to me, he told me this, we have less time. Sagar thinks how Arohi cheated him and takes a wine bottle. Nikhil’s boss is happy with him. Nikhil says the client is happy with us. The boss asks him to keep the bag and he will check later. Nikhil syas fine and leaves. They open the bag and cut it. It has diamonds in it. Anjali asks Lajjo to leave. Lajjo says Sagar can’t drink. Anjali says do you know him well, do you know he went through what bad times.

Anjali says Sagar has kept the promise, he has not touched wine since many days, as he wants to make you a star, let him live his life today, he won’t meet anyone today, just leave. Singh says try to understand. Lajjo says I know he is sad and wants to be alone, but what about Mili, she is a small girl, no one thought about her, it will affect her too, wine is not a solution. Anjali defends Sagar and says its not so easy as you think.

Lajjo goes to Sagar while they try to stop him. She opens the door and they see Sagar writing. Sagar meets them well. Lajjo smiles. Anjali and Singh are shocked. He asks Singh to order coffee for everyone. Lajjo says they were worrying about you, they thought you…….. Sagar asks what. Anjali reminds him the date. Sagar says 16th june, my anniversary, I know what you are trying to say, but I promised someone I will not touch wine. Lajjo says I trusted you. Anjali says we have done the final dance arrangements. Sagar says fantastic, show me. Singh says we thought not to disturb you today.

Sagar says we have less time, show it to me what you prepared. They smile and leave. Lajjo sees Arohi’s pic. Sagar sees her looking at the pic and says the day is over. Lajjo says but its not over. Sagar says its all in mind. He says I have imagined that this day is over for me, it ended for me and now it’s a new start for me. Lajjo smiles. Sagar says you don’t know its my wife’s death anniversary, its that day when I was blamed for her death. He tells her everything how he was arrested. The media questioned him about why he killed Arohi. He said the inspector that Arohi did suicide, he did not had any fight with her, so let him go. Sagar is hurt thinking that day.

Barkha thinks about Lajjo’s words. Nikhil comes to Barkha and confronts her about the pics. She laughs and says I m asking the same. He says you have staged all this, you invited Ratri. Barkha tries to defend herself. She says I did not know you know her so well. Nikhil says don’t act innocent to me. She says is that the way to speak to your mum, I don’t gave this pic to print. She says its real pics, you tell me what are you doing with Ratri. He says I m not doing anything, don’t talk to me about her, you know I don’t have any girl in my life except Lajjo, then you did this, why did you do this. She asks the same.

He says stop acting, its damn irritating. She says you are equally irritating, you are acting of love, you say you love Lajjo. He says yes, I do, I love Lajjo. She says then what are you doing with these girls, you brought two at home, you say you are struggling for Lajjo, is this called struggle. He says there is no use of talking to you and leaves. Lajjo says Sagar why are you quiet, you should have given her suicide letter to the police. He says I can’t do it, he takes out the letter and says take this, read it and tell me what I did was right or wrong.

Barkha calls Nethra and she tells her about Trishna’s radio interview. Barkha asks her to do what she says. She says her interview should not happen. Nethra smiles. Barkha ends the call.

Lajjo gets stuck at the restaurant as the waiters ask her to pay the bill.

Update Credit to: Amena

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